dillons friend hattie ((my girlfriends daughter))is here today. her daycare is on vacation so we get to have her here for a playdate. it has been a fun day so far. now all three are sleeping. i did a little picking up and now a little relaxing. b.c i doubt this will last long.
tonight we have a halloween party and tomorrow we are going to go again in the am. why not go to the same party twice right?
tomorrow night. we are going to carve pumpkins. so excited. going to let dillon paint and we can carve.
drew is on his way home now. have not been in the same house it seems like for weeks. close enough. super excited to have him home. we skyped with him last night when he was @ my sisters house. so fun to see everyone!!!! miss them all.
the kids and are i going to head there while mandy and rich are on vacation and my parents are babysitting. drew is going hunting so we are going to go play! they miss their cousins.

((i am back today, friday @ 9:37 am))

that is all i got written yesterday b.f someone was awake and ready to play.
but now this am i slept will 8:45. dillon is still sleeping. and pres is too.
she i think is a bit sick. tummy is rumbling and diarrhea. no fun.
but loving this sleeping in stuff today.
got the last of my announcements/thank you's done this morning. it is amazing how many addresses have changed since xmas last year!!! i need to do a better job of keeping up as people move.
we are skipping the halloween party this am. went last night and so i am not too bummed about it. rather have them sleep and feel good!

our baby preslee is 3 months old now! yesterday. i can hardly believe time has gone this fast.
i can not imagine life w.o her. and feel like she has been a part of this family forever.
she is the dimple queen.
loves to sleep.
loves to watch her big brother dance and be goofy.
loves to cuddle
starting to laugh.
we could not lover her more.
she has changed so much over these past months. i wish we could have it all on video.

yesterday our day with miss H. was super fun.
so fun to watch them interact together. not always a nice interaction but they always made up.
last night we had the first halloween party. dillon was a cute little pirate and miss pres is a cat. we did not actually put her costume on. she was spitting up alot and not feeling so how so she did not need the extra layers.

i am getting ready for a craft show here in DL Dec 11th. trying to get as many headbands as i can done. and maybe some other fun things too. got bags, supplies and some new hang tags in the mail yesterday. a good investment i hope! now to work on a new logo. i need new mailing cards, business cards, labels and pin cards. sometimes it is hard to invest in that stuff but i know i will love it when it is done!
10am. everyone still sleeping
drew left for a haircut and work. he probably thinks this is my everyday life. drinking coffee and blogging in my pj's while the kiddos sleep. not so much but i am sure loving it this morning!
tonight we are carving pumpkins. we are all finally together. and we have 36 hours will halloween so we better get it done!
busy weekend ahead.
have a great and safe HALLOWEEN everyone!

trying oh so hard to get a picture of both of them wearing their news hats. no working as you can see.
not sure why dillon is trying to eat his baby. i love the hats angie. thanks so much!!
you can see them
here. frolicking leaves.

dillon in his costume.

miss hattie and dillon.



it is after 10pm and dillon just went down to sleep.
7:30 it was the normal bedtime. preslee went to sleep @ the same time and i got 10 minutes to clean up and then they both were up. the good news pres just needed her "mimi"/or paci to most people and dillon was having none of this sleeping stuff. so now it is after 10 and now time to rest. no cleaning will be done-the kitchen is staying yuckie until the am. i am on the couch watching the news instead.
but dillon and i got some fun play time in. he and pres were @ grammas for most of the day today while i got to run to fargo in the crazy rain and wind to get some errands done. it was by far the fastest trip i have made in a long time. i think i spent 2.5 hours in town and got lots done!
thanks gramma becky for helping us out!!!
drews is gone. tonight he is in rochester.
we are excited for him to come home!
we have a super busy weekend planned. lots to do b.f it gets here! need him help. got to get costumes for him and i done. not getting very far.

had a great time @ the girls weekend! only got about 12 pages made. but worked on headbands too. all in all. had so much fun with 16 amazing women! so fun to learn, chat, get new ideas, eat, laugh and relax! came home so tired---staying up will 4am is just really not for me.
but it was sure worth it!

this is my work space. and this is clean for me!!!!! you should see my space normally.

is laughing now. smiling constantly (showing off those dimples)). getting so big. best little sleeper, loves to cuddle, now in the 3-6 month sleepers. crazy how she can change so fast. her hair is coming in like crazy too. looks like a for sure BLONDIE!!! yippeee!!!!
so funny, always laughing, DANCING, talking ((we rarely know what he is saying)) and making us laugh. obsessed with "mo mo", turning into such a boy. no more baby. and he is such a great big brother.

raining and snowing right now.
this weather is crazy. i sure hope it does not make the electricity go out.... better find a flashlight b.f i go to bed. makes me a bit nervous!

good night.


ready.... set.....

off again.
drew is home from hunting.
he had a great time and came home with so many pheasants and some need for sleep and relaxation i think.

this is what Dillon (with my help) made for the door!!!

and now i am off to a girls weekend. 16 girls. scrapbooking, drinks, yummie treats, pole dancing (yes we are taking a lesson), food, chatting, spa time, and so many other things on the list.
my list is as follows.
1. get my thank you's done and get Preslee's announcements in the mail. seriously she will be 3 months old b.f they get in the mail. (what am i doing with my time)
2. get some pLum stuff made. doing a craft show here in DL in Dec. i better use my time wisely and get something made. atleast get a start.
get more done for b. salon here in town too!!!
and my friend list needs to get done too. if you asked me for something in passing. please email me again---
my much loved to do list sometimes gets written, lost, written again and then never done. and things forgotten along the way!

