back @ it!

i can not believe i am back @ work. the time went by way too fast.

Dillon turned 12 weeks old yesterday, went to first day of daycare and had three blowouts and had swimming lessons----what a day for such a little guy.

this is all of us @ daycare. he found a fan and was thoroughly excited to watch that all morning!Dillon and I both have colds. i had it first gave it to drew. drew got better. then dillon got it and now i have it again. what!??!?!

not too much to report from here today. getting lots of work done from my kitchen counter! testing, reading and training! yuck---not so fun. overwhelmed is the best word to describe me.


so much to say.....

back to work tomorrow---i am so sad.
dillon has just reached the stage where he knows us so well and when we walk in the room he lights up. he talks up a storm--- between gooooo, and oooohhh and eeehhhhh he is always telling up stories.
he is sounds asleep in his crib right now. we are so lucky to have such a good sleeper! i owe it to my sister. she gave me the best advice! thanks ana your the best! we love you! xoxoxo
  • we did the ms walk on saturday! a perfect day for the walk! thanks to those who donated
  • we put the dock in on sunday--now it looks like summer around here
  • i have been making headbands and burp cloths
  • drew got our yard and beach looking great! now time to get the mower out!
  • we have been in swimming lessons-d loves it! he has been going under-but i think it bothers his ears--so this week we are skipping that part!
  • big news in the barker house is that d is pooping!!! :) YIPPE! his meds work like a charm!
  • dillon is sleeping through the night---well i consider it through the night. he goes to bed around 8 and wakes up @ 5am to eat then back to bed..... he gets a good 12 hours!
  • today i think he is on a hunger strike---b/c i am going back to work.. or he has a cold and not in the mood to eat. one or the other! :) i think the first option!
  • last week went on a great walk with 2 new girlfriends and their little ones. we had such a great day! it was 80 and sunny! the picture above is of breck, owen and dillon. breck is 13 weeks old and owen is 4 weeks!



click HERE!!!

the shop is open--not much posted as of yet.
i still need to get some fun pictures of the headbands posted.
if you are local--please contact me @ meaganle@hotmail.com

I am willing to make anything custom--so please do not be afraid to ask for anything!


enjoying this week

this is my last full week of maternity leave and i am so SAD!!!!
i am lovign this time @ home with D and do not want to leave him all day--i know he is in good hands of course but his smiles and goo's just make me smile and i dont want to miss all of that.
and i think i just saw a bat outside my window. i would think it is still too cold for them here but maybe not!?!!!? our deck furniture is back--they must know. they try to hang out in our umbrella. but i become bat women when they come and try to invade!!!!
what have we been up too? last week amy, audrey, dillon and i went to fargo to see the fosbergs-J,K Ellie and baby jack.

dillon (10 weeks), audrey(almost 12weeks) and baby jack 9days old that day and miss ellie who is almost 2!
Betsy and Hayden came on Wednesday to visit. we had a fun lunch with our friend Ellie and then after the boys napped we were off to the pool. They loved it--I guess i am not so sure Dillon loved it. He did not change his expression the whole time we were in there... he did not even crack a smile and then fell asleep. Betsy and i decided he might be that guy in the corner @ partys sleeping. well he for sure will be a star student @ swimming class tomorrow...atleast he was not screaming! Hayden loved it----he is ready for a summer @ the lake!

went to the doctor 4 times in the last week. ultrasound came back perfect--so i guess we just need to wait out the reflux and know in the back of our minds it will get better with time. :) now he is constipated. poor guy! :) and an eye infection this weekend so we were @ the ER on Saturday night to get some drops for that.
we start swimming tomorrow night so EXCITED!
went to SUGARLAND on thursday night---Some friends Sam and Mo from here in DL also had tickets so we rode together and went our b/f and had so much fun. we stayed overnight---and stayed out way later than i am used too. the concert was so good---i just love them and to prove it i lost my voice!!! :)
Friday night we had a girls night out to KERI NOBLE here in DL. my girlfriend erica and kenzie came from Bismarck!!! the conert was so fun--she rocks and i hope to see her again soon!
now i am going to go make some more headbands. and yes to answer some questions the store will be open soon and they will be made for adults and kids!!! :) trying to think of a name for the store.......cant open till i have something good.


