almost 4 months away from blogging...  wow!
not like me at all.  
but i am back.

a lot has happened in those short four months!
PJ turned 2!
she is on spunky two year old!  she sure keeps me on my toes each and everyday.
she got tubes in July!  and boy did that change her life! (and lets be honest ours too)  
i just wish i would have done it earlier!  
who would have known that she would have almost no hearing in either ear.  poor girl heard charlie browns mother for almost 2 years of her life!  
she was a jabber queen bf the tubes and now she never stops talking. 
i was overwhelmed with her with laugh after her tubes!

what else.
bike rides
ice cream afternoons
dillon skiing.
preslee tubing.
dillon learning to swim like a fish.
dillon started PRE-SCHOOL
preslee in gmnastics
childrens museum
fun days at the cabin.
beach days!
play dates.
sleepovers with friends.
time with nana and papa at the cabin.
pLum is keeping me insanely busy!
football games
turtle races
the ZOO
the fair
boat rides
the COLOR run in mnpls
lots of swimming
weekend trips with the boys for drew.
a couple of weekends away with the girls for me!
(we are so lucky to have such a great group of friends)
dillon learning to ride a BIKE w.o training wheels! 


 there are so many things i do not want to forget.  things they say. things they do.  or how they make me laugh until i cry.
these two kids make me laugh.. make me crazy and remind me daily how lucky we are to have them!

this week dillon wants to be.
a power ranger.
a race car driver and to save puppies if they are in the water!
a daddy.
... and it is only tuesday!

preslee's little high voice telling me "I Poopie"

dillons love for trucks, cars, power rangers and anything less that is on a commercial.
preslees's loves for babies, PAINTING and her puppies!


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