almost 28 weeks already.  that means 12 to go!!  YIKES!
and our little guys is almost 15 months old!  
i can hardly believe it.
this week he has really changed. 
talks constantly.  
has his molars on top.
listens so well.
loves his night time books.
knows how to say.
mum mum (sadly that was his first word-reffering to his treats and not me), mumm, da da, baaall.... and a lot of others too when asked to repeat.  but those 4 are his favorites.
still crosses his feet @ all times!
is the best snuggler i know!
loves to flirt with anyone!
not shy.
laughs constantly!
and is loved more than he will ever know!!!  xoxoxoxo

  • today had lunch with a girlfriend and her youngest daughter.  such a fun girls lunch!  we literally live about 2 miles from each other but rarely see one another!  
  • last night with out with 9 of my girlfriends for here in DL to Vergas to have a little girl talk and eat.  we got lucky (if you call if that) and they had BINGO!  no one won a thing!!!  but we had a great time!  always fun to get out with just the girls!
  • tonight went back to ZORBAZ with drews parents, sister, boyfriend and his son. they are all still out.  i came home.  dillon needed to go to bed!
  • i did a little more prep on the baby's room.  my parents should be here any minute to start being our slave labor for the weekend!  xoxooxox  
  • earlier this week i got to take some pictures of a friends 6 week old! we took about 1300 photos.  i had no idea what i was doing--so i took a little more than was needed!  so i knew i could get a couple of good shots!  and we are having another shoot soon...she would not sleep so we did not get some of the ones we wanted!
  • drew got his first game of golf in this year today.  in the rain.  of course on his last hole the sun came out!  but he had a good time and he is willing to play in the rain.
  • watching Dateline.  a good one as always!
  • have been working on a lot of DIY embellished tshirts/tanks! the first one was not so good.  (in the first picture)  i sewed the tshirt together twice.  so it is a one time wear...but SEW cute to wear out last night!  have more to make!  have to stop working on them until this room is done for baby B.
  • made some fun new bobby pins with felt buttons!  i think they turned out so cute!


growing pains.......

.....or just too much sleep 
or whatever it is we are still not sleeping through the night.
unless you call one night in a row a STREAK??!??!?!  
it is a good start to one that is for sure but not a long enough streak to get mom and dad 
some good old fashion sleep!
a good friend of mine got me thinking and gave me the idea that maybe he is sleeping too much during the day?!?!?  he still takes two naps (which is so normal) but now that he is getting up in the middle of then night and wanting to play----maybe one is good for now!  thanks bets for the advice.... still working on getting that one to work out... and trying to get that one nap to last more than 1.5 hours!!  but we are on the right track!
so hopefully this changes soon b/c god knows we need some good sleep!
good thing he is such a darn good little boy and so darn cute that i am ok being a zombie @ all times. as long as he keeps me laughing and smiling! xoxoxo

i have been working on some fun new bobby pins for pLum!  

loving having some new projects to work on.

this weekend

friday supper here. gramma becky came over

dillon went home with her to play and sleep over

drew and i went to a friends house.  so fun to see good friends! then a quick stop @ Zorbaz

home and in bed by 11.  so excited to sleep in.

we did not wake up till 9:30.  (dillon also slept through the night)

cleaned out baby's room.

saturday night to ZORBAZ with friends for supper!

picked up paint and a closet system for baby's room

to the pool @ the DLCCC

on a walk.

and good sunday night TV

dillon @ ZORBAZ in his vintage 1983 t (it was borrowed to us from a friend--it was his from childhood)  oh how i love it!  there are 2 more for when he is bigger too!!!

monday night dillon learned to climb up his slide and down the middle...

back around and around we go.

he is getting so daring now... changing and learning everyday!

gets on and off his bike now too.  :)  most of the time not so smoothly but still is doing it!

today (tuesday) a friend and her 5 week old came over for the afternoon.  thankful for the sun.  we were out on the deck all day!  addison slept all day (most of the day) dillon and his buddy B took some naps and then we all played!  B's mom came to get him and hung out too for a couple of hours!  it is so fun to have some adult time with friends!!!  

thanks girls for the fun day!

so tired now. and ready for the HILLS and the CITY!  i think maybe the final season of both!

time to relax!




happy earth day!

this is our favorite new thing to do when we are outside.
there is nothing like getting soaked---and the best part is not caring a bit about it but instead 
loving every second of it!
this is the best part of being a kid---getting dirty, getting wet, playing hard and doing it all over again!  i think having a child makes you be a child again.  helps you let go a bit!  who cares if they get dirty, if they eat a little dirt, get wet, eat late, go to bed way too late or do not eat anything for lunch but chicken nuggets!  they are kids let them be kids!!!
i loved growing up playing in the dirt  ((my nickname was PIGPEN)).  
i am guessing i ate my fair share of it too!  and i think i turned out alright.  atleast health wise!
so i will be the mom who lets their kids be kids!
i love you buddy!

