april snow brings....

Happy Happy APRIL 19th!  got up super early. can not sleep.
the trees are full of beautiful frost and i am watching
it snow!
craziness.  we should be playing outside and enjoying some sunshine.  but instead there is still ice on the lake, snow everywhere and no end in sight!  welcome to MN i guess.

SO SO SO So excited to go in to JoAnns and see my work in a magazine on the shelf!  
it seems crazy to see it on the shelves still.  i have had many things published over the years but it still makes me nothing short of GIDDY!  
as you can see by my crazy crooked smile i was so HAPPY!
the kids got to see pictures of themselves on the shelves... which was cool for about a millisecond until cart races started again!  :)

Betsy. Hayden and Clara came and stayed with us last week.
shopping, CIRCUS, playing, snacks, swimming and a little girls night out was needed!  it is so great to have a friend that you have known all of your life and still have that friendship!  I am one lucky girl to have them all in my life!  

found this picture this morning!  makes me SMILE!!!  miss my grandma so much.  
she had not loved in Moorhead for years but whenever i go past her exit along the interstate i have to remind myself that i do not need to take the exit.   i wish i could take it one more time-see her and give her one more hug!
miss that laugh of hers!  always made me laugh too.
love her honesty.  loved her stories.  her memory was impeccable.  
she always told it like it was. she was so proud of us all.
those cookies and donuts in the freezer.
love you gramma!  xxoxoxoxooxoxoxxoxoxooxox
she always hated taking pictures.  but i always made her take one.
she always said she did not look good enough!  and she always did.

 i have been working like a crazy person everyday to keep up with pLum!
when you have a full time job staying at home...finding time to create and get stuff done starts at about 9pm. and ends around 1am!  it is starting to catch up with me.
but i love what i do and i am happy to be a sleep deprived a little.
i do not know what i would do without a HOBBY. a PASSION and a time to CREATE!
i am a mom, a wife but i am also just a girl who loved to scrapbook, loves fabric and wants to play!  i do not want to have to give it up!

NEED to get this girl a real pet.  yes yes i forgot we have 2 cats.  but i think she needs a dog.
she is such a animal lover.  even a stinky alpaca can make her so happy!

 better go get the kids up!


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