simple scrapbooks

This month in simple scrapbooks they had the winners or the SKINNY COW contests--- they only put in first prize--so they did not publish us second place winners---but it was cool to see the winners in there!!! maybe next time!


we had a little christmas last night!! we tried to take a pic with all 4 of us on the timer!! this is the best we could get!! asia and bailey were both frieking out! in this pic it looks like bailey is about to attack drew!! it was a riot!


love our xmas card

mandy took some great pics for us--and then designed our christmas card!!! i loved it so much i thought i should post it!!!


got a lot done this weekend!!!

stayed home all weekend-- got so much done
made caramels!!! even found a pressurer cooker @ the thrift store!!! (3 batches) one is in the garbage!!! what a project-- mom told me it was a process but i did it anywho!!!
made 3 batches of buns!
wrapped all of the presents
cleaned the house!!!
caught up on all of my tivo'd shows!
took a nap
sewed---for spoiled rotten
i think that might be it!
oh went grocery shopping too!! twice even
got a ton of pics of the cats!! i know you all would rather see pics of a baby or cute kids but this is all you get from us!! they sure are cute though arent they!?!??!
drew went snowmobiling saturday with a couple of other guys from DL--would have been a perfect day but the clutch went out on his ride @ about 3--- so now more than 45 miles down... good thing they guy riding my sled had to go to a christmas party so drew jumped on that one! they had a great time and did not get in till 11pm!!! :)
friday he also went fishing here out on the lake--caught one walleye! :) i did not see it so i can not confirm how big it actauly was or even if he caught one?!?!?!
2 more days of work for me!! yipee-- i love vacation!


the weekend b/f with jay & tracy!

our night with jay and tracy!! this is our self pic of our serious face!!! :) we had so much fun in the Chester with them!!! Hope to see them both real soon again!

weekend w/the buzicks--GO SIOUX!!!

We spent friday night @ the SIOUX hockey game with our friends the buzicks!!! we had a great time watching the sioux beat te GOPHERS!!! it was a good game--well the 3rd period was...
after the game--we went back to the buzicks and celebrated our annual christmas together with presents and games!!! we always have such a good time when we four are together!



Loved this jack! here is my take on this--
this is my adorable niece miss jayden!! god i love this girl!!!
the pics are by mandy birdwell photography!! (my sister) she is an amazing photographer!! and the mother of miss j!!


a page

watched desperate housewives-----yikes!!! i am so confused--that many people could not have died in one show----i want it to be next sunday!!!

there is no place like home...

we are home again from our 5 day adventure.
wednesday we left for alexandria and stayed over @ the holiday inn---thursday i worked in alex and had a lunch in sauk centre-- drew worked form the hotel and then hung out @ a coffee shop when i was @ my lunch-- what a trooper--he was there for 2.5 hours!! :) oops
then thursday we left for mnpls and stayed @ the birdwell hotel-it was so strange being there w/o them!! strangely quiet---so much more fun with the kids to run after!!! friday when drew was done with his appts and i was done @ home goods (gosh i love that store) we left for Rochester--our friend jay lives there!!! went out to eat with him/tracy and two of our other friends that live there!! with the storm coming in we left early sat morning for mason city---the rodes were not too bad---we got lucky since we left so early!
got to our hotel and took much needed naps! then off to the wedding!! w/the ice storm about half of the guests came!! we had a great time though! it was @ the SURF-where buddy holly palyed his last conert b/f he flew out and was killed---there is a big dedication to him and all of the others that have played there!! so neat!
today we left early again and got to the cities on the ice---
met the birdwells in alex @ caribu----got to play with the kids--they were needing some energy exerted!! i think we got that acomplished!!! :) mimi is good for one thing!
so now we are home-
asia and bailey are so HAPPY!!!!---
drew is out blowing the driveway--he could not wait to get that done!! he just loves doing that! not exactly sure why but as long as i do not have to do it i am ok!!! :)
so glad to be home!
have some fun pics to put up!!
gotta go get my xmas cards addressed-- love them so much i can not wait to send them!!


Scrapjacked SARA BERRY!!!

here is my version of sara's page!! loved this jack!! i love using papers from random places... an old order form or from a little note pad i found @ target!! the things that really inspire me are the things not in the scrapbook stores--just the little things i can find in the office supply store or @ a thrift store!!! :) the pink paper was from the little small town bar (gardner) where we used to live and when we were in there one night i saw it on the bar --- i could not help but ask for a pile of it!! it was just one of those random things that i could not wait to use!


weekend @ home

we spent the whole weeknd @ home.. doing a bunch of nothing!! well not really but....

drew worked out in the garage.. i love how he calls it that-- i always think he is going to go make somehtin kind of like dad does but he doesn't!! but he did clean the garage and get the snow blower ready!! we did the recycling. baked buns. watched about 10 epsiodes of crimal minds and law and order SVU. loved all of them. played with riley. went on a little impromptu date. rented movies. that is all i can think of!! there is nothing better than staying home all weekend!

i jsut ogt back from the gym. one of my girlfriends kerry is teaching pialtes! it is good to have her teaching b/c then i feel bad if i do not go-- i also went to killer abs before hand! yikes stripes! it was tough!

well that is about it from us!!!

hope you all have a great day!



i have some great news... maybe not for all of you but for me it is GREAT!!!

i entered a scrapbooking contest in the summer some time and kind have forgot about it until this week when fed ex called and told me i had a package i had to sign for....from some marketing company... so finally yesterday he called my cell and i tracked him down in downtown DL.

so i open get my envelope and open it and it says "i have been choosen as a SECOND place WINNER (well you are really not a winner if you are not first but it said that) you can read above for yourself!!!! I think there was 10 choosen for 2nd... and the 1st place which only one was choosen got a trip to Disney Land!!!! :( BUMMER!!

it was a contest from Dreyers Ice Cream...... so in honor os my winning i recieved one year free skinny cow ince cream snacks!!! So i now have 48 (not sure why the jipped my my last 4 weeks) certificates..... so if anyone likes and i know becky does..... or used too b.c that is the first palce i had eveer had or seen them... call me i can hook you up!!!!

