warning this will make you sad.....

ok maybe not but HE SURE WAS.  ((for a second or two))
all i wanted was my camera lens cover back.
it did not last long. after he saw a different toy to grab. and was super happy again.

I have more EXCITING NEWS!!!!
today i got a message that some of my work will be PUBLISHED in the new 
MEMORY MAKERS scrapbook idea book that will come out MAY in 2011.  :) 
i am so excited and next week I find out which one or ones will be in the book!!!!  

going to go rest!


((in the 60's in march in MN)) crazy

we had a great weekend!  
the sun was shining.  
our family date night was super fun!
new deck furniture--which i am loving now that i have seen the sun!  
nana and papa came to stay on sunday.  they helped us with some projects in the house.  well i should say dad and drew did the projects mom and i sat on the deck and got some sun!  monday dillon and i went with them to pick up their pontoon and then to the cabin to drop it off.  the cabin looked great and i can not wait to get there again soon.  it has the best beach and dillon is going to be able to run from the front door through the sand and in to the water.  here @ home it wont be that easy with the couple of stairs down.  not complaining @ all but excited for some time @ SOUTHFORK (yes that is what they call the cabin)

***i have been working on many custom orders @ pLum.  wedding accessories, fun bright headbands and custom color bracelets and headbands!  i have been having fun---but it sure is getting harder and harder @ night and nap time to work.  i would rather be out on the deck.  i think i am getting carpel tunnel in the fingers.  i know that is probably not what i am getting but it is the only thing i can think of to call it and to say how they feel.***

today we had a great day with P over for the day.  
it was the best.  we got to spend tons of time on the deck.  went to McDonalds for lunch.
could not get P out of the play area.  or i should say she would not come down the slide...so up i went.  and down we came together!  
off to bed i go.
xoxo mb



this is what life is like today.
1.  supposed to be in the 50's instead it rained and then snowed.
2.  new patio furniture.  i am so excited.  we were going to get fun stuff with cushions and a bit fancier....but decided to go with a bigger table.  sell the one we have.  neither of us are willing to move all of the cushions when rain is on the way. but we love what we found and we are excited to get it on the deck tomorrow.  lets hope for no snow tomorrow!
3.  2 hours @ menards.  got so many things we have needed for the house.  ((we are procrastinators but my parents are coming tomorrow so projects here we come))
4.  watching the SIOUX in the frozen four hockey tourney.
5.  heading out to eat tonight.  family date night.
6.  cleaned out some junk out of the garage this morning.  wow did that feel good. 
7.  piles made for the boys/girls club.
8.  made piles for recycling and already delivered and sorted!  yeah!  
9.  favorite thing of today--even though he walks like a champ now he still wants to be held!
my belly got in the way a bit of this picture.  
of course i was in the middle of taking pictures of headbands and he NEEDED to be held right then.  how can you resist?  i sure can not!!


spring is here

we are loving the outside....the sun, rocks, grass, the wind and the freedom to run!
dillon gets so excited when we get outside and he can run.  ((if we can call is running))
i am just so happy he is back to feeling good.  what a difference this week has been compared to last week.   
today we did story time @ the library and then went to McDonald's to play a little in the play area.  a daycare provider takes her kids there every thursday after storytime!  she is such a trooper with her handful and does it like nothing at all!!  :)  dillon loved crawling around in the tunnels!  but by the end i had to climb in myself and get him.  fun to see some friends there and their kids too!
next week the forecast is in the 60's and i am so excited to be out on the deck and in the yard.
it is going to be harder and harder to get anything done in the house now that we are seeing the sun!  i could barely get two loads of laundry done today.  sad i know... but i get so distracted.  
watching grey's.  and going to finish some plum items!  


it is 6:30 and dillon is in bed!
we were skyping nana and papa and @ the end he was ready for bed....  
he thinks it is pretty cool that he can play peek-a-boo with them on the computer!

today we had another hair cut.  he surprisingly sat so well and just watched and she trimmed all of that hockey hair off!  i am so sad now b/c he looks so old!  it is amazing how hair can make such a change.  i got my hair cut and highlighted too!!!

i have been working hard with pLum orders.  and have another wholesale order to do---i got in a little over my head i think @ times!  but i have been having fun making new items and finding new fabrics to use.  ((sadly shopping for all of the supplies is one of my favorite things of it all))
i sent off a fun order to a bride today.  she got hair pieces for all of her bridesmaids and some smaller fabric flowers for her hair too.  i am so excited to see pictures!

i am bummed i missed dancing with the stars on monday night.  i can not wait for next week now to see how they all are.
america's next top model another sad but true addiction of mine is one tonite.  and oh how i would love to go to bed.... but if i take a nap i wont be able to sleep and if i go to bed now i do not want to get up @ 5am again tomorrow.
so i will sit here and make flowers...watch ET and relax!
have a good night all.


maybe back to normal....

