happy hump day

i am so thankful it is HUMP day.  that means the weeekend is oh so CLOSE!!!
i gave up my super mom dreams up.  
it has been a super long week.
thanks goodness for the gym and the kidzone drop off.  it is my little 90 minute escape!
now i need a massage and a bottle of wine.  and for this massive headache and head cold to go away.

last year we were out in the boat.... that post is from April 14th.  wow!
this year i was watching it snow outside still on April 24th!
 THIS is from MARCH and you can see the green grass. 

trying to live by this.  STRESS LESS.
we can not control everything.  we can not control others. 
as my mom always would tell us "we can only control how we react to them" 
it is oh so true!
sometimes that is the hardest part.  hard not to react. hard not to talk about it. 
hard to not want to scream and say its not fair.  but it is what is best.

saw another one of my pages in MAY's Scrapbook trends magazine!
never gets less exciting for me.
the people at JoAnn fabrics think i am so crazy for asking them to take a picture for me. 

 this is one reason i am stressing.  
this little sweet girl can sure show an attitude.
would share more but dont want her to hate me someday.  (more than she does now)
i love the picture of her in her room in a timeout.  so quietly and peaceful.

loving being outside.
they are for rent if anyone needs a little yard work done.  they love digging dirt!
i am loving that we can be outside.  sometimes that is.  today we lasted about 20 minutes.

love when they get along so well.
learning how to dance the other night.  so funny!
note preslee's outfit.  santa pj shirt, leopard print pj pants and jellies.  that's my girl.

 this boy is growing up so fast.
today i asked him.
favorite color.  blue
favorite animal.  tiger
best friend.  maggie, holden and jack
favorite food.  cheeseburger
favortie toy.  monster trucks and power rangers
favorite show.  power rangers
 favorite thing to do.  play with my monster trucks and outside

today i asked her.
favorite color.  pink
favorite animal. meow
best friend.  addison
favorite food.  mac and cheese
favortie toy. puppy
favorite show.  dora
favorite thing to do.  play

love when these two get along.
some days they play play play.... somedays it is the opposite.  but there is nothing sweeter than watching them together. watching them make up from fighting and laughing!
they love to read books together. 
play outside.  anything to get dirty.
watch movies.
play house.
play power rangers. 

dillons school field trip to the farm to meet the sheep.
preslee and i got to go with!

we have been so busy.
doing what?  i am not exactly sure.
it is MAY DAY and we still have a little snow in the yard and ice covering the lake.  
we had a couple days of amazing weather and how we are back to the 40's.
we are so ready to be out on the beach playing and riding in the boat!
instead we are swapping that for a little hottub time and lots of bike riding and working in the dirt.
so EXCITED for the playhouse to get here!  i can hardly stand it!

DILLON passed level one swimming lessons on saturday.
we were so proud of him.
he can swim, do somersaults underwater, back float across the pool and jump off of anything!
he loves being in the water!  
level 2 is in the much deeper water. way over his head so we might have to wait at least a year until we can do level 2!

had a such a fun saturday with the Boub's.  
we always have so much fun when we all can get together.  
kids to bed and us to chat and catch up and LAUGH!  
Caroline is walking.  so fun to see her make such a big change!


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