Super excited about this cute red vintage high chair i found!!!
we got a highchair when d was born but brought it back. it was super big and with not much of any space for it we decided to go with the clamp on high chairs. glad we did. but now with two and not much space @ the counter. and with my love for this kind of thing. i had to have it. a lady saw my looking @ it and of course listening to me talk to dillon about why i needed it and asking him what he thought. she probably thought i needed someone to talk too. she told me to get it. so i did.
did not want to let her down. :)

super glad i did.
dillon loves it ((he climbs in and out all day long))and drew was pretty happy (or did not care) but better than super not excited about it.
so it stays. it needs a little love and attention and it came to the right house for that!!!

well my bags are packed and sitting by the door. ready to be stuffed in m's car. my girlfriend who is driving called. sounds like she is packed to the brim already. :) lets hope both of us can fit in her SUV.
have a great weekend everyone!
thanks to drew's wonderful mother for helping us out and taking the kids during the day while drew is @ work! we can not thank you enough for all of your help!!! xoxooxox have fun.





oh how i love these dimples. this is by far my favorite new pictures of miss preslee.
she is so smiley and with those dimples i just love to watch her smile @ us!
today she was so happy to lay and talk and watch dillon.
she is changing everyday. i can hardly believe she is almost 3 months old. it has gone far to fast for me. ((i think a third could be in my future--drew says no but i can dream))

this past week it was homecoming in DL. friday we went to the parade. daddy even made it home from work early to meet us. we made out good on the candy. d and his buddy breck did a great job running out and getting candy. heidi and i might have picked up more--but who is counting!?!?!

bath night.
dillon will drop anything if he can go to the "baaaath"

sunday we headed to the pumpkin patch.
we had so much fun.
had a hay ride.
went through a haunted cemetery.
crawled through a hay stack tunnel.
kissed rats. (well that was only drew)

played in the dirt.

i also painted some little pumpkins that my parents brought to us last week.
they are a fun addition to my little vintage orange bowl.

thursday a friend S and her baby girl reagan came to visit. these girls are only 3 days apart. so fun to see how they are growing up. r is so happy and smiley. and p was not too impressed. did not get a single photo with pres happy. this might be the only good one of the bunch.
love having a little girl time. was not all too relaxing. ((d was a bit crazy) but we had fun!

drew left for SD to do some pheasant hunting.
the begining of the hunting widow started today.
i think i see about 4 or maybe 5 trips on the calendar in the next couple of weeks. and he did not even get picked for a ND deer license--i think they were giving me a break!!! talked to him tonite! they got their limit today and had a great time. i am so glad he can get out and hunt, fish and do all of those things he loves. mostly because he LOVES it and maybe a little b.c i do not feel so guilty doing the things i love!!! next weekend i am leaving to meet 16 other girls to spend the weekend in a house to scrapbook, eat, gossip and have fun!
we miss you daddy ((drew)) xoxoxoxox

friday night we went to the homecoming football game.
we did not stay for the whole thing but had fun. pres was all bundles up in her carseat. and dillon loved the game. he did such a good job sitting, clapping and of course he made some new friends.
and after the game i headed out with a couple of friends to the
"life as we know it" movie.
all i can say is that i love Josh D. not only b.c he is from north dakota. and how can you not love a boy from your home state. and #2 he is adorable. i also love K.H. the movie was great and also josh wears a SIOUX hat and shirt in the movie. that was very exciting for me to see. i will for sure rent it again and make drew watch it. or maybe i can drag him to the theater. i would for sure watch it again!

i took the kids to church. preslee slept and did not make a peep.
dillon danced in the isles. tried to eat a pencil.
crawled under the pews. hit me a few times. tried to drive a car on the lady in front of us. clapped for everything and made me laugh out loud!

tonight we had dinner out with gramma becky and auntie jj. had a yummie supper and good company. thanks for the fun night!

now the kids are in bed.
i am watching "brothers and sisters" and trying to get some orders done and ready to ship!
got the halloween costume ordered for dillon today. he is going to be a Pirate i am so excited. i hope it fits. and miss p is going to be a cat.
now just looking for the last costumes for us. ((not sure what we should be))


back and at it.

