happy to be a north dakotan @ heart!

So i am a NORTH DAKOTAN now MINNESOTAN--and so happy for that.
this is why.
my friend had a link on her blog to these u tube videos and they are so great. there are many different videos to watch! :) check it out for yourself! you will now know why people live in FARGO!!! :)
be back later.
we are all home again today with a snow storm amoung us. who made mother nature mad @ the midwest. Seriously i can not believe the snow we are getting in the midst of this flood!!!!


back to monday!

i could not love this picture any more. last night dillon was hanging out on the counter while we were making dinner! he just loves to lay there and watch us and smile, cooo and grin @ the lights. he is so laid back and loves his daddy!

Dillon loves his bath time! he is a little hesitant and we put him in the water but once he is realxed he could be in there all day!!! :) i am so thankful for that!

Drew will be so embarassed that i posted these pictures. he is not a big fan of baby legs for boys! but i could not love them more. they will be so great for this summer too when he is in a onsie and hanging around and sitting up!!! i think they are jsut too cute! :)
Other news----AL ROKER is in FARGO! i wish i was closer so i could go find him. i love him! i watch the today show each morning.... and was so excited to turn on the TV and see him here watching the RED RIVER!!! but even better the river is going down! there is a storm on its way and we now just need to get through the wind that is coming too----lets hope those dikes stay sturdy and save FARGO/MOORHEAD!
We all headed back to my parents on Friday afternoon--Dillon was thrown a baby shower by my best friend from high school and her mom! It was a perfect day and again Dillon got showered with many gifts! he is one lucky baby----i dont think he even knows how lucky yet! :) THANKS so much betsy and mary for the wonderful day! Saturday night we headed back home---Gramma Barker was anxiously waiting to see Mr D. She came over for a visit---we thought he would be wide awake since he slept most of the shower and then the ride home too.... but no he was so tired out!
Today not much planned! Thinking of starting to paint Dillons new night stand that was made by papa! :) I think i will lay some plastic and do it in the basement on the tile! The big garage has water on the floor------i think it is going down but with the new snow on its way i do not want to risk having it out there! I have it sitting in his room already---it is going to be hard to take it out again to get it painted! but it sure looks good! Thanks PAPA and NANA!!! we love it!


Please Pray

for FARGO and all of those in the surrounding area!!!

We are so lucky to be out of danger here---but most in the area are not. So please keep them in your thoughts and prayers that the dikes hold and no more flooding happens! Lets keep praying for cold weather and no rain or snow! :)


theres gonna be a floody floody....

or i should say there is a floody floody!!!
i wish i could be in fargo helping sandbag. roads are icy and it is only going to get worse. what are the odds that we get another snow storm when we are having all of the flooding... not good.
drew stayed home with us today. he tried to leave around 6:30---we told him to not even try to get to fargo. he did try and came back about 15 minutes later.
No TRAVEL advised means dont go.....
and we love the days when we all can be home and have nothing planned. we did all go to the gym this morning.
now dillon is hanging out with me. we are singing kelly clarkson ( i have a new found love for her music) My life would Suck w/o you!! it is so cute.....i love how he stares at me and smiles as if i am so good...... if he only knew how bad of a singer i am!! :) he will find out someday.
dillon is @ such a fun age... i just love all of his smiles and faces he makes.... and the cooing just gets me. :) yesterday i had the camera out and here are a couple of the expressions i caught in about a span of one minute....
i do believe he has my facial expressions. the eyebrow burrow--the squinty face and nose wrinkle..the big mouth ;) those could not be more me. not sure if that is good or not. it is for sure good for me. i need something to prove he is mine!!! :)
1. my mother is crazy and i am so confused on why she always has this camera in my face and talks to me like this.
2. oh my mommy is so funny!!!!!!
3. oh mommy singing is just not your thing!!!

this weekend when i was home i started working on making some headbands.... my first couple of trys were not the best but now i am getting the hang of it.. and if i am just wearing them it is ok if they fall apart! ;) i just love headbands so much...
i made the orange and white one for my niece. she also has a love for headbands! i hope she likes it!! :) she is a fashionista--so i am kind of nervous! and she is 5.


home sweet home........

these are my new favorite pictures....
yesterday dillon and i got home and when daddy arrived home dillon was so excited. he just stared @ daddy... and smiled the whole time!!! it was so cute. this is how happy he was the rest of the night...... it went from this face to the big smile in seconds!!! :)

i am just so in love with this smile, this face, his cooing, this whole little boy! it is crazy how fast he is changing and becoming such a little boy. he holds his head up so well and would sit up or stand i think if he had the choice. he is such a joy and i know now when people say every stage gets better. i have loved each and every day but each day gets better and better!!! how can you not love that smile!?!??! ---he looks more and more like his daddy each day.
drew had a good weekend @ the WCHA final five hockey tournement in mnpls. UND only came home with 4th place--but we are still in the national tournament.
he was home really early on sunday morning. he called dillon and i @ my parents @ about 9:15am and was almost home! he must be getting old if he gets up and heads home that early.....

these are from drews phone. he took one of our cameras and it never got used....

dillon and i were home @ nana and papas all weekend! we had a good time and some good weather. Friday we went on our first walk outside--on the first day of spring. it was so nice out---and dillon loved the fresh air....well for sure i did!!! :)
dillon spent some time with g-gramma johnson and of course nana and papa too.... we went to church on sunday and then the carnival.....did some cake walking and fishing. got home well all took naps and then we were off to cayuga for the chinese dinner!!! yummie! saturday had aunt and uncle and gramma over for dinner! i even made the meatballs! can you believe it?!??! and they were good.
we had a good weekend and will be going back next weekend for a shower for Dillon.
thanks mom and dad for the fun weekend!