:) i think i might enter more contests now!!!! :)

they expire in 12/08... so we better get eating!! except in CA, HI,ME NH and RI--not sure why they can use them whever they want but they can!!!

this is what i found on their website....
Best Girls’ Night Out: Tamara R. of Sandy, UT, Gina S. of Portland, OR, Thespoena M. of Springdale, AR, Melissa P. of Queen Creek, AZ, Kimberly V. of Missouri City, TX, Lynn R. of Gresham, OR, Carrie G. of Cato, WI, Jessica M. of St. Paul, MN, Ramona M. of Bountiful, UT, Meg B. of Detroit Lakes, MN


hunters and the kill

this past friday we (drew, greg and i) went home to mom and dads and drew and greg went hunting!!! no pics fo drews doe but here are a few of greg's catch!!! i guess i do not know if you would call it a catch.. since you really do not catch them but here is his buck!!!

while the guys hunted mom and i made flat bread-had coffee with gramma-dad mom and i all went under grammas house-dad and i picked up the nash-watched a little tv-ate (too much)-

we got a lot in a those couple of days!


i entered my first scrapjackes competition and i did not win but i got on their website.
there is a slide show with some of the entries and mine got on!!!

more to come later


3 1/2 years ago.....

this is a picture of a picture---back in the old days when we got married they obviosuly did not give digital prints!!!! but i found this on one of my cd's last night (i do not know why i would have taken a picture of it--but...) as i wwas searching for some pics for our christmas caard (which i am so excited about--mandy is doing it) and anywho i am blabbering!!
anyway the point of this is that i can not beleive it was 3.5 years ago that we got married!!! time has flown by. :) i think i would do it all over again. know actaully i know i would do it all over again!


blast from the past.....

look how much mr b has changed!!! our litte guy is getting so big!

love these pics! and love this cat!!!!!!!! :)



I did a craft show in Frazee a couple of weekends ago. It was fun--even though i brought down the average age about 70 years!!! i think our focus is on boutiques now!!! it is so fun to see those certain people that are in love with your product! one lady was just so excited about it!! she was giving me ideas and everything! so funny and then there was a lady that was like "i could make this" of course of course you could lady---"but you dont" i wanted to say!!!

oh well--mandy and i are having fun with it!!! srbaby.net

Scrapjacked--jamaica edgell

Here is my JACK!!!


finally back!

revenge of the nerds!!!!
we dressed up for bowling league too!! even though it was nov 1st!!! :) i think it might have helped our game a bit!!

we are having so much fun with spoiled rotten!!! we not have our stuff in Mama Mia in fargo!!! it is so awesome to know they are selling and people are loving them!!!

i am so bad getting started on this blog!!! but i am back.
last night we had girls night out so today i am getting nothing done!
it is so funny-- we are in bowling league! and it lasts 28 weeks....but last night we went BOWLING once again!!! we had so much fun though-- there was music and it was dark....leeague it bright white lights and no music and we get in trouble for everything we do... i mean who knew there was bowling etiquette!!?!?!? well there was not much of that going on last night with the lane next to us!?!?!? but we had a blast!
trying to do a scrapbook page for scrapjacked..... trying to get in to it-----i have been meaning to do one forever!! so i need to get it done!
drew was gone all weekend hunting and just got home.
next weekend he his dad and myself are going to my parents to hunt!!?!?! we go friday morning. sure hope he gets something!??!?! :) only one was shot this weekend nad it was not him!! so he needs this next weekend to be good!



rain rain go away!
sitting in watertown in a hotel all by myself! what a day!!! wish watertown had some good shopping or something to do.
@ und homecoming this past weekend!
so much fun!!!
this week---pretty low key around our house!


sept 30th

we are home!! yipee
we were gone for the weekend bakc @ school for HOMECOMING! GO SIOUX! josh and amy rode with us on friday afternoon and we headed to GF. We met up with Bobby and Amber the newlyweds for dinner and the boys headed to Sig Ep ritual and us girls went out!!!
we stayed @ the Buzicks in Warren that night and got up early ( just josh amy and us) and headed to GF for the parade, DG breakfast and the football game which we won!! it was a good game! we went to my girlfriend ericas for a quick shower and change for the formal!
the dinner was great! not to long after the dance started we headed home!! thank god for the nasty mcd's coffee and amy for keeping me awake as i drove!!! we made it home safe!
what else is going on in this house??!?!? not much.
we get to stay home next weekend and we are so excited. i have a baby shower and that is it!!!
today is a day for relaxing! should be cleaning but......


today September 23rd 2007

i am finally starting my blog! here i am to tell the truth about life, love, friendships and everyday life!
i am starting this blog to document our lives for the world to see!
what a party we had--there is not much i love more than dressing up in 80's garb & being with all of our closest friends! we had our 4th annual kegs and marshmallows last night! pics to come! only 467 were taken :) yikes!


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