warning this will make you sad.....

ok maybe not but HE SURE WAS.  ((for a second or two))
all i wanted was my camera lens cover back.
it did not last long. after he saw a different toy to grab. and was super happy again.

I have more EXCITING NEWS!!!!
today i got a message that some of my work will be PUBLISHED in the new 
MEMORY MAKERS scrapbook idea book that will come out MAY in 2011.  :) 
i am so excited and next week I find out which one or ones will be in the book!!!!  

going to go rest!


amber b said...

it is hard being one, just ask mason! everything is the end of the world, especially getting things taken away that they shouldn't have. Congrats on being published YET AGAIN!!! can't wait to see! miss you!

Emily said...

oh man...that makes my heart ache a little! nonetheless...so sweet!

congrats on being published!

Billie said...

Yes, those tears make me sad! Congratulations on being published in a book! Very exciting!

Barker Family Blog said...

He has real tears and everything! So sad!! Congratulations on being published again!! Can't wait to see it!

JJB said...

Poor little man!!! This proves to me that if he does this...he will talk Auntie JJ into anything! :-)

Congrats on being published!! It is great having your talent recognized!

See you soon!


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