spring is here

we are loving the outside....the sun, rocks, grass, the wind and the freedom to run!
dillon gets so excited when we get outside and he can run.  ((if we can call is running))
i am just so happy he is back to feeling good.  what a difference this week has been compared to last week.   
today we did story time @ the library and then went to McDonald's to play a little in the play area.  a daycare provider takes her kids there every thursday after storytime!  she is such a trooper with her handful and does it like nothing at all!!  :)  dillon loved crawling around in the tunnels!  but by the end i had to climb in myself and get him.  fun to see some friends there and their kids too!
next week the forecast is in the 60's and i am so excited to be out on the deck and in the yard.
it is going to be harder and harder to get anything done in the house now that we are seeing the sun!  i could barely get two loads of laundry done today.  sad i know... but i get so distracted.  
watching grey's.  and going to finish some plum items!  

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Barker Family Blog said...

I am loving the hat!! And I also love his new haircut! Makes him look like such a grown up boy!
XXOO Grandma Becky


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