it is 6:30 and dillon is in bed!
we were skyping nana and papa and @ the end he was ready for bed....  
he thinks it is pretty cool that he can play peek-a-boo with them on the computer!

today we had another hair cut.  he surprisingly sat so well and just watched and she trimmed all of that hockey hair off!  i am so sad now b/c he looks so old!  it is amazing how hair can make such a change.  i got my hair cut and highlighted too!!!

i have been working hard with pLum orders.  and have another wholesale order to do---i got in a little over my head i think @ times!  but i have been having fun making new items and finding new fabrics to use.  ((sadly shopping for all of the supplies is one of my favorite things of it all))
i sent off a fun order to a bride today.  she got hair pieces for all of her bridesmaids and some smaller fabric flowers for her hair too.  i am so excited to see pictures!

i am bummed i missed dancing with the stars on monday night.  i can not wait for next week now to see how they all are.
america's next top model another sad but true addiction of mine is one tonite.  and oh how i would love to go to bed.... but if i take a nap i wont be able to sleep and if i go to bed now i do not want to get up @ 5am again tomorrow.
so i will sit here and make flowers...watch ET and relax!
have a good night all.

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Emily said...

MEG...Love that turquoise and yellow flower...one of my favs!


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