the weekend is almost over.  and it went way way too fast!
we had such a fun weekend!  

i am such a dork...but my button machine came and i went nuts!  i just love the end result so much.  pLum has been keeping me super busy!  i have many new ideas in my head but have not found the chance to try any of them yet.
saturday we had such a fun day with aunti jj and her bf scott.  they came down for the day to hang out.  we had so much fun and boy oh boy do i wish i had the pictures to prove it.  i came home to upload them and they were all gone.  not sure what happened....  but i lost them all.  and i am so bummed.  this has now happened to me twice in the last month.  good thing i take too many pictures so missing 2 days out of his life---no one will even know!  except me.  
thanks for coming down you guys!  it was super fun!  we need to retake those pictures though!

then last night we went to a friends for dinner. thanks h's.  they cooked a wonderful mexican dinner for us all.  so fun to watch the kids play and catch up w/the girls!  thanks so much!

today was perfect.  
breakfast--the church, nap for dillon and then
we drove out on the lake to the "fish hot spot" with the fishing gear, snacks, riley dog and the sled. ((and some hope that we would catch some fish))  it was 36 degrees and nothing 
but a beautiful blue sky!
dillon loves sledding.  we went on walks in the deep snow, drew tried catching some fish.   only two perch were caught!  friday when he went out he could have doubled the limit in about 2 hours.  so he had to quit early and come home.  this time.  no such luck!
but we had a good time.  dillon loved crawling around in the snow.  his PINK boots would not stay on.  so it was a no boots day after trying and trying to keep them on.  
dillon and drew both went to bed early!  so here i am sewing headbands and blogging.
good night all.
less than two weeks until we find out if dillon will be a big brother 
to a boy or a girl!!!  so excited!

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Emily said...

Can't wait to see what new creations you are making! I already need one of each (heehee)


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