we need to hire a baby proofer............

he is crawling everywhere............it is so fun to see him go go go and so exhausting trying to get everything out of the way. it has only been a week... but now i can not remember what it was like with him not on the move!!!! he is so determined and so interested... i love the curiosity in kids... there is nothing better than watching them learn, play and grow.
loving his new converse high tops.

took some photos on sunday with gramma and grandpa. they got some great ones for their christmas card!!!! so cute.

THIS made me happy today!!! sent in some layouts last night to CK and this got on the blog today! so fun!!!!!!!!
tons of layouts to share soon.
i had a great weekend with the girls @ a cabin by brainerd---got tons of scrapping done! learned part of the beyonce single ladies dance.....ok well learn is a strong word.. but we danced to it and had way too much fun!!!!!!! our weekend was full of fun company, so much paper, gossip, drinking, snacks, great food and so much laughing!!!!!!!!! can not wait for our weekend in jan!
drew had a great weekend @ home with dillon. they got tons of fun playing time in and of course lots of much needed naps!!! i missed them tons but there is nothing better than the excitement from dillon when i got home and grabbed him from his crib!!!!!!!!!
going to go lay and cuddle in fromt of the fireplace!
had a day with my manager @ work----need to relax! :)
happy sleeping all.



last week my mom helped me out since daycare was closed. so we got to see nana and papa (mom and dad) and gigi great gramma johnson! got tons of apples from their trees and am dehydrating as we speak. that is why i am up on my blog. i have to leave for work tomorrow for the night again and want these to be dry!! so i am waiting up! way way past my bedtime!!!
last week we got to help this adorable hattie celebrate her 1st birthday! she is such a doll! thanks to R's for the great party! we had such a fun time!!! and our pumpkin is for sure scaring away strangers on the porch!!!

dillon thinks his cousin cooper is pretty funny! we had a great time @ his 5th birthday party on sunday!! thanks for the fun afternoon johnson's. someone must have slipped dillon some cake b/c he stayed up till 10pm....then we finally coaxed him to bed! so unusual! but he was so darn funny! i could not help but laugh and keep him up with me!

how cute are these three? kobey is now 8 and cooper 5! yikes how time flies!
got to see gramme eklund this week and aunti jj too!!
whats new with dillon...........
mastering the downward dog. he thinks yoga is way cooler than crawling!!!
starting to crawl. found out tonite much easier in no pants!!! i just want to pick him up everytime he starts getting good! way too soon for me to see him crawling!
constantly smiling. of course with his mouth wide open...... where could he of got that?!?! :)
laughs all of the time!
got his first haircut on sunday morning by nana. he had hair hanging over his ears and had a bit of a mullet so she trimmed it up for us a bit! it looks great now!
he is 20lbs 4oz now! exactlty on the 50th percentile for height and weight now!
still spitting up like crazy. especially on me! the gastro doctor told me to wear the spit up with pride. b/c dillon is so darn cute!! dillon loved him and the med student!
has a new friend @ daycare. a new baby started today!!!

i probably have a ton more i could write... trust me it would not be exciting but i think i need to go to bed.... so unplug the dryer and i am off to bed!


white stuff in the air....

yes snow. wow where did fall go. or why didnt it come?
so crazy to see snow in the deck with green leaves on the tree's.
i am home from a couple of days in mnpls for meetings. and a little bit of much needed time @ my sisters. so fun to see my niece and nephews, my mom, sister and brother in law. thanks for letting me stay! love you all.
so glad to be home to see my little d. i swear he grew while i was gone!!!
this weekend we are hanging around home!
i think half of everyone i know is sick and i am still not feeling the best..... as long as i can keep dillon from getting sick again we are good. :)
heading to bed!


i cant sleep.....

(written sunday night)i am never up this late. never never never. ok well not never but on school nights i am never up this late! for some reason my brain is going a mile a minute so i am abck out of bed and watching CSI and going through my pictures from the weekend! which i thought i had lost all of them. we were leaving GF after a day full of homecoming events and @ our last stop of the day our old stomping grounds--THE RED PEPPER and i was taking a picture of Dillon by his newly etched initials in the booth and my camera told me it was not formatted and then it said i had no pictures filed...... my heart started racing and we went to the car and i immediatly called my sister..the photographer and camera guru. she calmed me down and the 2 hour drive home i thought about those darned pictures.....but as mandy said when i connected my my computer they uploaded out of nowhere!! thank goodness!!!! not like anyone really cares but i now have all of the pictures safe and sound on my external hard drive. :) did not get a single good picture of all of the babies together!!! oh well. they sure were cute together. now that they can all move, touch and pull!
friday we had a sick baby! well he still sick but yesterday he toughed it out all day like a trooper and was such a perfect little guy all day @ UND homecoming!! he is obviously a big SIOUX fan already to be such a trooper and then today go back to not feeling well @ all. i hate when he is sick. they say it is viral and there is nothign they can do. so i have to wait it out i guess. which i hate!
so friday we did a lot of cuddling. auntie jj was here thursday night and friday. she got lots of snuggles! we are so lucky to have her so close. so fun to have her here! thanks for coming jj. come back anytime and stay!

then we had another visitor. papa came! my dad was picking up a new trailer for the pontoon and had to drop it off @ the cabin so he came and stayed with us friday night! but of course by the time we woke up saturday we was gone! we should not have let him go to bed so early. we went to bed @ 9. no kidding. we are that exciting we all went to bed! sorry dad. and friday when jj was here we went to bed @ 10:30 i think. and that might be stretching it a bit! :)
and now i am up and it is almost midnight. yikes!
new pictures for my etsy site. jj was my perfect model friday! thanks jj for being such a sport. she was a model in earlier years so i knew she would be perfect! your the best! :)

(continued monday night.....)
dillon is growing like a weed
creeping like crazy and crawling a little bit!
still a bit sick! hope he gets better b/c i am heading out for a meeting the rest of the week
maybe getting some more teeth?
there is snow in ND!! 3 inches in some places. yikes! tell me again why i live here!?!?!??!
too tired to stay up!
goodnight all.


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