simple scrapbooks

This month in simple scrapbooks they had the winners or the SKINNY COW contests--- they only put in first prize--so they did not publish us second place winners---but it was cool to see the winners in there!!! maybe next time!


we had a little christmas last night!! we tried to take a pic with all 4 of us on the timer!! this is the best we could get!! asia and bailey were both frieking out! in this pic it looks like bailey is about to attack drew!! it was a riot!


love our xmas card

mandy took some great pics for us--and then designed our christmas card!!! i loved it so much i thought i should post it!!!


got a lot done this weekend!!!

stayed home all weekend-- got so much done
made caramels!!! even found a pressurer cooker @ the thrift store!!! (3 batches) one is in the garbage!!! what a project-- mom told me it was a process but i did it anywho!!!
made 3 batches of buns!
wrapped all of the presents
cleaned the house!!!
caught up on all of my tivo'd shows!
took a nap
sewed---for spoiled rotten
i think that might be it!
oh went grocery shopping too!! twice even
got a ton of pics of the cats!! i know you all would rather see pics of a baby or cute kids but this is all you get from us!! they sure are cute though arent they!?!??!
drew went snowmobiling saturday with a couple of other guys from DL--would have been a perfect day but the clutch went out on his ride @ about 3--- so now more than 45 miles down... good thing they guy riding my sled had to go to a christmas party so drew jumped on that one! they had a great time and did not get in till 11pm!!! :)
friday he also went fishing here out on the lake--caught one walleye! :) i did not see it so i can not confirm how big it actauly was or even if he caught one?!?!?!
2 more days of work for me!! yipee-- i love vacation!


the weekend b/f with jay & tracy!

our night with jay and tracy!! this is our self pic of our serious face!!! :) we had so much fun in the Chester with them!!! Hope to see them both real soon again!

weekend w/the buzicks--GO SIOUX!!!

We spent friday night @ the SIOUX hockey game with our friends the buzicks!!! we had a great time watching the sioux beat te GOPHERS!!! it was a good game--well the 3rd period was...
after the game--we went back to the buzicks and celebrated our annual christmas together with presents and games!!! we always have such a good time when we four are together!



Loved this jack! here is my take on this--
this is my adorable niece miss jayden!! god i love this girl!!!
the pics are by mandy birdwell photography!! (my sister) she is an amazing photographer!! and the mother of miss j!!


a page

watched desperate housewives-----yikes!!! i am so confused--that many people could not have died in one show----i want it to be next sunday!!!

there is no place like home...

we are home again from our 5 day adventure.
wednesday we left for alexandria and stayed over @ the holiday inn---thursday i worked in alex and had a lunch in sauk centre-- drew worked form the hotel and then hung out @ a coffee shop when i was @ my lunch-- what a trooper--he was there for 2.5 hours!! :) oops
then thursday we left for mnpls and stayed @ the birdwell hotel-it was so strange being there w/o them!! strangely quiet---so much more fun with the kids to run after!!! friday when drew was done with his appts and i was done @ home goods (gosh i love that store) we left for Rochester--our friend jay lives there!!! went out to eat with him/tracy and two of our other friends that live there!! with the storm coming in we left early sat morning for mason city---the rodes were not too bad---we got lucky since we left so early!
got to our hotel and took much needed naps! then off to the wedding!! w/the ice storm about half of the guests came!! we had a great time though! it was @ the SURF-where buddy holly palyed his last conert b/f he flew out and was killed---there is a big dedication to him and all of the others that have played there!! so neat!
today we left early again and got to the cities on the ice---
met the birdwells in alex @ caribu----got to play with the kids--they were needing some energy exerted!! i think we got that acomplished!!! :) mimi is good for one thing!
so now we are home-
asia and bailey are so HAPPY!!!!---
drew is out blowing the driveway--he could not wait to get that done!! he just loves doing that! not exactly sure why but as long as i do not have to do it i am ok!!! :)
so glad to be home!
have some fun pics to put up!!
gotta go get my xmas cards addressed-- love them so much i can not wait to send them!!


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