home sweet home

all moved in at home!
so in love with the "new to us" house!
do not have any real pictures taken....
since i am so obsessed with instagram that is all i ever use!
we are loving it all. everything is so clean, bright and fresh! i love all of the light that now shines through the house! many more little things to get done. stools ordered. rug ordered.
some of my favorite parts. my lights! my white circle tiles in the kitchen! my chalkboard door. and the yellow accents everywhere! not sure why but i am loving yellow!

we have been loving this weather! and we are getting even better weather this coming week!
preslee can not get enough of the swings. and would do it all day if i let her!
played on the beach today! it really amazes me that pouring 45degree water all over herself does not even face pres in the slightest! oh to be a child again!
loving spending time with friends!
loving all of our activities each week! the kids and i love getting out to see friends each day and get the chance to learn and play!
dillon is slightly obsessed with monster trucks! (gets it from his cousins)
we now have garages made out of diaper boxes for each. ramps made by my dad and hours and hours of fun and excitement each day!

on book three of HUNGER GAMES!
oh how happy i am that i finally listened to a friend about reading them.
i am not much of a cold weather reader. if i have sun i can read for hours!!!

saw the movie and had book club about it already! need the sun this week so i can finish book 3!

oh how i love the little moments throughout the week that make me smile. some of things are not even repeating but make me smile and so happy to be a mom!
have a wonderful week!


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