saturday night @ home!

oh how i love to be home sitting by the fire on a saturday night.  a couple of years ago i liked it every once in a while and now i am so content hanging out @ home.  eating ice cream, watching Sioux hockey and going to be @ 10!   wow how life can change.  :)

had a great shower hosted by some friends for two other friends that are due this month!  great food, great gifts and great chatting with everyone!  so fun getting together with you all.  thanks girls for hosting!  it was perfect!!!!

have been working on a fun new flower for pLum.  i love this new design.  it was inspired by some scrapbooking supplies.  they look so cute on bracelets and headbands!  

this is a link i have been meaning to post here for a week or two now.  posted it to facebook.  i just fell in love with KNOTTY TOTS!     go check her out on etsy.  these super cute leg warmers are to die for.   i know i do not think we are having a girl this time around but if we are ((5 days and counting till we find out)) these are on my short list!!!!
go HERE now.  get them for your daughter, granddaughter, best friends daughter, niece or anyone!!  too cute to pass up!
heading to mnpls tomorrow with drew and dillon for a couple of days!  
excited to get to spend some time with my niece and nephews who i have not seen for over a month!  oh how i miss them.  
it will be so fun to have dillon ((kind of)) walking now so he can try and keep up!  
going to go watch the rest of the game!  


amber b said...

oh meg i love LOVE love the new plum products!!!

amber b said...

oh meg i love LOVE love the new plum products!!!

Emily said...

love those leg warmers...wish they came in big girl sizes...love love love your new "line" looks like the prima flowers except better!!!!

Breanne Crawford said...

LOVE the new plum!!! i might need some bigger little girl headbands soon so get some listed :) cannot wait to find out if youre having a boy or a girl!!


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