chip and sadie!!! those were my gerbils names.....not chip and dale like i had said---those are male dancers! ooops...... as i laid in my last night i was thinking about my gerbils--i obviously need more to think about or i need better sleep.
anyway i am up watching criminal minds @ 6am.
i have been up since 4--can not sleep.


rescue cat!

we had an unexpected rescue @ 1am this morning in the house! i woke to bailey meowing like a crazy cat.... thought he needed food--but he would not follow me downstairs so i knew that was not it..... he just wanted to sit in the the hallway by our room!! so finally i went back to bed---as i lay there i could here this weird sound coming from the hallway-fianlly i got up and turned on the light! and in the vent i could hear some weird noises--i was thinking "MOUSE"....so i woke drew---and we figured out little miss asia had jumped in the open vent from baby b's room that we were painting and was no stuck in the hallway! so we got the vent open and rescued ASIA! she was hapy to be out and is more lovey today than most!!!!! that happened to me when i was young when i had gerbils! my parents we redoing my bathroom upstairs and my gerbils got out or maybe just one i dont remember!!! (chip and dale) but they fell in the hole and ended up in the wall by my parents bed! they woke up to crazy scratching and we had to put a hole in the wall and lure them out with cheese!!!! they were the rescuers that day! chip and dales hero!!!
anywho now the vent is closed so no more exploring for her!!!!
we had a great christmas! time with family is always good! ate too much, laughed alot, (they thought i was going to go in to labor whie playing catch phrase) got fun new presents, baby "dale" barker got lots of new clothes, books, dishes, travel supplies, blankets and much more! thanks to you all!!!!
we started (i know finished should be what we did but .....nope started) baby's room yesterday........ greg and becky came over and we got the 2 coats of primer on the awful crazy bright blue that has been on there since we moved in covered with a tan/brownish primer color!!! so now we wait till thursday when my parents come to texture the one wall and then we go ahead with the ceiling and the walls---the fan and the closet system!! i am so excited and now can see the end and then i know i get to start filling his closet and putting stuff away! his dresser is ready to go and his chair should be arriving in St cloud anyday too!! we saw the crib process and it looks beautiful! can not believe we will have a little boy sleeping in there in a couple of weeks!!
no plans for today---hanging out all day i guess..... drew went off to work early. back to the real world i guess atleast for the day!
hope everyone had a great christmas and is looking forward to the new year!
you can count on it that we are!


merry christmas eve everyone!

we are still @ home--packing our car for our couple of days away!
we slept in--there is nothing like waking up @ 7-and looking outside getting a drink of water and going back to bed!! and then doing that again @ 8.... finally @ 9:30 i got out of bed for good! dale needed his sleep---he is one tired baby!
drew was already up--cleaning the kitchen and making coffee!!!
we are off to gardner to his parents until tomorrow and then we head down to the farm for a couple of days!!! excited to see all the family for the next couple of days!
  • still not feeling too good---hope this does not last till baby b makes his appreance in this world!
  • one random thought----wrapping paper. this year i bought one only one roll--it was a big one. only a couple of inches left and it was expensive but so worth the money! i will enver buy the cheapo stuff again. this stuff made the wrapping process nothing but easy! it cuts so nice, folds so nice and just made all the presents look no nice! it might look kind of boring since they are all the same--but i did use many different ribbons! but it was well worth the money! maybe next year i will go crazy and buy 2 of them!! :)
we said this year no presents for eachother---we got 2 new flatscreens instead and stuff for baby!! we dont need anything. but of course i had to buy him something--nothing big just a new ice fishing chair! so b/f he went out yesterday on the lake i gave it to him! who knew he would come home with a broken chair!! oops! well it was the thoght that counts. and he of course bought me something too--a "pregnancy" day @ the spa! excited to use that maybe next week! thanks--your the best! so our no presents never seems to work! but i can not wait to get that massage! and he can not wait to return that chair and get a better one!

this is one of the many photos mandy took of us this year!
check out her blog HERE.
she is an amazing photographer, sister and friend!! she also did our christmas cards again which turned out so cute! i love love love this picture!! can the background be any better?!?!!?! thanks again mandy for all of your work on these for us! cant thank you enough!

