he is feeling better---atleast i think!
we have been getting a lot of snuggle time in lately!
so excited for the weekend! the weather looks like it is going to be good. we do not have anything big planned! which makes us so happy!!! we are excited to relax and see family @ the lakes. and hopefulyl get my garden planted!
the bachelorette
not the biggest fan of jake anymore. i thought he was kind of corny. reminded me of a guy i went on a date with in college---which is not a good thing!
juan---friek! not a fan @ all
david--also a freek!! he needs to go home.
there are a couple others that i like but i can not think of thier names.
yes sadly i also watch gossip girl. i have not been watching it for weeks now but drew and i watched the finale last night. it has gotten so bad..... i love that high school girls walk into a bar @ their grad party and order drinks.... seriously!
i love that i found nectarines and peaches @ the grocery store tonite! that makes me happy
loved checking into the holiday inn express in sd for work and the first thing they asked me was what did you name him? i have not been there in over 5 months and they knew me and remembered. one of the girls that works there had a little boy names talen and i told her i loved the name and i was trying to convince drew of it..... anywho. i love small town USA
i am loving having the sliding doors open all day and night when we are home! the smell of the fresh air and freshly cut grass! that is my favorite!
love that we are going to be celebrating our 5 year anniversary next week! :)
love that it is friday tomorrow
love that my training for work that is due tomorrow i just got done! nothing like a little procrastination!
the best news of all----is that we are getting SLEEP here-all 3 of us!
dillon sleeps through the night no problem now! YIPEEEE----there seriously is nothing better. sometimes i find him sideways and sometimes he is facing the opposite direction. not sure how he gets himself to the other side but he does!!! he is a bit of a whodini
off to bed


it was a great weekend
---except that dillon is not feeling too well. this morning i thought he was getting better again until he ate... and he spits it all up--poor little guy. went to the doctor friday. he did not eat for almost a whole 24 hours! so hopefully he starts to mend! i am on vacation today..... and maybe home with the little guy again tomorrow. is he still is feeling bad!
friday we hng out @ home. SAtutrday in the morning we headed down to brampton to help celebrate my grammas birthday! we worked in the yard and in the house all day and got tons done! the yard looks great!
we came home when dillon was going to sleep.
sunday dillon and i went to the flea market in the am. so many vendors--so much stuff and we did not buy a thing!
later we headed to the barkers for breakfast!!! we got to see mal who jsut got back from a summer abroad. dillon was excited to meet his second cousin! he could not stop staring @ her!
sunday night dillon went to gramma and grampa's for an overnight while we went out! we rented a party bus with 20 friends and had a awesome night!!!! it is so fun getting everyone together!

Dillon got this hat for a present--and i finally got it out--it fits perfect! too bad he is not feeling well so he was not a fan of wearing it!

here are the latest moves..... he is doing better @ tummy time-- and if he is playing i love how he follows me out of the room and watches me! he wants to make sure i am not doing anything w/o him!

we also got to take our first family boat ride!!!

dillon and the birthday girl gramma marian. i think we will call her gigi. for great grandma!

here are a couple of the pictures from our night out! i have tons more to come!
my little sick baby boy is waking up--i am off.
be back later!


here is my line up so far.
jake--the pilot--the dimples got me!
kypton-my FAVORITE...and ketchup only-we already have so much in common!!!!
the guy who could not think of a thing to say cracked me up.
mathue--the cowboy hat guy. but i think he might have reunined his signed hat now. oops
i could not understand the soccer coach from england!
wes the singer--loved the outift. jeans and a jacket--nice choice!
caleb the photographer!
josh the lifeguard!!
mark--the pizz shop owner!!
how am i going to choose!?!??!?!
i for sure could send a couple home already.
thank goodness for tivo or this would be a long 2 hours!!!
we had a great weekend @ the cabin
talking, slept through the night, lemon drops, shopping, found a cute dress, funny stories and juicey gossip!!!
oh no---5 more guys walked in the room----i think i like bryce and ed now too.
it is so funny to watch the jealousy that is already going on!
ok enough about the bachelorette
not a fan of the creepy feet guy! :( he might be nice and good looking but his fettish is weird!
so again we had a great weekend! i tried hybrid scrapbooking-mandy has been trying to get my to do it for awhile now--so she got me started and i could not stop! thanks mandy--i love how it looks--now i need to buy a new computer and a new 12x12 printer!
yikes! drew is not going to like this news!
so gald to be home--dillon loved his time with daddy! but i could also tell he was a bit of a mommy's boy on sunday! which i loved!
and tonite he had another night w.daddy---i had to attend a driver awareness class and to make it worse it was 1.5hrs away!!!---i got a big ticket and to get out of it i GOt to go to this class and learn! i actually learned some things---dont speed and get caught!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
see you Saturday! i love you!


