all of us girls with the kids out @ the curling club! this is our second annual tailgating b/f curling! the guys plan it all out and bring food and drinks and they cook over a big barrel outside! i know it sounds kind of corny or pathetic but fun! this year most of us were inside with the kids but we all had a great time! and the temp was above zero so that helped too.
from L-R
peyton, hattie, audrey and dillon
Dillon is doing to have a lot of girlfriends some day! lucky kid!!!
dillon and i out @ the curling club!! watching daddy curl

dillon, audrey and mason

audrey is 5 weeks and the boys share a bithday---and are three weeks old. we had a playdate--or a mommy playdate to be exact. it was fun to get out of the house.

last night drew got his first official night w/dillon. the girls and i all met @ Speak Easy for apps and dirnks and then headed over to the movie "he's just not into you". such a good movie! i think we all enjoyed it! i am so lucky to have such great girlfriends here in DL!!! dad and dillon had a great night!



HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my husband!
and yes this is late.... Dillon and i took this picture for him while he was gone @ work but of course it took me this long to get back on the blog!Drew turned 29 on the 23rd! we had a relaxing night out with just us 3! we were going to stay home and when i told him i would cook---he told me he would rather do it! what!??! he begs and begs me to cook and when i offer he declines! he might not get that offer again for awhile! so we went out.


sneek peak is here

click HERE to see our sneak peek from MANDy BIRDWELL PHOTOGRAPHY--otherwise known as my sister! she is an amazing photographer, sister, mother and friend!!!! and i could not love these any more! now i am even more excited to see the rest of them!! :) thanks mandy! i love love love them!


a bit delayed!
dillon got 2 valentines shirts. one from the engers and one from his great aunt and uncle radebaugh. he looked so darn cute in them!
be back later--we are off to going postal to send some stuff! gotta get out now while he is sleeping---he sleeps so well in his car seat!


i have a zillion things to say and post...

but i wont! i would be on here all day!
we have had the best 2 weeks of our lives!!! Dillon is already 2 weeks old! i can hardly believe it. and i know i will say this every week but i wish he could stay this size forever!
we have had tons of company! thanks to everyone who has come over to visit or called! and a special thanks to our families! we could not ask for two better families to be here and love this little guy more than we could ever imagine!
my sister was here this weekend and yesterday did a photo shoot and i can not tell you how excited i am to see the pictures!!! i took a peek @ some and they are so beautiful! a couple of these pics are from yesterday and are my pathetic attempt. we had so much fun bending and forming him for hours!!! good thing he wont remember it. she brought her youngest Chase with her too! he is getting so big and we are so excited to watch these boys grow up together!!! they are going to get in a lot of trouble for sure! so it was so fun to see the boys together! it is amazing to see the size difference and i am amazed that dillon will be that big in 10 weeks!
my mom was also here for a long weekend! thanks for letting me sleep in, cooking, watching dillon and just being here! She watched Dillon and drew and i went and watched the Polar Plunge! could not defend my title this year! but can not wait till dillon can be my partner! i already have some ideas to win that trophy back! we also went to watch the fireworks on Detroit Lake and the bonspiel.
Drews parents were also here---they have a cabin across the lake! they watched dillon friday night! it was our first couple of hours out. i cried but it was a good 3 hours out and he slept the whole time! and they loved the time with D.
my dad also came for a couple of hours on sunday! so we had tons of company and we loved it!!!!
i am in love with this picture......dillon woke up friday morning and i brought him to bed after he ate....he was a bit awake but i thought we should maybe cuddle---so no he does not sleep with us! but cuddle with us in bed...yes. but of course i could not help but run and get the camera.


melissa jack


the new scrapjack is up and i am so excited to be a part of this talented group of ladies! this was a perfect month to start---b/c i now have a great new subject that i can scrap scrap scrap!!!!
this jack is one of my favorites!! i love melissa's work and was so excited to do my version!
so go and get jacking!!!!!


meet dillon lewis barker

he has arrived and we could not be happier and more in love with this little guy!
he arrived tuesday feb 3rd-2009 @ 4:52
auntie mandy arrived with camera in hand and shot the most beautiful pictures during his very first hours of life! thank you mandy and we can not wait for you to come back to visit!
have visitors............will write more later!


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