we are off....

well that is when we get done packing, taking a bath and the car filled with gas we will be off to nana and papa's for the weekend! we will be coming home monday! :) we already miss daddy--but looking forward to a long weekend @ the farm!


happy st patties day!

monday came and went fast..... dillon slept almost all day. i think he was having a bit of a growth spurt. b/c when he was awake he was not happy..... went to bed pretty late but slept like a dream! so i can not complain! it was my birthday yesterday too and he gave me the best present ever.... a big smile in the morning! that is all i can ask for. he has smiled b/f but it is not something we get often yet.... i am working on him right now........ he does a elvis lip lift alot.this weekend we had a blast @ the rufers party! of course we were the last to leave once again. nothing like getting home @ 4am. if we were smart we would have come home @ 11pm and got some much needed sleep! oh well we had so much fun!

drew is heading to the cities tomorrow for some work (some if the key word) and then lots of fun @ the FINAL FIVE hockey tournament! GO SIOUX SIOUX!!!!!

and dillon and i are heading on thursday to my parents for a long weekend! they are jsut getting home from my sisters house --- she and her husband are in hawaii for a wedding so they watched the 3 kids.....and now get dillon and i. they are going to be tired out!


go get jacking!!!

the new jack is up and ready for you to get your paints out!
this jack was so much fun! dont miss out!
this time around the jack came from miss lu. you can check out her work HERE!

check out the jack HERE.



Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

i can not get enough of jib jab.......
sorry to dillon and barack that they are in dresses! i ahd no choice!
we are haning out @ home today! i think we all need a nap!
tonite we are heading to some friends of ours here in town for a MARCH BIRTHDAY party! 4 of us girls have march bdays! mine is MONDAY!!!!! :)
so it is a st patties day/birthday PARTY! they are the best hosts and are so much fun! they always have the party's!!!
so dillon is having his first overnight with gramma and grandpa barker tonite. they are here @ their lake home so we are bring him over there! right now i am ok with it.... but we will see how i feel driving away! but i think i will be happy about the decision @ 3am when he wants to eat! :)
going to go take a nap!


all snug in bed....

dillon is all snug in crib. probably not for long--he will be hungry soon
drew is on his way home---he went snowmobiling today! he was pretty pumped they went 110 miles i think! :) i have not even got on our other one this year! maybe i will have to take it for a cruise on sunday! gotta get some use out of my pink gear! :) i am trying to talk drew into getting me the new pink artic cat that is out this year!!! i really do not need it...but it sure would look good with my jacket and helmet! :) and thats what it is all about right?!?!?!
did some pages today....dillon and i ran out for a little bit today and he feel right asleep so when we came home i let him sleep and brought him down to my scrap room with me all snug in his car seat and i got some pages done!!! so grateful for my sister and her wonderful talent! we are so lucky to have the most beautiful pictures of dillon! now it is up to me to get pictures of him daily and they for sure not even close to being up to par! but atleast i have them!!!

The new SCRAPJACK will be up soon---it is such a great one! so dont forget to get on and then link us up for your chance for a great prize!!!
he is awake!


more weekend photos

lots of family time----dillon got lots of snuggles from his gramma & grandp barker! got to see his auntie jj and his great grandparents and great great grandma! what a lucky little guy!!!
what i am loving about american idol this year so far....
not loving most of the singers-----but i am giving it another couple of weeks to change my mind!
but i did fall in love with this dress from last week! i want it so bad!
and i love this guy!!! i am going to be doing some voting for sure this year!!!

i love snow days!!!

@ home today with drew and dillon! i love days like this!
nothing to do + nowhere to go= a PERFECT DAY!!!!
not much has gotten done around here today...i am doing some scrapping.. trying to make some cute headbands!

all decked out in our camo! we went to a 30th birthday and we were supposed to wear camo or hunting orange! i was on a all out hunt for a camo shirt for dillon---found one--but only in a preemie size... poor thing--it was a little small but i promised him he would only have to wear it that once!

the elliott 5 generations! you do not get to have this picture very often! Great Great Gramma Elliott was really excited to have this done! so fun to see all the generations together!

we watched the fighting sioux hockey game on FRIDAY night---we are the WCHA champions! so we all had all of our SIOUX gear on... dillon only fits in his hat so far..... but he had a closet full of SIOUX clothes... 3 jerseys, hats, shirts and even shorts! they way he is growing it will not be long and he will be wearing them all!!!!
tomorrow have a lunch date with some ladies with their little ones! hopefully the snow has stopped by then... we are supposed to get 10-16 inches.....
giggled last night---we have the best news in small towns. there was a robbery in a little town right outside of fargo and they described him as a POLITE man... who describes a robber as polite... they also thought that the weather would have made him think otherwise--since it was so cold and a storm was on the way!??!?! WHAT--seriously! but it is better to have a polite bank than the opposite!!!!
could not believe that melissa has jpoined dancing with the stars! a jilted bachelorette is considered a STAR!?!??! i guess.....


found some old pages i had done @ our last girls craft weekend! :)
waiting for the storm to hit us once again! drew called and came home early--Fargo had already gotten about 6 inches and that is not even the brunt of what we are getting tomorrow! so we are ready to get stranded in tomorrow! :) i love snow days! even though i am not workiing it is still fun to stay home all day!!!!! :)
Just watched the Brothers and Sisters from last night! --- it was so good! i was not a follower all year.... watched the last 3 weeks and am now addicted! i watched it hit and miss b/f. wish i would have watched it all.
excited for the premier of dancing with the stars!!! i usually only watch it @ the end when they are getting good---but it looks so good this season!
going to go take a nap--be back later!



i was so excited to go to the mailbox yesterday and see this....


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