Merry Christmas everyone---enjoy the holidays and be safe! we are getting another storm here in MN/ND!! we just can not seem to get enough snow and wind this year!


can you get cuter than this?!?!!?1

mandy took this of her kids when she was doing our photo shoot! they were just too cute! i think this might be one of my favorite pictures ever! drew and i were telling them we were going to moon them! my dad does that and they always laugh! there is just nothing better than these 2 laughing and giggling!


Here is my version of the latest scrapjack!
i love her style and this layout of hers!!
thanks ladies for all of the great inspiration!
and have a merry merry holiday.


i love this

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

i love this......

i love these videos... i remember them from last year but forget how funny they are! so go ELF YOURSELF!!!! and giggle like we do. i have been seeing them on friends blogs again and also getting emails.... i always giggle!

i have been sick since tuesday and feeling better now and then!! well today we went to the hospital..... nothing like a dry run for what is to come in a couple of weeks!!! we hung out for about 6 hours.....getting iv fluids-tests and some rest on the comfy beds of St Mary's!!!! the highlight of the day was i got the great crushed ice!! i love that stuff!!!! feeling better right now! just hoping it stays this way now. but baby barker is as healthy as can be from what they can tell---we listened to his heart the whole day and nothing is abnormal! it sounds as if we will be doing another ultrasound soon to see how big he is since i am still measuring a couple of week ahead.... so that 47 days might be about 30!!! yikes stripes!

thanks to my mother in law for the soup it was wonderful!!! and the cookies.. thank goodness i am feeling better so i could have one or maybe two!!!

i can not beleive it is almost christmas.... time is flying by! we are now ready though---all presents are bought and wrapped up too! i thought it would be cute to buy bailey and asia some cute little santa jackets--since the love sitting under the tree i thought it would be the best picture!! well last night my friend megan was over and i thought i should put it on mr bailey---who is our cranky cat! well to say the least---at first it was funny.. he could not move he was mad-but i have never seen a cat jump straight up in the air like he did!!! then i started getting sad b/c he was dying to get out of it......drew and megan wrangled him down and got it off... still not sure how but it came off---he forgot already b/c he cuddled with me today on the couch! thank goodness he does not hold grudges... but wishing we had a video camera.... b/c it was craziness around here! he jumped so high he hit me in the nose... not even exxagerating!!

going to go watch COLD CASE!!!



i stole these pictures from my sisters blog of thier newest baby CHASE. i had to steal them to put on here--b/c they are so dang cute! is he not??? he is a beautiful baby and i can not wait to see him again next week! and the rest of the family too! i miss you all!

i can not wait for her to take pictures of our little guy! :) these photos are amazing mandy!
my first day of vacation---today.... i am up @ 4:30 am?!?!? what..... this is not right at all--i should be sleeping in till 9 or so--but nope i am sitting in my scrap room and trying to clean sort and do the newest scrapjack!


a bit of change....

to think i thought i was huge then...... we are getting so close and so EXCITED!!!! can not believe we will have a little baby boy here in about 50 days! still lots to do. i think that is our plan for the weekend! get his room all ready--- we are still waiting for the rocking chair---dad is making the crib, mom the bumper and i need to get to work on the dresser and the accessories too!
one more day of work left..... i can not even believe it! i have vacation, year end company vacation and then maternity leave starts! i am ready! my bache aches all day and now i even have the stomach bug...... my mother in law had something like it this weekend so i think i might have got the same thing! feeling a little better tonite--not much but enough so get some stuff done! got lots of work to do--b/f i can check out!!!
better get back to work--and law and order from 2005


becoming a betty homemaker.. or crocker..

whichever happens first i guess.

drew called and asked what i was doing and i said "i am about to start making cookies".. the other end of the phone went silent.. and he said "who is this??? meagan???" he thought that was pretty crazy and funny!
then i had to explain i was not just doing this for fun but for cooking club tomorrow night. he then atleast understood. that is how much i cook, bake or do anything in the kitchen.....oops..... sorry drew! i am trying to be better!

