more exciting news!

I got one of the best emails i have ever received last week! I am getting published in Creating Keepsakes! I was seriously going crazy and my husband and brother in law thought i was crazy!!!! but this is so exciting and I can not wait to see how it looks in print! So if you are not a subscriber (which you should be) don't forget to buy the November issue of Creating Keepsakes!



yes we have exciting news-----we are expecting and we will soon be a family of 3!!!!
due in early Feburary! We are so excited and are now just
anxiously awaiting what is to come our way! I have been feeling
pretty good--so tired (but who does not love naps)



this is a bit late! but my parents celebrated their 38th anniversary last friday the 20th!
this was taken on 13871 days of being married! which equals 38 years and one day!
i love you both and thanks for bein such wonderful role models in my life!


this is our weekend in pictures!
drew and rich fished all day friday--had some luck. and they golfed saturday
then we headed home to the farm to drop riley off and head to my cousins wedding with the family! the wedding was great and even better my gramma is doing amazing!! she looks so amazing! i love you gramma!
sunday we got some much needed work done around the house and yard! not as much as we should have gotten done probably but.........
hope everyone had a great weekend--i am loving this great weather!


so excited.....

i was so excited when my girlfriend amber called me the other day and let me know that this was in creating keepsakes!!!! this totally has made my day and has inspired me too keep scrapping... .... ... my dream is too just get published!!!!!! this is a good start for me!



happy fathers day to all dads--but most of all my DAD!! i love you dad! i got to spend the whole weekend with him...all three of us did! i could not have asked for a better father! i think if you know me you know my dad and you love him too and know why i love him so much! hope you had a great day dad! love you

I am back!

wow it seems like forever since i have been on!
was in new orleans all last week for work and drew was gone the week before in Seattle---we have been so busy and i think now are home for most of the summer w/o many crazy plans!
so excited to get some boat time-sun time and some much needed relaxing time!
this past weekend drew was gone all weekend fishing with his buddies! they had a great time traveling to local lakes and actually catching some fish! gets to be a long weekend if you do not catch anything! i spent the weekend with my family celebrating my brothers 30th---@ a party in casselton! we all had a great time--he the best time i think.........i am still laughing!
we also had a bridal shower for my cousin and some fun time playing with my nieces and nephews and my whole family @ my brothers---the kids were having so much fun together! love that time we can all have together! looking forward to a week @ home and a wedding this weekend!


4 years ago today...

we said I DO
Happy Anniversary Baby!
i LOVE you more and more each day and can not wait to spend the rest of my life with you!!!!!!



my very best friend from high school and her husband welcomed a beautiful baby boy My 19th!
Drew and i got to go see him a couple of days later! I can not wait to see him again to see how much he has changed! (hope you dont mind betsy i scammed your pictures to use) :)
I could not be happier for them! See you guys soon!! love you.

our trip in pictures......

we had a great trip!
wine tasting, an 80th birthday party, dancing, drinking, beach time, great food, great family and friends, the angels game(they lost), HOLLYWOOD (and saw no one famous) and to top it off a beautiful wedding on the beach in Malibu!!!
So gald to be home--but wish we were having some better weather! it has been raining litterally since we got home! lets hope this weekend we get a break!


oh my goodness!!!!

i am too excited!
got on scrap mojo when i got home today and i have decided this is the best week ever!!! so excited for the fun coordinates collection prize!! thanks so much ladies!
you all rock!
check it out click HERE


love this......

and to think she was about not to come out with us!! so glad she did!

Hello my fello cousins,

We had planned an innocent evening of dance and karoke. Our adorable blonde and handsome relatives from ND have arrived in town via convertible. The blonde was fully prepared (unbeknowest to us) with a professional camera. The evening was surreal. I'll never forget it.
I mean, how lucky can a 53 year old woman get?
It started off near the popcorn machine across the room, very innocently.
A few guys hangin out,
movin their bodies to the music very simply.
One guy starts to move away from his buddies...........taking the innocent eyes of the crowd with him
The rest is a blur.
I think the blonde bombshell relative was is in the bathroom. Missing in action.
It was impossible to leave our seats to retrieve her. It was a once in a lifetime moment.........don't blink.
Its over.
I remember gold sequinced bikini underwear.............I remember a male "Flashdance" and a chair on stage. Lots of screamin..cheerin..laughing
I remember later that evening a photo shoot with him- the handsome cousin clickin away while every female in the vincintiy flocks to the male flashdancer as if to be famous one day. ( The effects of alcohol have no shame)
Life is good.

this is drews cousin from cali writing to his parents after we had left........we are the blonde and handsome man!! :) she is too funny!
more to come!!!


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