maybe back to normal....

((it looks like from these pictures from the weekend that he does not wear clothes...ever...i swear he does. but what is more fun that running around in your diaper in rain boots))

we might have a healthier little boy!  he was up for more than 4 hours today!  
he woke up so happy. 
i am so happy!  we were supposed to go to nana and papa's for the weekend.  but with dillon still not feeling good on friday we decided it was not the best idea.  sad we did not get to go.  but glad we stayed home b.c saturday he was awake for a total of 4 hours!  seriously it was painful to keep him awake for more than 1 hour!  but as of today i think we are back on track!!!  :)

today we.
  skyped w. nana and papa.  boy i love technology.  
friday night we even got to skype with the birdwells while they skyped with mom and dad on another computer!  so it was like a three way call.  super fun! 
went and visited two friends new baby's.  ((2 friends had beautiful baby girls this week))
so fun to meet them both.  we are so excited for you both!  :)
went to menards to look for some new deck furniture.
saw g & g barker and great grandma and grandpa too.
played. took naps.  grilled for supper!  yummie!
drew did some fun work in the yard!  even is getting ready to stain the dock.  he better hurry looks like the ice could be off soon.  :)  i can not wait till i can sit on the deck or wait...... till i can sit on the beach... and go in the water!!!

this week we are going to.
get haircuts.  dillon had to cancel his last week
i am getting mine done too!!  :)  yipee!
sadly that is all i can think of so far..

baby girl barker is doing well.  me too!  i feel great and am getting so excited about starting to work on her room!  :) pinkish/purple with greys and a mustardy yellow are going to be her room colors!  now to find all the things i need to make it as i see in my head! 
((and who knows this might all change like it did with dillons room)).
this is the ultrasound from week 20.  
almost week 22 weeks already!  wow how time has flown by. 
i have been thinking alot about who she will look like?  is she going to have so much hair like dillon did?  or be bald and maybe blonde? blue eyes or dark brown?  i am so excited to meet her!
off to bed i go.
hugs   xoxoxoxox


Emily said...

Adorable pics!

administration said...

So glad Dillon's feeling better! I can't wait to see what baby girl barker looks like either! One thing's for sure though...she'll be adorable!



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