loving the heat!!!

the sun is out and i am loving it!
we have been pretty low key around our house! we had stayed home this weekend and got some SUN and drew got a burn!!! he always says he does not need sunscreen b/c he does not burn and sat he got fried.... he was in a bit of pain on sunday. saturdy we spent the day @ RUSH lake with my mom and relatives......a perfect day. and sunday we spent the day out on DL wakeboarding and just relaxing!

this week is already flying by!
and summer is almost over. wefest is in 9 days and when that is over it always feels like summer is gone......... then us Minnesotans sit around and wait 9 months till we get a tan again! so glad we have this baby to look forward too..... out winter will fly by.
still have been feeling good. i am so lucky.. now if the next time around i can only be this lucky! i sure hope so!


new on etsy!!!!

we have added a new design to our etsy site!! it is just too darn cute! i think mandy and i could spend way more money and time in the perham fabric store than needed! if you are ever in the perham mn area visit the fabric store BAY WINDIOW QUILT SHOP!! this is such great shop w/ best trendy fabric room i have ever seen!

this new set was added to our etsy site.. go check it out!


growing growing growing.....

my garden is a growing! i actually have 2 gardens.... one in my yard and one on the other side of the lake on a relatives property. (she was so nice to let me take over half of a large fenced in garden!! thanks so much)
there is nothing like eating peas right out of the garden! :) i am always amazed on how fast they grow. last night drew and i were out there and i picked all of the peas--and ate them even b/f leaving the yard! (i am eating for 2 so i dont feel so bad..except that drew probably wanted more than one) oops....
anyway..i just went out there again and there were tons more..... i do not get how they can grow overnight like that!?!?! it is amazing!
my other garden is not doing so hot. it does not get the sun my yard gets so--- i might just need to make this one a bit bigger next year and be satisfied! :(
this weekend we hung around home! it was so nice.
friday night we were @ a friends house for dinner with 4 other couples and their kids..... it is so weird to think soon we will have a baby too....... we are over 25% of the way!!!! it is already going by really fast!
saturday i attended a baby shower for a girlfriend and then we hung out all day around the house.... it was so windy and cold we did not do much. oh i lied--we went to menards to look @ tile for the basement...... we did not get much accomplished... we are maybe the worst decision makers ever! oh well atelast we can do it together!
sunday we hung out on the boat.. drew fished.. and i swear he caught the same sunny over and over and over again. he denies it! and every time he would be a tug he would say "nice fish, nice fish" i think he thought he was on one of the those shoes or someting...... but we got some good sun and had a realxing day!
back @ work today....


we had a great fourth of july! we had some friends staying all weekend so we were constantly busy busy busy!!! we could not have asked for better weather though!
we did a lot of boating. sleeping. eating. fourth of july parade on munson. being with friends. fireworks on pelican lake. concerts. seeing family. and much more!


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