oh how i wish a target gift card could magically show up on my front door.... 
weekly. is that too much to ask?
i wish we had one here! or i wish i could go more often by myself or with M to walk around for hours!!! and by hours i really mean hours! that girl really does not want to miss a thing in the store!

can not sleep. watching BURIED ALIVE: HOARDERS! oh my goodness. i am thinking about making drew watch to make him see a real hoarder.
want to be a COUPONER. not sure if i can or will be good at it. but want to try! especially after seeing a couple of people i know and how much they are saving! 
had a perfect trip to CALI to visit some wonderful friends and their newest addition Grayson!  so much fun getting away for a quick long weekend!  the sun was perfect-loved getting snuggle time and relaxing on the ocean with great friends!  
drew left tonight to go fishing!  opener is tonight at midnight!  they will be out most of the night i am guessing!  i say crazy but they say so fun!!!  
the kids had so much fun @ nana and papas.  they came home with many stories!  and dillon asks to go there every day now.  i only wish we could!
love picking them up and seeing there adorable smiling faces!!!  they squeal, giggle and come running.  their clothes are always washed and neatly folded and ready to go home!  oh mom you have no idea how amazing that is!  i already have to come home and clean and wash clothes--but oh the small things like putting all of their clothes right back in their rooms make so so so happy!  
a good friend BETSY and her family were here today visiting!  her and her sister are running in the 5k here tomorrow that i am volunteering @!  so fun to spend time with them!  love our old friendship and the new friendships of our kids!  

preslee is now officially a little girl.  she has changed so much in the past couple of weeks i can barely handle it.  she is talking constantly!  giggling, loving her babies, to swing, her bunny ears, her puppy, to rough house with her big brother. 

random thoughts.
hate facebook timeline and hate that they are making me use it!
wish pinterest was not so addicting.
wish i could get more of my pinterest projects done.
wish mothers day was not fishing opener every year!
so excited for the BACHELORETTE on monday!
have a new babysitter coming tomorrow.  thinking of all of the things i need to make sure to tell her.  and i am thinking the things she for sure needs to know are....
1.  MONSTER JAM is the always starting and the repair shop is in the old diaper boxes in dillons room
2.  bunny ears are a very important fashion accessory for preslee these days! 
besides that she will be so great!!! they are so EXCITED!!!

                        trying to go back to bed one more time!!!
good night!


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