and i am up @ 4am, watching desperate housewives.
my arms itch so bad. ((think it is time to stop nursing and take some medicine)) i can hardly stand it anymore. i am black and blue. and miserable.
this is the only way i can get my mind off it. ok better move on to other topics!
we came back from CA. so glad to be home. we had a great time but coming home to our two munchkins was so wonderful. dillon was so excited he could not stop squeeling and shaking. i can not explain how cute it was but we loved it!!! he must have been a bit spoiled. b.c he is giving me a run for my money this week so far! and on top of that new found attitude pres might be a bit sick.


we are packed....

over packed that is.
i always pack way to much. but all that i care about is that i am pretty much ready to go.
pretty much meaning i wish i had some other things to bring. wish i would have made a cute headband. wish i would have bought a cute tank for the race. this is one of the firs times i am not wearing a homemade bedazzled 29 harvick tank! lets hope he can do well w.o it!!!!
now i am charging flip video
camer # 2.
and making sure i am not forgetting a thing.
rocked my baby to sleep. getting sad to leave the munchkins.
but i keep reminding myself i will be fine when we get t the airport. we NEED this getaway.but how can you not miss these two cuties?!?!?!
love dillons face in this one. tried so hard to get him to sit and atleast smile. but instead it was a whole lot of this.

wish i would have had this on video.
dillon teaching pres to dance!
and then this later a little "plumbers butt" how do you get that in a diaper!?!?!?! so cute.

and today we had addison over for the day.
((thanks so much becky for helping me this morning. it means a lot to me))
we had fun. and she tormented dillon for while. she is in the grabby stage. dillon was not so sure @ first but then he had fun with it!

so i better get going. maybe pack some more. i do not think we are over weight limit yet.....
maybe close.
have a great weekend everyone.
watch the FONTANA race on sunday! we will be there cheering in the hot hot hot sun!
can not wait to see chris and lisa!! xooxoxo


we are

so lucky.
we have 2 beautiful kids. (they are happy and make us smile)
love where we live.
we have great families.
we both love our jobs.
we are
(i am a bit sappy tonight)
what matters most. people, making memories and living life to the fullest.
i tear up every time i see the preview of the new movie
i can not wait to see it.
but the line where he says something to the effect of
"i know we are supposed to get married and then have kids but you me and sophie
we work!" it was way better than that but oh how i tear up every time i see it.
it makes me HAPPY.
relationships are so important to me. what i have learned lately is not all of them work.
for some reason unknown sometimes. no fair--but it is life. i have come to terms with that i can not change peoples minds. and i have to let go. and move on. so here is to me trying to move past and forget and trying not to care so much....... yep. not working. it is not who i am. i tried.

i am so lucky to have come from a great family and marry into one! i love you all.

randomness to follow.

((jenn and i loving the crazy hand dryer)) it was TURBO powered!
love you.

this weekend drew got in a good nap with miss pres and then when she woke up dillon needed some time with dad on the couch too.

sunday was leaves day.
dillon loves the mower.

miss pres is growing up so fast.
she is always smiling now.
so good in the car.
loves to lay and play.
loves to snuggle.
i am in love with her huge dimples. i only have one. we call then her "uncle buck" dimples.
((long story but truly funny to us))
we can not believe it but we put her in her crib @ night and she just goes to sleep. lays awake, talks a little and falls asleep. dillon not so much. i remember the 45min scream the first night we put him down @ "bed time". i hope she loves bedtime this much forever.
she is only getting up once @ night! we nights around here are getting normalized! yeah for sleep. even though i get way less than i used to--i am good.

bath time is the best.
dillon would take a bath twice a day if we let him. if we say bath he is running to the bathroom and ripping or trying to rip off his clothes!
pres loves it too.
last night we did double duty bath time.

last night we went over to a friends.
the kids played in the leaves.
we got some super cute shots or A and A and dillon too.
thanks for letting us come play in your beautiful yard!!!
love the one of A and dillon with their backs to me. they are so cute together!

they are doing some house remodeling so dillon was super excited to see a tractor.
i keep telling he will be @ papa's soon for a bobcat ride!!! :)

what else have we been doing?
gymnastics. i think what we are trying to learn the most is sitting and listening. this is a good learning time for him. so far=not so good. but we got 6 weeks left!
open gym=fun. we love to go to the lincoln ed center for open gym.
we usually come home and he wants to relax, eat and nap!

listening to drew moan, groan, yell, and cheer downstairs as he watched the TWINS play the YANKEE's. he told me i should really come watch.."it is so intense"

i packed some of the stuff for the kids.
some for me. (more like just my HARVICK hats-drew thinks i am crazy but i am bringing all 3)
tomorrow we have a friends little girl here with us.
we all have hair cuts.
i have a girls CABI party to go to.
get pLum orders done. ((think i might have to turn off the shop while we are gone))
and i have to be ALL packed and ready to leave friday!
harder to pack when both kids are going seperate ways.
((dillon starts @ gramma's then to jj's then to nana and papa's))
((pres starts and ends @ gramma and grandpa barkers))
need to go get diapers.
yikes. tomorrow might be a bit crazy.


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