sunday night

i love sunday nights!
wish it did not follow up with Monday but i still love the relaxing nights!
it was a rough week here @ our house.
drew gone mon-wed. both kids super sick and whiny all week.
they had every right to be.
friday we went to the doctor.
dillon=pneumonia and pres more fluid in her ears!!!
it has been one after another for her in the last 2 months!
but they are back to normal!
happy, laughing, playing and being silly and
fighting like any good brother and sister would do!!!

watching the AMA's! great music and some crazy outifts!
loving the people that actually sing. pretty sure J Lo has not actually sang a word yet!
drew just got home from the SIOUX hockey game in Bemidji.
(we lost for the first time to them in 40 years) YIKES! so tired he said and goodnight!

do you ever wonder if you are doing it right!!??!
being the best mother you can be?
the best friend, wife, sister, daughter?
are you teaching your children what they need to know.
are they happy? could you be doing something differently? are you being a good friend?
i do somedays. and today was one of them. sometimes i think it just takes thinking about it that can change what i do in my everyday ways! i hope to be better at each role i play. not only mother, wife, sister, friend, daughter but also teacher, cook, playmate and every other role i play.

have this feeling that this is the week for miss preslee to walk!
only time will tell i guess!

backtracking a couple of weeks!
we had the cutest superman and raggedy ann you could ever find @ our house!!!
the kids had lots of fun trick or treating. we went to a friends in town and walked from there! dillon and his friends got lots of candy and pres and her little friend rode in the wagon!
it was a perfect night to be outside!

too tired to make any sense!
have a good night!



this am. it was a fun breakfast for three! yes three. that means preslee was up in time to actually have breakfast with dillon and myslelf. wow! this time change thing has done one good thing...gotten preslee up bf 9:30am! and dillon up bf 7 everyday! (not the bonus)
drew is off to Milwaukee for a conference he was invited to by his home office!!! happy for him to go but super happy when he comes home! we miss him mucho
when he is gone for days and days!!!
excited to have some visitors tomorrow though!

kids are napping. i am so tired but of course not napping! (i wish i could lay down and just sleep but i just cant bc i think of all of the things i need to be doing instead)
catching up on shows and how going to go do some sewing!!!

we had family date night on saturday @ ZORBAZ of course. where else?!?!?
it was a fun night out with not a single meltdown!!!!! now that makes it PERFECT in my eyes!
and preslee has now found a love for salsa! (just like daddy and dillon) she did not care how much her eyes would water she kept eating!

pres and her GF addison!

this is one of these reasons i can not sleep.

this is on my TO DO LIST!

need to get working on cleaning and organizing the playroom. it is jam packed and needs to be cleaned and sorted! it is super hard to get rid of toys but i know it is needed and has to be done at some point-especially since christmas is coming and i know there are toys in our future!

ok off to work and get some things of my LIST!!!

what were you doing?

@ 11:11 am/pm on 11.11.11
we were doing this.
playing in the playroom.
building, crashing, racing, reading, playing, fighting, laughing and having so much fun.


i love how this picture paints a picture of a perfect afternoon at the book store with two perfectly behaving children!. and it was until we were leaving buying ONLY books and not any toys! yikes. if i would not of gotten out of there as quick as we did. every book on the shelf would have been on the floor!
(you can see him holding his new found toy in the picture)

i hope that your imagination never goes away.
the other day dillon preslee and i played on my bed under the blanket. (maybe their favorite game)
dillon one minute was
a dinosaur.
next a crocodile eating us.
then there was a fire outside so we had to stay under the covers so we would not get burned.
then we were on a airplane flying to chases house.
and on and on.....
it was so fun to listen to his stories and how many things he knows and want to talk about!

miss preslee is getting too big. oh how i wish she could just stay this size forever. still no walking. she runs behind her push carts and anything else she can push. but steps on her own have only happened twice! i am wishing somedays that she would walk and somedays that i can carry her forever! she had her 15month appt. 21 lbs and 31inches. (they think the measurement is off but did not do it over...not sure why?) 25% percentile for both.
she is so fiesty and funny! she loves to steals dillons toys and try to get away! he can barely handle it now that she is willing to try! it is going to be an interesting transistion when she starts rtunning!! she will have better get away skills!

we have been spending some time outside. whenever we can! soaking up all of the sunlight that we can! it is sad when the kids are getting up from naps that the sun is on its way down.
spent some time @ the farm this last week. drew, his dad greg and us three went down for the big deer hunt. this year the deer population is so down and we figured seeing a deer would be a win.... but the hunt lasted about 30 minutes with two deer down! so it was not a long trip but we got to see my parents and both of my grannies!!! so that was a plus!
yesterday we spent the day in Warren, MN with our newest godchild Chase. We went up early in the morning to church and then for a celebration at his house! so happy to be asked to be his godparents!!!!
he was such a good baby all day even with all of the commotion going on.

life is too short to spend it with people who suck the happiness out of you! unknown



this time of year for this family means hunting...hunting and a little more hunting!
drew could barely contain himself as he was getting ready to go with his buddies to their deer camp. lets just hope the rain stays away. snow i am told would be ok but now rain! even if it rained all weekend i am not sure they would all come home!
he deserves it! and so happy that he loves it so much.
next week we go to ND to hunt on my parents land.

funny conversations from today
((oh how i could wish i could remember all of the funny things that are said during our constant daily talks))
ME- "we need to stop eating cookies b.c we were going to eat supper @ jj's house"
DILLON "are we out of dinner @ our house"

DILLON "why are we driving daddy's car?

ME "daddy drove our car hunting"

DILLON "to get deer"

ME "yes he is going to catch deer"

DILLON "does he catch them in a net"
ME ....... um um um... and then changed the subject bc i did not want to give him the details
of what actually happens.
but when we got to jj's she enlisghtened him on how it happens
"you shoot and scare the deer so they stop and then they catch them"
he was satisfied with that.

kids in bed. me catching up on some of my TIVO.
blogging and maybe just maybe some online shopping.
so many things on my WANT list. wish i could move them all to my NEED list.
but not sure drew would believe all of the UPS deliveries were NEEDED!

put this vintage letter P on preslee's wall when she born. ((we took them off a building that was being tore down here in town. ((me 7 months pregnant, windiest day of the year, my dad up on a ladder. my mom and i reminding him not to break the letters! The things parents do for their kids!))
left it brown and finally painted it.
oh how i love how it looks!

our daily lives.
playing outside, messing up the house. me on the roof. drew is too scared of heights-so i get up and get the gutters cleaned. jumping on the beds. cuddles. playing with friends. laundry. books. the "backyard". swimming. nap time!. and of course more messes for mommy to clean up!

had girls weekend last thur-sunday! we had so much fun! could not ask for more.

this weekend. tonight kids had some time with auntie jj while i got to go with a girlfriend to PATINA WHITE's open house! oh so much to look @.
then home kids in bed.
tomorrow craft show. playtime with friends. and maybe some pool time too!
then daddy will be home sunday!!!
need to get halloween pictures posted. maybe tomorrow at naptime! too tired!
good night all.


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