opening soon....

i am so excited
i have been having so much fun making headbands for myself and my girlfriends that i am opening a etsy shop so i can keep making them!!! here is a sneak peak!
mandy took these pics of her daughter j as my little model. i love them mandy-they tunred out perfect.
thanks for being such a great little model j--you are a natural. :) love you



go check it out HERE
Ruth has great style and i love how she uses paint, small photos and little elements all over and makes it all look so awesome!
Go jack it up by the 14th!!! great prize from Studio Calico.
heading the GF for the Sugarland concert!!! :) so excited---and tomorrow a girls night out for Keri Noble. YIPEEE... i am going to be missing my baby but daddy needs some good ol' daddy and me time!
be back later!



i have about 100 shows on TIVO to watch and i think today is the day to start--- was thinking of going for a walk but looks like rain is about to head our direction!
Dillon and i just got back from the hospital. he had an ultrasound to look @ his tummy. he has a bit of reflux and so they decided to look @ this by ultrasound. i dont exaclty know why but i will do whatever i guess. when it is your own baby i guess you just want to make sure everything is good! and it looks like it but you never know!??!?! he laid there with no problems--he is such a trooper! so now we go back again to see the doc on thursday!
have gotten some time to relax in my studio lately. and get my thoughts on paper!
i am not doing a baby book for D.
first b/c i know i wont fill it out.
2nd-we will have more kids and to think i would keep up would be too much to ask.
3rd i put it all on paper.
4th-it is jsut no my thing!
and i think having having his scrap pages will be just perfect! :) i write down all of the things i want to remember and i want him to know! :)


growing like a bad weed

Dillons 2 month check.
well the verdict is in he will be a linebacker!!!

13lbs 13oz-- 90% percentile. 23inches long 50% percentile!!!

he got 3 shots and was such a tropper and has been sleeping all day long except when i wake him to eat! :) cant wait to see how the night goes! last night was the best night yet. 7 straight hours of sleep. :) my little baby will be sleeping through the night soon and i know i will be sad when i do not get to get up to feed him---i love that time we have together!
i will be happy to have a bit more sleep--but i think 6 hours might be a good thing for me.

daddy and dillon getting ready for the shots! :) i love those rolls!! and daddy looks cute too!!!

this is how he looks this afternoon. sleep sleep sleep
i love my little bad weed!

we had a great weekend. friday afternoon we headed to forman to my parents to celebrate my moms 60th! fiday night after supper we had a bonfire complete with smores, laughing, funny stories and of course some beer! :) we had a great saturday--with a brunch made by mandy and i and then an easter egg hunt for j and j--they had so much fun running around finding their eggs and on thier scavenger hunt! we hung out in the yard most of the day since it was so nice out! we headed home saturday night so we could spend easter sunday with drews family here @ the lake! after church we headed to their house for yummie snacks--which we always eat to many of and then a great dinner! :) Dillon is the only baby in the family so we do not get to hold him much during the day! to say the least he is tired of being held when we get home! he lays on the floor all spread out and coo's. it is pretty cute! :) dont get me wrong he loves being held but after awhile he is ready to STRETCH out! thanks everyone for the great weekend! :)

my adorable nephews!! are they not the cutest??!?!

my sister took this photo on my camera of drew and i on the tire swing @ mom and dads!!! :) go check her out she is amazing!!! :)
and i have been busy busy making headbands! it has been so much fun. jayden did some modeling for me on satruday--mandy got some great shots of her. she is a natural model.

did you watch oprah today!!!?!??! it was such a good show! all about dads! :) i have been following THIS blog for a year now and today Matt was interviewed! he is such an amazing father and i love reading his blog and following their lives! :) he is one in a million.

better go.




there is no hope for dillon to have a straight smile--drew and i both have crooked smiles that go up on the left---see the picture above for proof! :) good thing he had these dashing good looks like his dad. it is so funny now when anyone sees him the first thing say is usually something to the effect of "oh my goodness he looks like his daddy".
i hate reruns---i look forward to thursdays and i hate it when i look at the info and see Greys is going to be a rerun..... it kinf od ruins my day. good thing i got dillons cute smile to make it all better!!!
sunday we went and met Dillons new buddy Mason up in Warren for his babtism. they will be such good buddies some day--i can not wait. the picture is of his mommy amber, dillon, mason and i! :) thanks for the great day you guys!

