((in the 60's in march in MN)) crazy

we had a great weekend!  
the sun was shining.  
our family date night was super fun!
new deck furniture--which i am loving now that i have seen the sun!  
nana and papa came to stay on sunday.  they helped us with some projects in the house.  well i should say dad and drew did the projects mom and i sat on the deck and got some sun!  monday dillon and i went with them to pick up their pontoon and then to the cabin to drop it off.  the cabin looked great and i can not wait to get there again soon.  it has the best beach and dillon is going to be able to run from the front door through the sand and in to the water.  here @ home it wont be that easy with the couple of stairs down.  not complaining @ all but excited for some time @ SOUTHFORK (yes that is what they call the cabin)

***i have been working on many custom orders @ pLum.  wedding accessories, fun bright headbands and custom color bracelets and headbands!  i have been having fun---but it sure is getting harder and harder @ night and nap time to work.  i would rather be out on the deck.  i think i am getting carpel tunnel in the fingers.  i know that is probably not what i am getting but it is the only thing i can think of to call it and to say how they feel.***

today we had a great day with P over for the day.  
it was the best.  we got to spend tons of time on the deck.  went to McDonalds for lunch.
could not get P out of the play area.  or i should say she would not come down the slide...so up i went.  and down we came together!  
off to bed i go.
xoxo mb

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the ritchie's said...

Great to see you and little d today. Hattie is snoozing from the long day outside :)


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