another day older....

yesterday i turned 29!  drew and i were laughing last night that when we met i was only 18. wow how time can fly by so fast.  :)  with dillon being sick and me being a bit of a homebody-i wanted to stay home so we got the grill back out on the deck and drew grilled us some delicious steaks!  
thank babe they were GREAT! 
it is a couple minuted b/f 9 and dillon is still sleeping.  usually on a normal day he would be about to go down for his morning nap?!?!? is he a teenager? ok maybe not...but recovering and getting better must be hard work for this little guy!  we were in his rocking chair a lot last night.  so now he is giving me the chance to sleep in and get some stuff done i guess!!  :)  what a guy!

some pictures of my room.  it is a disaster but i still love it!  it is my space--drew does not like to come in ((mostly b/c he thinks it is way too messy)) and dillon would for sure eat some small bead or something from the floor.  i swear as much as i clean it..i get an order and it is turned upside down!  but i try and will keep trying to keep it clean!
i have some fun new items.
1.  dress form.  i found this weekend in Perham.  not perfect for baby b's room but perfect for displaying my pLum necklaces!  i love love love it!  
2.  the white wire holder i found this past summer @ a garage sale.  never really knew what i was going to do with it and forgot about it in all reality but was out in the garage with drew one night and saw it and got super excited!  there is another one out there too...which i need to bring in!

speaking of dress forms.  here is one i found..... from Pottery Barn.  it is perfect and i think this might be the one for baby's room.  i am still going to look @ vintage shops ect... but this will for sure take the stress off finding the perfect one and i sure do love this one!!!!!!   they both are way to cute...but i think i will have to go with linen!
and for dillons room.
i love these shelves.  i always wanted to put up floating shelves in his room.  but now i think i will do that in baby's room and give him something like this?!?!?  more boy...and super cute! maybe i can even find some fun old skate boards for the vintage look.
can hardly believe he is still sleeping.  14 hours and counting!  he was supposed to get his hair cut again this morning but i thought better of that and cancelled last night!  next week.
better get doing something.
maybe just sit and watch regis and kelly!  they are my guilty pleasure in the morning!  


Cherry Blossoms said...

Loving the dress forms! and I agree used skateboards would be really cute for the vintage feel! Such great ideas!!

Emily said...

Glad Im not the only one with a room that looks like this...heehee....

Cute dress forms. So girly :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!


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