2013. welcome. we are happy to have you.  i am a little late welcoming you.  

i am happy to be back.  i keep saying that i am going to keep up.  but this time i really want to.  i love my blog i love that my family will have a document of our life someday-so here is it keeping up with daily life. 
but how do i back track.  maybe i don't.

today.  match 28th 2013 and we still have a ton of snow!
last year the snow was gone we were playing in the puddles in light jackets and docks were heading in to the lakes!  this year we are walking through 2 feet of snow to get to the swing-set just to make us feel like it is a little spring like!
LAST YEAR at this same time we were doing THIS.
it is crazy to think
one year ago caroline was born.
xmas was so great!  dillon got his first snowmobile and preslee an adorable doll house.
thank goodness for all of the snow-he was go to use this more than i had ever thought!  the first day it took a little time to get him going but as of last night he did a jump.  and LOVED it!  the jump was not planned but drew said he gunned it and flew over and hit the windshield and not a tear was shed!  we have a tucker hibbert in the making!

i have been having so much fun @ the last two girls weekends scrapbooking!
and have had 6 more pages called for publication!!! (EEEEEEEKKK)  
i am so EXCITED to see how they all look on the shelves!  i need to get to Fargo so i can go see them in print on an actual store shelf!!!! instead of waiting for them to come to my mailbox!!!

what have we been up too?

  •  christmas came and went way too fast.
  •  MEXICO with friends and family.  a wedding for BJ and then with friends for the rest of the week!  SO much fun but now as i sit looking at the snow outside i am missing the SUN!
  • Preslee Jae is potty trained.  (well almost)  but 2.5 weeks ago i put her in panties and we have been on the go since! 
  • have been spending hours outside this "spring"
  • can hardly wait for summer.  need to get our feet in the sand!
  • got a girls trip planned to P!NK!  so EXCITED!
  • drew had a fun boys weekend @ the FINAL 5 hockey tournament. too bad we did not win.  but lets hope the SIOUX do better this weekend!
  • boys got lots of time out on the ice fishing this winter. 
  • wish i could record our lives with a video.  i can never recreate the things they say!  and i never want to forget!  they make me smile and laugh each day!
  • i have been busy with pLum!  
 our life in pictures.
wish i could post them all.


    Preslee Jae 
    is 2 and a half
    she is in love with babies, puppies and kitties. 
    is in love with Dora.
    loves to play kitchen.
    has an attitude like no other.
    loves to play with her brother.
    everyday she has on a tutu, dress, necklace and sparkly shoes!
    all girly girl!
    but can make you smile the next second with that sweet little voice and her darling little dimple.  and her little "tickle tickle" she sure knows how to play it safe.

    had his big four year birthday last month!
    would play trucks all day.
    monster trucks are his life.  monster jam is a daily activity.
    loves to ride his snowmobile.
    makes us laugh.
    loves pre-school.  is learning so much!
    is so laid back but type A just like daddy.  things have their place and you do not get to touch or make any changes without his permission.
    loves to snuggle and get his back scratched.

     hugs xoxoxoxoxooxxoxoxoxoox


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