  dillon thinks this is pretty funny! especially when someone 
just washed all of the doors and windows!  (that would be me)

after getting so dirty on the beach he took a dip in the lake.  yes April 21st 2010. 
((wow that is a record here to take a dip))
then off the the bath!
love this cute baby!  ((he might not be happy about it))  but he will be happy i did not post the ones i him getting dipped in.  those were XXX rated!

all four of us on the beach!
the boat is in the lake as of about 1 hour ago!  YIPEE.  that means a boat ride tomorrow night!

me getting the best snuggles last night when i was not feeling well.
today dillon spent some time with gramma barker today--so i could rest.  sadly i still look awful and feel not great but 100X better than i did yesterday!
new mini bobby pins @ pLum!  perfect for a little girl and mom to share!

off to take a bath.  need some (more) R & R.


moms do not get to call in sick!

but today i wish i could have.  
i can barely keep my eyes open and i can not stop sneezing.  i think i would rather have the flu for a couple of day than a cold that does not go away.  and know i am dreading dillon getting it next.  it might be inevitable that he does.....so i just better be prepared!
even though i am under the weather we had a fun day.  the weather has been so nice to we have been doing a lot of playing on the deck in buckets of water and on the beach too.  
i have so many pictures to upload from this week.
we were supposed to go to a friends for lunch but with my cold i did not want to be around the babies--for the fear of them getting sick too!

last week dillon got his first golf lesson from daddy.  he has pretty good coordination...holds the club totally off and hits it backwards but LOVES to play and that is all i care about!

we have been spending tons of time on the deck playing and playing.  we even have tan lines.  now that is unheard of in MN in april.   dillon has the best tan lines.  his arms are tan but the little rolls are white!  :) i love my chubby little baby! oh how i love this picture.
last week gramma becky, dillon and i went to the parade in town and the events @ the mall.  to say the least dillon was not all that impressed.  not a fan of clifford. but got his face painted by a scarecrow--not a fan of her really either! but with the sunshine we had to get out and have some fun away from home!
saturday we went in to fargo for the MS WALK.  we got to see my brother and his family.  and my parents too.
dillon had fun seeing his cousins and nana and papa!  :)  you need to come play soon!
then we were off to pick up our boat from storage @ drews parents farm.
then off to a wedding for the night!  drews parents, sister and aunts and uncles were there too so dillon got lots of attention!  good thing---since he was exhausted!
a long day for all of us!  
sunday we took the boat out to Detroit lake----since our lift has not been delivered we thought we would take it over there so we could eat @ ZORBAZ after our ride.  the ride did not last too long. the gnats were out and sworming us in the middle of the lake unless we were moving fairly fast.  so off to the beach we went.  the pictures below show what we did there
eat a hand full of sand and dad takes it out....over and over again
i think dillon knows i am not feeling well b.c he sat with me, snuggled and gave me hugs and kisses as we watched ANTM.  then off to bed for him.  lets hope he sleeps through the night.  ((i i have Tylenol pm to take so maybe i will sleep through it))  last night we were up from 12-2am playing again.  but he had two good naps today so i am hoping being back on a good schedule and playing outside and getting all of that fresh air will get him back to sleeping 12 hours @ night!  we were so spoiled for so long!!!  he is getting us back!  i was so delirious the other night i was up making a bottle and drew must have heard me and came out to the kitchen and asked what i was doing?  i told him dillon was walking around and i was getting him a bottle.  who knew dillon was sounds asleep in his bed!  last night i had a dream i saw carrie underwood shopping and she said hi to me.  i remember thinking in my dream that she said hi b.c i was carrying a basket like her!  what??!?!?!?!  i need more sleep!

i am getting all of the scrapbook pages ready to send in for publication ((i am still so excited to see them in a book an actual BOOK)).  what a mess.  i have to have all of the designer names with all of my layouts.  now if you know me you know that my scraproom and supplies are not exactly organzied--so finding things i used and then trying to figure out what designer they are is a difficult job for me!  near impossible!
all right i need to go to bed!  tylenol PM here i come!


the new jack is up...check it out HERE.
it is a super fun jack this month.  with a inspiring scrapper Larissa!
i loved getting out super girly materials to make my jack.  
first i do not do enough scrapping lately and i am always doing dillon, dillon and more dillon--so the lace and pom pom ribbon are not usually involved!  but boy how this made me excited for baby b. to arrive!  or just to start scrapping some daily life photos... 
this layout is with one of my favorite little girls J.  she is something else. so excited that it is almost really summer here in MN and i will get to see those little faces more and more often!

be back soon.  tons of photos to upload and share!!


who knew.....

that it is grilled cheese month?
that anyone would care so much about IF OPRAH had a fling with John Tesch?
really.   first how does grilled cheese get its own month?
i would have to say laffy taffy and cucumbers should get there own month too!
and so what is OPRAH and John Tesch went on a date.  i am so sick of hearing about it..... 
Kitty Kelly needs something new to write about.   i get they are famous but leave their private life private.....  atleast this old new...

