my baby girl

you turned 6 months old! (yesterday)
happy half birthday to miss preslee jae!
we love you so much and could not imagine our family without you as a part of it!
you are such a happy little girl.
you have the cutest chubby legs.
i love to cuddle with you
you sleep like an angel. ((sometimes all day and night))
you smile with those big dimples and make us all smile.
you even smile in the middle of the night if you wake up. all you want is to give us a quick smile and your "mimi" and you are back to sleep.
you love to play hide and seek.
be tickled and show us your adorable laugh/giggle.
you are a fashionista. with a closet full of clothes! (your love)
you are not rolling over. you get so so so close and roll back to your back. you are just not ready and love to have everything done for you. you love to tease us.
your bother loves to help you roll over. even when you do not want to.
you love to sing and play.
and we can not wait to see how you change over the next months and to watch you grow!
it is amazing that 6 months ago that THIS was you.
it goes by way to fast.
i love you my darling!
xoxoxoxo mom


we had a fun day @ home.
a girlfriends little girl came over for a little while in the am. now i know
how it would be with a almost 2 year old and twin 5 month olds.

most of the day was spent driving trains, trying to get pres to roll over, racing cars, chasing the cats and listening to dillon talk talk talk. it is so funny how much each and every day he learns so much and talks so much more. i need to start writing everything down.
he makes me laugh all day.
preslee must be growing. she wants to sleep all day long. but is so happy when she wakes up. eats and plays for a a little bit and then wants to go back in her crib.
we tried oatmeal tonight. since she could not do the rice i thought we would try oatmeal.
we will see how she sleeps.

So EXCITED it is only a couple of months away from the memory makers "the big book of scrapbook pages" to come out in print! i am so excited to see my work in this book.
there is already pre-order online.
the second page in the pile is mine!!!! oh how i wish it was on top!

today when drew went on the daytona website and saw our picture on the top.
this picture has been used in advertising for years! it is so fun to see our picture in books and online! here is the book it was in!

mamma "race car" that is what i heard as i was laying dillon down for bed.
we had read books,
got his sip
his "b"
his other "b"
and his bear--
i thought it was all ready for him.
he kept saying race car.
so to make it easy i thought i would go grab one. hand it over and everything would be good. trying to be super mom i brought in "tommy", a car and a other little truck. he took them all looked @ them and looked back @ me and told me "race car".
i tried again with a actual "race car" he still was not satisfied..but then he looked @ me and said "water race car".
now why did he not say that right away. all he wanted was his race car cup. as i walked out i heard him throwing out all of the other toys. he is now sound asleep with his race car cup!
trying to get orders done for pLum while watching criminal minds.
they are in NORTH DAKOTA tonight. so fun to hear them talk about all the towns i know!
we had such a great weekend @ our girls weekend. and got so much done. even made a dance video. yes--really. we ate well, laughed hard and had so much fun! thanks girls!

better get back to work!

love this picture of dillon. he is checking out the tractor birthday supplies. he carried it around all day last week!!!



it has been one rough week.
so cold. so we did a lot of the same thing over and over..... a big house crazy right now. all of us!
could not stay @ MOPS. dillon had a bit of a breakdown. so it did not work out so well.
we need to work on this "being with mommy" all of the time stuff. a bit attached.

we had a great weekend.
family was here to help celebrate preslee's baptism. we had a great time with great company and food. thanks to everyone for coming.
it was fun to have her in the baptismal outfit that i also wore.
even better most of the pictures i have seen of me on that day i am screaming just like her in some of the these.... like mother like daughter!!!

it has been so cold this week we have not been out much.

-17 below this morning. and that is w.o wind chill. YIKES!
playroom is a disaster. but has some fun new toys for mr. dillon. he got a new desk and bench from nana and papa for his birthday and some hockey gear from ana and family.
now i need to pick a color to paint his new desk. i think orange is the way we are going to go.
i love how bright and playful our playroom is. so much color-such a fun place for us to be!
the only thing it isn't (besides clean) is big enough. it is so full. i did get rid of some things. but most i do not want to b.c i know preslee will love it. so i am keeping it around.
but when she is done with the toys---we will be having a major overhaul of the room. but then it will just be full of bigger kid toys!!!

got our whole deck shoveled off sunday night and monday morning. with the help of my parents. what a job! our deck is high off the ground and long so all of this snow is not so good for it! so all winter i say i am going to go out there and shovel it. but do i ever do it? no. so with some willing helpers we got it done in no time. a great workout too!

