the end of june!

isnt chase a cutie!?!?! (my sisters youngest) he and dillon are going to be the best of buddies! they just do not know it yet! next summer they will be running around together---i can not wait!

i can not believe it is the end of june already....
sitting here watching the bachelorette!!! its a good one. what is going to happen with wes--i sure hope she sends hime home. and the whole jack coming to the door looked a little rehearsed! oh well it is still good
i was gone last week @ a meeting in mnpls. gramma becky helped us out a ton and watched dillon thursday and friday. daycare closed! thanks a ton!!!
monday breck and heidi came over to do some flaoting and we went out on the boat! the boys were so cute in their floaties together!
friday night tim mahoney @zorbaz
saturday---to rush lake to see the birdwells.
sunday the birdwells came here for the day. played in the sand and jayden did come tubing!!!
about to go get some scrapping done! i have so much to do---i have been so bad lately! i need to get moving! :)
wednesday i start vacation till next tuesday!!!

i love this photo of jayden and dillon @ the cabin. she was playing patty cake with him. it was too cute! she is such a good big cousin to him!


here is to you daddy's!

Happy fathers day!!!

to my dad, drews dad, grandpas and everyone who is a father!!!!!! you all deserve atleast one day that is all about you?!?!?!

and last but certainly not least my husband! happy first fathers day to you!!!! you are an amazing father and dillon is so lcuky to have you in his life!!!!

amazingly enough----i did not take a single picture when we had everyone here today for the picnic (which was rained out) so we were stuck inside---but all turned out ok. but i did not clean @ all b/c i figured we would be out in the yard and in the boat. f course nothing goes as planned!!!

we had a fun weekend! friday we had a wedding in fargo. dillon was up till 11.

saturday dillon and i met my parents in perham and we hit some garage sales---it was turtle fest! and breakfast of course! got some stuff i could not live w/o

then came home----dillon and i took a dip. drew was out on the boat. his whole family was out in their pontoon!! it was a perfect dayfor the lake!!!
i got some much needed sun on the dock while dillon slept!

then off to a relative of drews for a while in the late afternoon

drew and his dad took off for fargo for the races.
dillon and i headed to rush lake to the cabin to see nana and papa (it is their 39th anniversary)dillon stayed up late again. 10pm!
stayed @ the cabin

home on sunday morning.

got ready for guests.

everyone came and ate and chatted and celebrated FATHERS day with us!

now here i am am.

dillon sleeping drew watching racing!

yikes.....i am sad the weekend is over!


its hard being a baby!!!

i love this sequence of pictures........he makes me laugh. we were playing and giggling and all of a sudden he was concentrating and i could not help but take pictures...i think i might have gotten atleast 50 of this....... buddy you make me laugh! and you might hate me someday a little for posting this! :) but dont worry we all do it! poor guy is still on laxatives and still makes these faces!
Dillon had his first dip in the lake!!! he loved it! unbelievably it was warm on sunday so we went in!!! gramma and grandpa barker got D this little floatie---and it worked perfect!! i think we will have a water bug on our hands and soon he will be learning to ski and wake board!!! :)
other exciting news Tuesday June 16th---DILLON ROLLED OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was so exciting... he was working so hard so i started helping him and soon after he did it all himself! dont worry i have video----just wish i could figure out how to get them uploaded!

he is loving tummy time now and loving his nightly walks! too bad we live in mn and do not get the best weather all of the time----we have not been on a walk at all this week with all of this rain!
he is giggling all of the time now. tonite when i asked him if we should go put him clothes away he started to laugh---so of course like any mommy i said it again and again and he did not stop.... then i got the phone to get drew in on it and then he stopped----would rather listen to daddy talk!
dillon is already in bed----6:30. he was spitting up like i have never seen and not feeling well. he fell asleep cuddling with us so we put him down! i feel so bad for him when he is not feeling well. hopefully tomorrow he is feeling a little better!


she is on the cover!!!!

my very talented sister has had one of her photos printed on the cover of Scrapbooks Ect!

check it out HERE!!!

also this is my cousins litte girl in the picture! there is also a picture and a tip for photographing a group of people by mandy in the magazine!!!


i love it!

i finally got pictures in dillons frames on his wall!! and i could not love it more! the pictures are from his first photo shoot by mandy birdwell photography (my sister) !!! i love love love how they look on the wall and i can not wait for our next shoot coming up! :)

thanks mandy! these look so awesome!

go check out her blog and her new urban session photos! they are so amazing!



Its already been FIVE years since the day we said I DO!
the time has flown by.
it is so funny to look back @ our wedding picture and see how young we look! i guess we were young!
to celebrate drew planned a night away for us in mnpls! we spent the day shopping---and then went and had a drink on the patio of bellanotte' (not sure how to spell it) and off to Manny's for dinner! we had a such a wonderful dinner! and a nice surprise when they came to our table and said
ahppy anniversary and Mandy and Rich would like to buy you wine and dessert!
that was so great and made our night! thanks birdwells!
we love you!! i have the best sister around!
i wish i would have had a notebook with me all day! we have a ton of funny things that we were laughing about. i hope i can remember them! thanks baby for the great mini vacation! i love you and can not wait for the next five years! i wonder how our life will be different then!
and a big thanks to AUNTIE JJ for watching mr d. he had a great time and i know she did too! we got some great video messages and pictures while we were gone and we watched them about a hundred times! thanks a ton! xoxoxox
i am trying to find our honeymoon pictures. not having any luck finding them in digital. i know they are here somewhere!


4 months of moments caught on film

everyone always told me time would fly and dillon would grow up in an instant and i did not believe it until now. looking back i can not believe we have been watching this little guy grow and become such a little personality for 4 months already! we have loved each and every minute and i can not tell you how much i adore and love this little guy!
  • he loves to snuggle
  • he has a hillarious laugh.
  • he tears up when he drinks
  • hates tummy time (sometimes)
  • is learing to love the camera
  • he sleeps 12 hours @ night
  • he loves to suck on his hand
  • we love him more than anything in the world
  • he is growing like a weed
  • has thousands of pictures.
  • he spits up all day long. and wears 2 bibs @ a time @ daycare
  • loves music
  • he loves his crib
  • has made his parents realize how lucky they are!
  • thinks his daddy is the coolest guy ever
  • has made our family so happy!
  • loves car rides
  • loves the ceiling
  • loves the pool
  • his little feet are tickelish
  • he is so indpendent
  • loves to be on the floor and play
  • has the cutest smile in the world!!!
  • has made me the happiest mommy in the world

i love you buddy xoxoxoxoxo


xoxoxoxoxoox love mommy
dillons 4 month checkup
16lbs 7oz (90th %)
24.75inches long (50th %)
hated his shots but slept all day afterwards and is fine today!
he is healthy and happy and that is all we want!
my updates on the bachelor
who is the guy with the ken doll hair?!?! i dont even remember him @ all.
kypton is a cutie
wes is there for fame and a record deal
david is a crazy man.
juan way to femine for me.
the feet guy is wierd. there is seriously something off about him... oh yeah his obsession w.feet
jake-still a cutie but too goofy silly for me. i love goofy silly--but i can not explain what i think is wierd for me. :)
the HILLS was a good one too. kristin is back!?!? is she now taking over the show since lauren is leaving?
watching 48 hours. i love this stuff!


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