love the new addition

want to know your decorating style....go try THIS quiz.
this what my results were.
44% Cottage Chic
33% Contemporary
23% Zen Style
i think this is very on. i love the simple and clean look. :)
here is Dillons new play table he got from nana and papa. papa made it! he loves it!! i painted it yesterdy and drew brought it down in the playroom last night! :) i love how it turned out. now we just need our shelves and some fun patterns on the wall!
i just love the chalk boards on the front of the drawers. so cute! your awesome dad!

dillon and i went to our first parent child class today @ the ecfe. we had a good time---playdough, snow, painting and other crafts.... we now have our first art project on the fridge. he didnt do much but eat the paper but....it turned out.
i have been working on soldering.....so not as easy as it looks!! shoot..thought this project was going to be so easy. my dad and brother worked on this weekend and had some trouble too...oh well practice makes perfect..right
girls weekend is this weekend.....and of course a snow storm in on the way.
leave on thursday. i am so EXCITED!
going to go get something done....not sure what.


the new jack is up!

the winner is posted from December and the new jack is up!
it is perfect goodness. you will love it!
safo picked some inspiration from "lilith" this month. she rocks!
so click HERE to see!

the text
"today there is only 3 of us--but soon we will be a family of four"


3 + 1 = 4

i feel like it was just yesterday that i was saying 2 + 1 and now we are adding another addition to our family this JULY!!!
a family of 4.
we are so EXCITED and super excited to watch the two grow up together.
we were supposed to have another appt.
today but my doctor got called to Fargo for a delivery so it got cancelled.
so next week i go back again.
i am just thankful the first trimestester is mostly over and i feel great! tired. but good
but feeling as good as i did with dillon.


right now....

eating popcorn and watching american idol.....why? (not the popcorn part)
i dont know..... thank god for tivo.....
fast forward through the crap i dont care about. which is most of it! sadly.
watched the bachelor.......if i could remember names i would mention names... but oh man---this season it is already crazy. with one who cries every episode ((i would never be her friend)) and threatens to leave... let her! and whats her name who had a "relationship" with someone on the production team. nice! and jake is a little cooler than i first gave him credit for. i really believe that everyone deserves love--especially him but.........he is so darn corny and cheesy.
i have been working on a fun new project for pLum. this is part of it. i am so excited to get some help from dad this weekend to do some soldering. it is so not as easy as i was thinking. i am so good @ buying supplies and never getting the projects done. but this time it will be done! no excuses.

saw these pillows which i need need need on a blogger/scrapping friends blog ((Emily)) they would be perfect in my living room with my polka dot chair.... it is just what i need. are they not just so darn cute!

this past weekend we went to the UND hockey game with our friends the Buzicks! thanks so much for inviting us! UND had a great game! GO SIOUX! saturday whe we got home we did a lot of nothing. sunday we actaully got up and went to church and then had another lazy day @ home. i lvoe those weekends when we can all be home together..with nothing to do. this weekend we are heading home to my parents farm to celebrate Christmas! so excited to see everyone! i have not seen the birdwells since Oct! i miss those little munchkins a ton!!!!

going to get laundry out of the dryer and put away...oh how i hate laundry. yuck! would rather watch american idol all night!



a giveaway......coming soon

so excited to be a part of this blog's giveaway.
go check it out HERE for details...and more to come soon.
plum will be giving away one item from my store of the winners choice!
check back for more info!



so tired. dillon is having fun being up most of the night for the last week or so..... last night was by far the worst...about 1.5hours he was up and crying. boy oh boy.....i forgot what it was like getting up like that when he was a baby... and even then it was not this often. yikes. lets just hope this is not longterm.

this is dillons new vacuum mohawk! as we cleaned the basement the other day....we thought he would enjoy a little suction to the hair..... he did but them was a bit scared and wanted to be held the whole time i vacuumed!

now that i am a staying home with dillon we have been having a lot of fun. playing, reading, building, snacking, relaxing, snuggling and going on little errands together. got a rug for his playroom. now waiting to get the play table. cant wait!!
he loves to hang out in there and play play play!!! watched our first barney too. he actaully sat and watched and would clap and dance. so cute!
today waiting for the bad weather to get here..... fargo is getting hit it looks like. not much snow here as of yet. lets hope it stays away!!!

loves the cold cold cold window! we need a window washer to come by.......

he loves to play with my old phone. so funny when he puts it up to his ear.... he sits there and looks like he is thinking why oh why do you do this........ loves to play timber too......

better get going.



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