long time no blog.

where have i been?  
loving summer!  loving hours on the floatie, making sand castle, playing baseball, teeball, movies, ice cream treats, playing with friends, nights with friends, bike rides, walks, finding shells, slip and slide,  play dates and of course the other stuff that i do not mention... tantrums, time outs and sick kids!!!!

tonight i am home alone!  ALONE!  all alone.  just me!  this is craziness.  i never get the house to myself.  i dropped the kids off with my mom "NANA" this am at the cabin.  they were so excited!  i came home and have been sewing all day long!  3 weeks i have a big show in fargo and i am trying to get all of my wedding orders done too!
i do not think i have ever gotten so much done in one day!  i rented a movie and was on the couch all day hand sewing rossettes all day!  ready for a little break!  back to the cabin for a couple of days in the sun!

what have we been doing?
celebrating my gramma's 85th!  happy happy birthday gramma!
 these are from easter!  but love them so much.

play play play!
ice cream, friends, beach play dates, pLum sewing, teeball, 
crafts, dunton locks bike rides and much much more!

 love this quote!  it is so so so true!

loving baseball.  and a pretty good hitter too!  catching we are for sure working on!  but hitting comes naturally when daddy pitches!  hitting the tee is a little harder!
and yes water boots are a must when playing outside when it is 80 i guess!!!

 dillon went to bible school this summer for a week!
he loved it!  he especially loved that a couple of the days i did not go and he got picked up and dropped off by friends!!!  so fun to listen to him and how much a 3 1/2 year old can learn in 4 short days! 

 my little miss messy!  
or pigpen (that was my nickname growing up on the farm)
what she loves.
to torture dillon.  to read.
ciallou.  gogurt. suckers.  swining.  swimming.  this girl has no fear.
she went tubing behind the boat and loved it!  
to laugh.  getting dirty.  noodles.  ice cream.
cuddling. dancing.  yogurt.  the middle of oreos.  babies. taking dillons toys and running.
her sun glasses.  hats.  kisses!  
and making us smile everyday!  
love this girl!!!  xoxoxoxoox

randomness.  wanted to catch up.
there you go grams and dad!!!  


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