on to more important things! 
the new JACK will be up soon!  this month Mandy picked out a super fab layout that will make you drool.  i was super excited about doing it and getting out some stuff i rarely use anymore.  i think it will be coming back out of hiding now that i got my hands on it again and that this little girl will be making her appearance on some pages soon.

and what would i do without my biggest pLum fan!  he loves hanging out with me in the craft room.  sorting and throwing headbands, felt and of course trying them all on!  we all need fans and i am glad he is my biggest fan!  he might not enjoy this someday but today i do!
the picture is bad....but i could not resist posting it!

and look @ this!  if i do say so myself i think it turned out pretty darn good.  this i am sending off this week after i sew the sash together to a old Delta Gamma sister who is getting married this summer on the best wedding anniversary of the year June 5th!  I am glad to be a part of her day!  
I hope it is all that she was dreaming of!

hopefully Dillon will be up soon b.c we got errands to run 
and fun to be had outside now that the sun is back out!!!


back @ it.

back to another monday.  
wow how time flies by.  
weekends and the weeks too.  we keep busy around here usually.  so there is not much time to sit and wonder what to do.....but i can not tell you exactly what we do each and every day.
this weekend drew went to mnpls to a bachelor party.  so when he left sat. morning dillon and i hung out all day.  naps, snacks, playing outside, a walk, errands and dinner @ a friends!  it was a great day.  sunday dillon took a 4 hour morning nap.  ((the house could have been clean from top to bottom in that time)) but instead i sat on the deck and got some sun and did some reading, crafting and relaxing!!!  that was much needed after another long night with dillon being up @ all hours!  i feel like i have an infant again.  maybe he is just being nice and getting me ready for 
baby b to come.  :)
grandma and grandpa barker came to visit yesterday along with great gramma and grandpa. 
that was a nice surprise!  dillon loves having company.

doctor visit. for dillon
going postal to ship some orders.
grocery shopping.
home to nap.
visit from mo and mari ((so fun to see you guys))
storytime @ the library.  they had a goat, lamb and a bunny there to see and pet.  dillon loved the animals.  we even got a free book.  
then home again and a quick visit from em and miss h.
dillon is sleeping now and drew @ a appt.
me watching dancing with the stars.  soon gossip girl.  sadly i think i will wait to watch it with drew.  he might not want to admit it but loved the show.  he always say lets watch it together.  he might feel a bit strange watching it by himself......but since he does not read this i can tell you all...that he LOVES IT.  knows everyones names and if you watch the show you will know what i am talking about when he does the commentary too.  :)  
that is why i love him! xoxoxox
off to relax!


spring has sprung!

((we have been enjoying being outside and seeing the sun))
it has been so fun to be out in the sun and dillon loves it!  
we had a some fun dates with friends @ the park!  
nothing like eating yummie rocks for a couple of hours!
what a change from last summer.
tonight he saw the mower for the first time ((well atleast out of the garage)) and could not wait to get on it!!!  in a couple of years we can teach him to mow!  :)  ok maybe more than a couple of years but we will pay him to do it!!!

we had a great easter back @ my parents farm in ND!  my sister and her family were there too and gramma gigi!  the weather could not have been better for outside time all day saturday and sunday for an egg hunt. that darn easter bunny hid eggs all around.  even in a rose bush! (oopps)
and it would not be a family get together with my sister without a photo shoot!  i am so lucky to have her as a sister for many reasons of course but this is such a bonus!  this picture below is by me...so the good professional ones will be seen someday soon.  i just could not help but get a couple of pictures as she was shooting!  they all were just too cute!
thanks mom and dad for the great weekend!  xoxoxoxox

and then i also got miss j to do come modeling for me and some new headbands @ pLum!  she is by far the best little model.  she obviously has had much practice!!!  
she is a natural that is for sure!

tonight we (drew and i) had out first 2010 summer bonfire!  it was a bit chilly but by the fire we were just fine!  and we even made smores.  who needs to go out on a date when you had a little boy who who goes to bed @ 7pm and then you can enjoy a night by the fire.  the lake was so calm and peaceful it was a perfect night for it!
tomorrow drew is heading out for a bachelor party--dillon and i are going to bach it here @ home!  not much on our agenda!  thank goodness!  i am already dreaming about going to bed when he does!  
wed morning dillon and i went to visit one of my girlfriends and her family for the night in Lisbon, ND.  thanks betsy and the e's for having us!  so fun to hang out with bets and her family!  sure wish we lived a bit closer so we could do it more often.  her little guy H is 9 months older than dillon!  so it is going to be so much fun to have them grow up together!  and this summer we are hoping to see them more often.  ((her family has a lake cabin near here))

off to the couch for me.  
have a great weekend all
xoxo mb


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