so big.

so big!  
yes that is what dillon wants to tell everyone!  HE IS WALKING!  for the last couple of days he has been taking a few steps, last night a few more and today he is doing it!  still a little unsteady of course but loving each step he takes!!!  it is amazing how fast that changes everything.  wow.
and three teeth are coming in.

today was a full day of play, snacks, nap, tantrums, books, snuggles, bugging riley and learning to share ((not as easy to share toys as it is sippy cups or snacks with the dog))
tuesday is peytons day to come play and today we had breck come play too!    aren't they all just adorable!!!  love the picture of them on the couch eating crackers!
i am super tired but again sitting watching the weather ad uploading pictures.  sadly there were 804 to upload from today. sick i know!  my dad told me today he is glad i do not have to print them all.  he is so right.  in college i would take 2 rolls of film on a night out and have to go to one hour photo the next day. and hate most of them... they knew me by first name!  
now i can take as many as i want-bad or good... and save them all!  

not only are we walking but we are learning to throw tantrums.  this was this morning when he wanted his blanket but did not want to get up to get it.  point and hoping i would give it to him.  nope.....instead....i took these.  didnt take long for him to be playing with something he found as he lay on the floor crying!  

excited to head the cities on sunday to stay with my sister and her family.  my mom will be there too as she is flying home from arizona tomorrow to watch the kids as they go on a ski vacation.  we are staying until wednesday night and bringing mom home with us---and meeting my dad so she can finally go back home!  she is one traveling lady.  from here watching dillon, fargo/moorhead, home, arizona, mnpls and the home!!!  :)  
sure must be nice to be retired!
off to bed!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

He is just too cute for words! How exciting that he is walking!!

Ah yes, the lovely temper tantrums!!

JJB said...

I love the tantrum pictures!! What a sass monster :-) I can't wait to see you guys again soon!

the ritchie's said...

meg. that is so exciting that d is walking. maybe he was just getting mad that all his friends are learning to walk and thought...i can do this. just last thursday when we were over he had no real desire. what a difference a few days can make. fun that you are home to see it all :)

amber b said...

yay dillon!! it is so cute watching them wibble-wobble all over the place. Aren't their tantrums in a way kind of cute? at least at home!!! it is hard to be ONE (at least that is what Mason tells me) :)

Barker Family Blog said...

Love the pics and can't wait to see you walk Dillon! Love from the "other" traveling grandparents! Love and miss you tons!!


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