fall is maybe behind us and winter is here!

enjoying my couple of hours with a quiet house!
kids both sleeping.  me watching smut like Dr. Phil and Real Housewives!
education for sure!!  and not at all a waste of my time!
i took a break from sewing today!!!  I whole day without work seems like the thing to do to get my back on track!   a perfect friday!

Halloween this year we had perfect weather and a great time!!! 
the spunky black kitty and the red power ranger got way too much candy!
it has make for many crying screaming fits and it was only about 48 hours ago!!!   we started at a friends house in town with a bunch of friends and then all went out together! 

I love scrapbooking, girlfriends, chatting, drinking wine, staying up most of the night and sleeping in until whenever i want!
last weekend we had a house full of women @ a scrap house by Brainerd MN!
such a perfect weekend!  great girlfriends make it all the better!!!   

pLum has made me very busy!
some days it is hard to keep up-but it is all worth it.
it is my creative side put to work!
lately i feel that the worst part is that people copy and pretend they have a creative business.  
copying a persons business and art is not being creative it is stealing!
i wish people would understand that they are the ones who look ridiculous when you copy someones work, booth ideas and wording too!  
the best part is that people pay for unique, well made products and it shows!
I work hard on every piece i make and sell to make sure it is exactly what my customers want.    and i will keep doing that!
Happy weekend everyone!


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