we have a little boy in undies!
so far so good. he wants to try a little too often for my liking but better than diapers so i am all in! i always thought he would decide one day to start but was not thinking it would be last night! my baby boy is growing up too fast!
(love this picture of pj and drew)

he also took his first trip to the dentist!
he was so brave! i will not lie i did not think it was going to be that easy. he wants to even brush his teeth more now that he used to. he is pretty excited about the new brush and paste he got.

lots of fun with friends. our great friends are in the middle of remodeling their kitchen so they spend a lot of time with us! we love all of the extra time with them all!
***megan and i get lots of time to catch up***

the more the merrier for dinner!
dillon now asks why addison is not here if we are not together at night!

always wants her to stay over night.

had such a fun girls night out in fargo last weekend!
MIRANDA LAMBERT! we went to out hotel early. had drinks and sat around the hot tub all afternoon! then off to dinner and the bus!
the concert was so much fun! thanks ladies for the fun night out! i needed it!

a family trip to menards. what more can you want?
playing at the backyard. last week we had rough day there. pres got pushed down the slide. the big one! YIKES. then she got bit. seriously!!! just her luck.

watching CRIMINAL MINDs. REVENGE next.
then off to pack for another girls weekend! thur-sunday! nothing can be better than 16 girls in one house! food, scrapbooking, laughing, talking and drinks and staying up super late with no reason to get up in the morning!

happy weekend everyone.


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