got my wreath cookies made and all packaged up for cooking club.
me and megan @ the FARGO FORCE hockey game!


new computer.....new woman

i feel like a new woman with this computer! it is so much faster and i am in love!!!!!
had a fun weekend--got some christmas shopping done while drew was at his parents farm helping getting ready for the big auction sale on FRIDAY!!!!! it is coming up so fast! i think it will be very bitter sweet. and COLD. but it looks like they are very ready for the day and all the machinery looks so great!
saturday night we went w/our friends dan and megan to the FARGO FORCE hockey game! good game and we won! i say we as i know anything about the fargo force. we went out for a little in fargo after the game and then back across the border home! we always have a good time together! thanks for the invite guys!
today we got to sleep in and take a nap! there is not a better day than that! helped megan get some pictures taken for their christmas card and then we got them all ready online too! :)
went to the chinese place to get some consome soup!!! so good...
found asia today sleeping under the tree skirt and later in the bed----she loves to be warm! if we can not find her on a heater vent she is in our bed under the covers!!! she is too cute!

only 8 days of work left b/f my christmas vacation and maternity leave start! not that i am counting!!!
good night.


progress has been made

not much but some on baby barkers rooms.
more just in the details.
this weekend when we were @ my sisters place for thanksgiving we took the fabric i thought i had wanted to baby chases crib to see how it would look.....well it is not as cute in between all the slats of the crib as i thought it would be----but the good news is she had some new fabric for burp cloths which i fell in love with! it will be perfect for the bumper. adds some more color to the room...... already got it in the mail from when i ordered it sunday too! looks so cute.
mom it is coming your way soon!
picked a paint color for the wall and also picked up the dresser from my parents house monday night!
and got a christmas tree too!!! the went and graciously cut one down for us on sunday--so monday night we wrapped it up----litterally in industrial wrap and put it on my car!! i looked like a clampit on tuesday driving around for work.... i had a dresser, all of my boxes for work stuffed in where they would fit... and bags and bags of stuff i need to return... plus my stuff for overnight!! i was plum full!!! i made it home and so did the tree!!!
drew had a great trip to SD with the boys for pheasant hunting! he does not know how he could top this trip..... they maxed out everyday easy--and had perfect weather and good company! glad thay all made it home safe! just another trip he will now add to his list of many every year! and he thinks scrap weekends are expensive! ?1!?!?!??!?!
he is now out for their first night of curling! back at it---we girls have he year off from bowling.. i miss it a bit---it was so nice always having a girls night every week! now with all of us so busy with babys and no for sure plans it gets harder and harder to get together regularly!!! especially now this time of the year!
had a docs appt yesterday and everything is good! so excited to meet him in about 9 weeks! i can not believe it is coming this fast. i better get painting! mb



thanks ladies for this fun jack! click HERE to see the jack! this picture is not the greatest--sorry! so bright and sunny out and in a hurry to get it posted!

loving seeing the new jacks up--always gets me in the mood to get something done! i know when this baby comes there will be pages pages of him---so this is fun to get other stuff done while i can!


I am so EXCITED!!!!!!

I had my day (or week, month or YEAR) made!

I am getting published again in

I can not tell you what page--it is a new one which is now being sent off to CK. They requested a spring one! this is so exciting for me--kind of like a dream come true! Scrapbooking for me is a great vent/hobby or money suck (as just juno might call it) drew would call it---but i get to document life page by page with art!
here are some other recent ones i have finished! tons more to come!!!