this week dillon and i were in mnpls for a couple of days! So fun to see his cousins J, J and C! Chase and Dillon are only 10 weeks apart---right now they look like ages apart but soon dillon will catch up and they will be the best of buddies!!!! :) they could care less about eachother right now---i can not wait for that to change. :) we get to see the whole family again tomorrow when we head to my parents farm! We are going to celebrate my moms 60th BIRTHDAY!!! she tunred 60 on Tuesday the 7th---you would never guess she is 60- you look great mom!! :) i hope i have those same genes!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!

today Dillon and i went and met another new friend JACK. our friends had their first boy sunday. he is so sweet and little-i can not believe D was that small @ one point. :) i dont even remember. Jack is one lucky little boy-he had a sweet big sister who loves him to death and wonderful parents. It was so fun meeting him today! Dillon looks like a giant next to him!
Besides that...we are pretty boring around here!
Dillon and i hung out all day! he is talking like crazy, smiling all of the time and especially when dad comes home! he just lights up! :) just put him too bed. he loves his crib :)
this is our cat-Bailey. i am not sure how he got in this position--he acts as if he had such a hard long day. even though he sleeps most of the day. lazy lazy lazy
this is what i have been doing today too.. organizing dillons closet. and getting out the clothes that fit now. he is so spoiled by his ana mandy and cousin chase. he gets his hand me downs that is growing out of now. so we are so lucky. he is one well dressed little guy! thanks ana for my new duds!
Dillon starts swimming lesson in 2 weeks. living in MN the land of 10,000 lakes and also living on a lake means getting used to the water as soon as possible. so we are excited to get him in the water and see how he does. he loves his bathe so we are ahoping it is the same for the pool. :) we are doing it with 5 other babies and their families here in DL! so we are excited!!!
gonna go watch some TIVO---betsy i am with you. i could not live w/o it!!!


8 weeks old!

dillon turned 8 weeks yesterday! time has flown by so fast. I can not believe how big he has gone and how much he has changed. I just love the smiles, the chubby legs and arms, the noises, the talking, the cute toes, those big brown eyes, the eyelashes that keep growing!....i just love it all!
he loves his new bumbo he got from gramma barker! he sits up in it so well! he looked so big sitting in it yesterday. then i had him in the little onsie! drew says i like to play dress up--which might be kind of true but i have to change him when he is constantly spitting up! but he looked like a muscle man in his onsie yesterday. i love those chubby arms poking out of the sleeve!
we are starting zantac today. we will see if this helps at all. he is always spitting up so we are going to try whatever we can. i think it has gotten worse since we are doing partial formula! i just want him to feel good--it probably affects me more than it does him!
The snowstorm is gone and now we just had to shovel out. drew was out with the snowblower for a long time getting through all of the wet snow! i would say we got over 12inches! our beck has about 2 feet on it! :)
Last night we started Dillons sleep schedule. we are trying to start some kind of schedule since i only have 4 more weeks @ home. I am reading or reading again The Baby Whisperer and 12hours by 12 weeks. I am not hopefull on thinking we will sleep 12 hours straight anytime soon but we are going to work on sleeping longer! There are a couple of steps--once being eating more fewer times throughout the day. He has gotten that one down like a champ. he is such a good eater! but he still wants to get up every 4 hours @ night to eat. :) and the other part is putting him in his crib awake @ bedtime nad letting him put himself to sleep. I called my sister for a pep talk! her kids are so wonderful @ going to bed--we know she knows what she is talking about. So we laid him down and went and watched comedy central-45 minutes later we was sleeping. we went in and checked on him and calmed him down every 5 minutes.... but that goodness the comic was good so i had something to keep hy mind of of the crying---i could hear it through the vents. :) we were just so happy to see him fall asleep and still smile @ us this morning when he woke up! :)
speaking of waking up--he is waking now!
love meg


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