the studio

here is my page inspired by the song"a day in the life" by the beatles!!!
thanks studio 101 for the fun challenge!
check out the blinkie on the side bar to go see their new blog! fun new inspiration!


yeah for art.

relaxes me
colors the world
is messy and unpredictable
documents the most precious times in my life
my thoughts
no limits
my personal diary to life!
something to share with the world!

holy photos!

i just love this mr serious face!

i know i know too many photos--but believe me i have a ton more... but i will stop.
we have been busy it seems--i dont know doing what but we have been.
drews great grandmother passed away-she will be missed by all. she was such a spunky fun lovable lady and loved her great great grandson dillon a ton! of course along w/the rest of the family! everyone will miss her.
we have been enjoying our non summer mn summer! hating this cool yuckie weather
dillon is not feeling well. he has been sleeping since 5. got a call from daycare to come get him. got home around 4---brought him home cuddled and fell asleep and is still out. we might be up about 5am! as long as he feels better i am ok with that!
watercarnival in DL this week! had fun @ the chilli cook off and parade.
my parents came on saturday to stay! thanks for coming. so fun having you here!
been cleaning the house.
drew is off in millwauke for work---we are missing him a bunch!
i have been getting some scrapping done! back in the groove. and loving it.
have tons of laundry to do.
dillon now is rolling both ways-giggling a ton-sucking on his toes-such a smiler-he can sit up with a little support leaning forward-on his new medicine for reflux-weighs 18lbs 7oz.-is growing out of all of this clothes-glad i like to shop! eating baby food-loved his pears last night!
have so many projects to do. i am so good @ knwoing what i want just getting them done is the hard part!
i think i better go to sleep in case we are up in a couple of hours!


lately we....

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the july jack is up!

(natasja's) (my jack)

this month jenny choose a very talented Natasja to jack!
we all had so much fun jacking this layout!
go check it out and link us up with your jack for an awesome prize.
$25 from Scrapgal.com
click HERE to see and play along!


i have a ton to post and too many pictures.......
but i am too tired tonite to do it!! i have a ton of work i have been working on and now i am ready for bed! :) but i had to post these 2 pictures of my little guy!!!!


My etsy site was featured in a local fargo nd magazine blog. OPEN magazine!
HERE it is!


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