sunday night watching the AMA's

i am not a huge award show fan---but thank god for TIVO so i can start late and watch all the good parts! i just watched taylor swift sing--i just love her!!! and she is coming to WEFEST this year! i am so stoked!!!!! just wish i could talk my hubby into getting us VIP tickets! not working out so well.
drew is still gone in the field... looks like tomorrow will be the last day! i think it is a bit emotional and exciting all at the same time! drews dad is officially retiring from farming and the sale is coming up! if you are in need of farm equipment dec 12th the barker farm will be the place to be!!! sad he is gone. dale and i both miss him alot! have not seen him since tuesday... well officially wednesday morning but dont really remembering him leaving. it was 5am! anywho sad he is gone but glad he can be helping his dad! he loves being out there in the tractor and getting dirty! he does not get to do that in everyday life with his job!!!!
went shipping today with megan!! we were in target for 3 hours......not really sure what we did? still trying to think of what you do in there for that long.....she says she has done it b/f. i am a huge fan of target--probably my favorite store but 3 hours!!! but we had a fun day!
went to the gym tonite as i was leaving stopped to talk to the girl @ the front desk to catch..... and this old man walks up and lets her know there are kids trying to sneak in to the pool---great...but then he proceeds to talk for 10 minutes--would have been longer but i started walking away! he told us about how he was a teacher back when---the stories went on and on how he let kids stay after to play basketball and then the girls who had cruches on him. so anywho this story does not have much of a point but it was funny b/c then i stopped at the gas station by my house to grab some milk and the lady there was asking me when i was due and started asking what i was doing for thanksgiving and christmas and was glad to hear i did not have to travel far....so she would not be worried... worried she doesnt even know me?!?!?! found out that she used to like to go to her moms and open the fridge to see what was in there! i told her i do the same... she thought that was cool. told me i looked great! what a woman! that is what i like to hear! told me i will lose the weight right away--again she has no idea who i am. anywho had a good chat and she thanked me for the talk and i left.... the point of my nonesense is to take time to talk with strangers---obviously not all strangers but some people just like to talk and need it!!!!
so take time this holiday season for others--something simple like a chat can make someones day!
send a card. call someone. take time for others
well that is my day in a nutshell!
got this awesome car seat cover for baby dale from my sister and her family....
also so many fun clothes!!! she is always too good to me!
so excited to get to use it all! not to far away now!
it has flown by and i am loving every second of it!


meet chase richard birdwell!!!

meet our new nephew CHASE!
he was born thursday nov 20th.
more pictures to come. he looks just like jake did when he was born!
i am so exited---he and baby barker will get to grow up together---i cant wait for them to be the best of buddies... for summers at the lake---holidays together and fun weekend sleepovers (those will be @ their house :) j/k)
his big brother and sister we so excited to have him come home today! it was so fun to see them hold little chase and get so excited!!! mom and dad are good too!


All about Baby Boy Barker.
Your baby's birthstone will be Amethyst (Sincerity)
Your baby's Astrological Sign will be
Your baby's Flower is
Violet or Primrose (Violet, Sky Blue or Yellow)
Your baby will be born in the Chinese Year of
The Ox
This time next year your baby will be
41 Weeks Old!
Your baby will start kindergarten in 2014,
be old enough to drive a car in 2025,
finish high school in 2027,
and will graduate from college with the class of 2031, give or take a year.
Can you imagine?
had a doctors appt yesterday! everything still looks perfect! (only a mom can say that) grew 4 cm in 2 weeks---so we might be looking at a closer due date.....he is going to keep a close watch and maybe do another ultrasound later if needed to see if this little boy is not so little!!


monday night....

watching the HILLS and watched GOSSIP GIRL!!!
should be getting something done that matters--but i guess these shows matter to me!
all i have to say is i HATE Hiedi----but i hate more spencer more----who could date him???

i am feeling good.... so is little dale!
getting bigger and bigger everyday... only about 11.5 weeks left!! the picture is not the best--looking kind of ycuk...but it is all worth it!!! it is getting so close--we are so not ready---not for him..i would bring him home today if i could but in general we are so not ready! we have all
the painting and all of that fun stuff still to do! we better get working. NASCAR is now over for 86 days so i have drews full attention on sundays--
maybe i can get some more stuff done on those days!

my must haves for our hunting trip! drew brought a gun and i brought a Creating Keepsakes.... it was so winding and cold that i could not even take off my gloves to read or eat my suckers!! i lasted 5 hours out there---and drew said i was a great look out! i saw way more deer than he did!

baby barkers closet......he just keeps getting more and more stuff to fill up his closet--we really
need his closet organizer installed---so i can get everything organized!!!
off to bed.


he got one!!!

drew got a big buck out @ my parents this weekend. he was pretty happy with his prize.
just wanted to post these for him!
i will be back later!


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