((it looks like from these pictures from the weekend that he does not wear clothes...ever...i swear he does. but what is more fun that running around in your diaper in rain boots))

we might have a healthier little boy!  he was up for more than 4 hours today!  
he woke up so happy. 
i am so happy!  we were supposed to go to nana and papa's for the weekend.  but with dillon still not feeling good on friday we decided it was not the best idea.  sad we did not get to go.  but glad we stayed home b.c saturday he was awake for a total of 4 hours!  seriously it was painful to keep him awake for more than 1 hour!  but as of today i think we are back on track!!!  :)

today we.
  skyped w. nana and papa.  boy i love technology.  
friday night we even got to skype with the birdwells while they skyped with mom and dad on another computer!  so it was like a three way call.  super fun! 
went and visited two friends new baby's.  ((2 friends had beautiful baby girls this week))
so fun to meet them both.  we are so excited for you both!  :)
went to menards to look for some new deck furniture.
saw g & g barker and great grandma and grandpa too.
played. took naps.  grilled for supper!  yummie!
drew did some fun work in the yard!  even is getting ready to stain the dock.  he better hurry looks like the ice could be off soon.  :)  i can not wait till i can sit on the deck or wait...... till i can sit on the beach... and go in the water!!!

this week we are going to.
get haircuts.  dillon had to cancel his last week
i am getting mine done too!!  :)  yipee!
sadly that is all i can think of so far..

baby girl barker is doing well.  me too!  i feel great and am getting so excited about starting to work on her room!  :) pinkish/purple with greys and a mustardy yellow are going to be her room colors!  now to find all the things i need to make it as i see in my head! 
((and who knows this might all change like it did with dillons room)).
this is the ultrasound from week 20.  
almost week 22 weeks already!  wow how time has flown by. 
i have been thinking alot about who she will look like?  is she going to have so much hair like dillon did?  or be bald and maybe blonde? blue eyes or dark brown?  i am so excited to meet her!
off to bed i go.
hugs   xoxoxoxox


my little whistling leprechaun
he slept in till 10am.  which is just crazy.
we laid around most of the day.  but by about 4 we finally got to ((play)) a little bit!  he must have been feeling atleast a little better b/c he was whistling.  it make me laugh watching his do his thing as he whistles!  who knows where he learned that but i love it!

a couple of days ago i was raving about my new find GUSSY!  
well i have more exciting news
here is a GIVEAWAY.  click HERE to go see. and sign up to win.

worked on pLum orders today and got lots of them done!
also had to make something new.  love how it turned out. bright and cheery just in time for spring!  will be posted on etsy soon!!!
more to come.  spring bracelets are being made.  i need to make a trip to fargo though b/c i am in need of new fabrics and new inspiration.  

another day older....

yesterday i turned 29!  drew and i were laughing last night that when we met i was only 18. wow how time can fly by so fast.  :)  with dillon being sick and me being a bit of a homebody-i wanted to stay home so we got the grill back out on the deck and drew grilled us some delicious steaks!  
thank babe they were GREAT! 
it is a couple minuted b/f 9 and dillon is still sleeping.  usually on a normal day he would be about to go down for his morning nap?!?!? is he a teenager? ok maybe not...but recovering and getting better must be hard work for this little guy!  we were in his rocking chair a lot last night.  so now he is giving me the chance to sleep in and get some stuff done i guess!!  :)  what a guy!