i am off

i am off tomorrow after work for a girls weekend of scrapbooking! i am so excited to get a whole nights sleep--for a couple of nights straight!! YIPEEE!!! i have not had one of those in 14 weeks!! i am going to miss my baby but i know drew is going to have so much fun being here and spending some quality time with him! and dillon will be delighted to have some time with daddy too! he knows i love him and will miss him mucho but will be back in a couple of days to see how he has grown and how much he missed me!!!
here are a couple of pictures from mothers day!!! and yes i know we take a lot of pictures in the mirror--i just love them! :) and i can talk drew into getting in them with us! i love it! ;) he is such a sport sometimes!

xoxoxoxooxox mb


mothers day!

my first mothers day is tomorrow!!! and i could not be more excited about it--not even so much about the day but the fact that i am the mother to the most beautiful, giggly, sweet, precious, loved, funny, spirited, laid back, adorable, smiley, handsome, snuggly, serious little guy in the world! i could not be luckier and i thank my lucky stars each and everyday that he is a part of our life! i know how lucky we really are to have him!!! i love you d!
swimming lessons are now over!
he loves the water---he just hangs out and watches. he is so laid back and is just content letting us splash him around! it wont be long and he will be wakeboarding out in the lake!!

and he is just loving toys! his auntie j gave him a little blankie and he loves to eat it! and he is now reaching and pulling on toys! it is so cute to watch him work and concentrate as he uses his hands!! he is getting so big! the one thing he does not want anything to do with is being on his tummy and holding his head or body up @ all. this picture is deceving--he hates it!!! but we are working on it day by day!!!
almost every morning dillon and i take a picture......he just started loving look in the mirror wether he is looking @ himself, me or the fan in the background--he loves it! i love this picture! i look a bit crazy--but i still love it!
and he just loves his daddy-whenever he comes in the room or talks to him he lights up!
both boys are fast asleep----dillon in his crib and drew in the chair watching the race!
i think i am going to go get some packing done for my craft weekend! i am off thursday to a weekend with the girls in brainerd! and drew and d are having a much needed daddy/d time! i am excited that they can have this time and of course that i can have some time to get a whole nights sleep--get some scrapping done and miss my boys!!!!
xoxoxoxox mb


this week.....

dont you just want to squeeze him!?!? dillon that is.
we get such a kick out of dillon @ lessons---his facial expression never changes--he loves the water---but you would never know it! but we would know if he did not like it! so i am happy to know he will be a fish and a pro wakeboarder someday! but he would much rather look @ the ceiling--as you can see in the picture with drew!
he loves his stroller and his bath time!
  • dillon had swimming lessons
  • we all went out with friends on friday night for dinner
  • we are getting over colds
  • grilled for the first time---i love MN springtime (i love burgers)
  • got the boat out of storage (which is drews parents farm)
  • drew cleaned the garage!
  • yard work
  • had a stroller ride
  • i am back @ work
  • loving our weekend with dillon!
  • d loves daycare--much more than mommy! the kids could not be happier to have him there! and barb is wonderful!!! :)
  • did patty cake i think 1000 times!
  • we had company today-gramma/grandpa b, jj, mike, jack, great gramm and grandpa r!
  • dillon went to bed tontie @ 6:30.... he was wiped out after his bath and a long day
  • we are watching nascar! of course!!!
  • and today is national scrapbooking day and i have not even stepped foot in my room--i think i might go do that now!
  • i have been making headbands like a crazy women!
  • laundry laundry and more laundry--it never ends!!!!!


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