we are having a 2nd birthday for dillon with two of his friends this year! it will be so fun to get all of his little friends together. and the parents too! for a fun pool party!

this week i have been making hats and thinking of ideas. but how much of all of the ideas will i actually get done?!?!! probably not much! but i am having fun thinking of everything we could do. all that matters is that the kids have fun. i do not think they are going to care about the things that i am stressing over a bit.
time to relax. i am off to a girls weekend in the am. i am oh so ready for a couple of days away from everything. girl time. relaxation. sleeping in. scrapbooking and
just being with a house full of girls!!!
so off i go to pack! packing less and less every year i go. lets see if i can keep that up!

have a great weekend everyone!



b.f i was a mom

i was a different person. it was drew and i against the world. it was about us.
but things have changed.
i am so happy it has changed.
it is not about us. (ok sometimes..but rarely) it is about them.
being a mom has changed me. they depend on me. every minute of every day.
but not only that
I DEPEND ON THEM. they do not make me who i am...but they make who i am a better person. they change the way i think and the way i do things.
b.f i was a mom
i always brushed my hair ((some people might argue with that))
i did not understand why moms would wipe their kids noses and wipe it on their shirt.
i am now the QUEEN of this.

how kisses stopped a hurt toe, finger or knee.
i slept in late. or took a nap
and i said i would NEVER EVER let me kids wear "cartoon" figure clothing.

boy how things have changed.

here is dillon wearing his "tommy" pj's. and he has now claimed a record in this house and has been wearing the top going on 60 hours. yes. you read that correctly 60 hours. i tried taking it off this morning but he wanted none of that.
so i told him tonite we had to take it off in the morning.
the pants had to come off yesterday morning b.c as he stated "tommy wet" so they are clean and ready to be put back on. this is for sure something i never thought would be in my childs wardrobe. but oh how i loved it as we were walking through the store and he saw it on the shelf and he yelled "TOMMY" how can you say no? you really just cant!

we had friends over this week. Miss R is just 3 days younger than preslee.
so fun to watch the girls grow up together. wow how they have changed. click HERE to see the girls in the hospital.

life @ home.
his week has been so fun. full of playdates
(one @ a friends house who has a daycare. how she does it....i do not know? so fun to play there!)
dillon has a new found LOVE (obsession) of thomas the train. elmo took a back seat.
preslee is getting to close to rolling over. i think she can...but wont
planning a party for dillons 2nd bday with two other friends.
this weekend we have preslee jae's baptism.
trying some DIY projects. not getting too far on them.
all clothes washed and put away. now that is a miracle!!!!
i got bangs. randomly. got my hair done sat. and told my stylist/girlfriend that i wanted bangs. but that i was too nervous to do it then. but this morning the kids and i all in our pj's drove to her salon and i got them cut. i guess it was just one of those days. i love them. not too dramatic.
just a nice change! i needed it!

excited that tomorrow is FRIDAY.

off to bed.


twenty eleven

crazy. twenty eleven is here! 2010 went by oh so fast!
our lives have changed so much. we went from 3 to 4.
maybe 2011 we can be 5? j/k. drew says no way!
i am a sweet talker though....so who knows?!?!?!?

this is my attempt @ taking one picture of the two in SANTA hats.
did not work out so well.
out takes are sometimes my favorite! xoxoxoxo

we have had so much fun these last two weeks
i was for sure not ready for drew to go back to work on monday. having him home for almost 2 weeks was what we all needed!
we had fun @ the pool.
had friends over this weekend for supper and games!
((used my favorite self timer for a lovely picture))
celebrated the new year with friends. but by 9pm we were home. me sleeping on the couch by 9:30. and all sleeping by 11:30. my kind of night.

went snowmobiling with jenn and mike. on the coldest, windiest, snowiest day ever. i had not made it more than .1 miles away from our house and was stuck. so stuck.
everyone else got stuck too in due time.
drew went out the next day too with friends. he was loving it! they put on 110miles that day.
drew got to ice fish too. they even brought some home!

((love my new bookshelf dad-i painted this one yellow))

so we are back to the daily grind.
MOPS today.
yesterday a fun day in fargo with b & hayden.
thanks for being such great friends and meeting us! we love you all.
in less than three weeks i am off to a girls weekend.
in 10 days drew is off to the Canadian border to ice fish.
we are both so ((EXCITED))

drew is @ curling. me relaxing on the couch watching my tivo SVU.
goodnight xoxoxoxoxo


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