some pictures of my room.  it is a disaster but i still love it!  it is my space--drew does not like to come in ((mostly b/c he thinks it is way too messy)) and dillon would for sure eat some small bead or something from the floor.  i swear as much as i clean it..i get an order and it is turned upside down!  but i try and will keep trying to keep it clean!
i have some fun new items.
1.  dress form.  i found this weekend in Perham.  not perfect for baby b's room but perfect for displaying my pLum necklaces!  i love love love it!  
2.  the white wire holder i found this past summer @ a garage sale.  never really knew what i was going to do with it and forgot about it in all reality but was out in the garage with drew one night and saw it and got super excited!  there is another one out there too...which i need to bring in!

speaking of dress forms.  here is one i found..... from Pottery Barn.  it is perfect and i think this might be the one for baby's room.  i am still going to look @ vintage shops ect... but this will for sure take the stress off finding the perfect one and i sure do love this one!!!!!!   they both are way to cute...but i think i will have to go with linen!
and for dillons room.
i love these shelves.  i always wanted to put up floating shelves in his room.  but now i think i will do that in baby's room and give him something like this?!?!?  more boy...and super cute! maybe i can even find some fun old skate boards for the vintage look.
can hardly believe he is still sleeping.  14 hours and counting!  he was supposed to get his hair cut again this morning but i thought better of that and cancelled last night!  next week.
better get doing something.
maybe just sit and watch regis and kelly!  they are my guilty pleasure in the morning!  


Hit the streets and get jacking!

check THIS out.
we have such a fun jack this month....with a very cool 
announcement @ the end of the month!  
i am super excited about it!

this is the first page i have scrapped in a long time.  i am missing it so much.  time to stop sewing....stop finding new projects and do what i love!  


3rd game tonight for the Gopher/Sioux.  and now its 1-1.
dillon is in bed, drew is @ ZORBAZ watching the game and i am watching the game, knocked up and desperate housewives, sewing, blogging and picking up the house a little and doing 
some online shopping.  
I am OH so EXCITED to get my new pouch in the mail.  Are they not so cute....  :) i am in love with ruffles right now and i love anything that is not too matchy matchy.  
Oh i hope it gets here soon.  they also have great computer bags which might have to be my next purchase!  it is fun to have something a little different that you do not see anyone else with!!!

dillon is such a great walker now.  waling everywhere and this weekend everywhere with his pacifier in his mouth and his blanket in his hand.  that is a bit difficult still.  gets in the way a bit!
he woke up today with a swollen eye.  not pink eye, no itching....so we are really not sure.  maybe just a little cold.  who knows.  we will see how it is tomorrow.
dillon stayed over night w.his grandma and grandpa barker on friday night.  he had a great time.  they loved it b/c he is especially cuddly right now.... so saturday we were going to sleep in but @ 7am we were up cleaning the kitchen, picking up and finding stuff to do.  i am not used to not having him around in the mornings...i am not sure what to do with myself!  oh how i miss him when he is gone.  saturday we had some friends over to watch the game.
speaking of the game it is now 2-1 UND!!  go sioux sioux!
today we had a great lunch @ drews parents cabin with them and his sister and boyfriend.  great food and birthday cake for me!  that made my day!  chocolate cake with homemade chocolate frosting!!  oh how yummie.  i did not want to take any leftovers home b.c i know what would happen to them....well 1 down and 3 to go.  
ok i better get flower making.  
have a big wholesale order and some etsy orders to get done!!!  to work i go.


it is a......

i can hardly believe it!  still in shock.  super excited!!!  and as you can see dillon is excited too.
now the shopping can begin.  the pink can start flooding the house!  
but not to overwhelm the greys, blues and greens.  
the dress form needs to be boughten, the pink paint, the closet organizer for all of the shoes, hats, tights and other frillies!!!
yikes i still can not believe it!

we just got back from mnpls where we had a great couple of days @ the birdwell house.  thanks so much for everything.  we all had a great time and all got a flu bug!!!  
they have the best playroom anyone could ever ask for--and boy do they use it!  we played hockey, basketball, trucks, rode the scooters, blocks, colored and anything else you can imagine!
the kids had fun together.  so fun for dillon to hang out with his cousins! he can get a little taste of what is to come!
even got to see mandy's newly decorated studio.  WOW is all i can say.  my mom, mandy and i all could have moved in.  it is so super cute.  she has the best style and it came together so well.  love love love it!  and got some quick pictures of dillon!  he was not to into it...
but she did her thing and got some great shots!  you are the best!
i think dillon is waking up....better go.


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