baby pres

i wish i could post all of them.
but 300+ might be a bit much.
again taken by my wonderfully talented sister Mandy!
thank you thank you thank you. i love you so much and just adore all of my final pictures!!!

this is one of my favorites of all time. so sweet.

more to come on our life....
to bed i go.



it all starts out nice and innocent...

.........then it usually does not take long and things turn the other way!

preslee is relaxing laying on the ottoman. dillon wants to be next to her! great. brother and sister bonding! then a finger in her mouth and the crying begins. dillon can not figure out why oh why she would have to scream so loud!!! this might never change! it is what keeps us sane around here i guess!!!

we have been pretty busy around here lately. sometimes i am not sure what we are doing but we do keep busy. maybe it is the DOUBLE diaper changes(or 5x more of this), eating and burping we do around here!!! sometimes i feel like we do not have time for anything else!
we got some much needed boat time in this weekend!
lots of park time with friends last week!
met great gramma leona last week too.
my first trip to target with them both. oh how i wish we had one closer. i would have been there much sooner!
i even got some scrap booking done! not much but some is better than none!
a trip to ZORBAZ for a fix of salsa for dillon and daddy. like father like son!
we are going to sign up for gymnastics tonight @ the open house!
dillons friend breck is coming over today to play for awhile. when they see eachother now they both scream it is so darn cute!

i got some cute shots of d this weekend when we were @ drews parents eating. they have a great field next to their yard!!! wish i could have kept dillons attention a little longer!

bachelor pad. why??? not exactly sure. but it is pretty entertaining! last night as we watched it i thought what a waste of 2 hours. well less thanks to tivo. but of course i will keep wasting that time each week!
dillon play play play.
tivo's all of the housewives of NJ. when will i have time to watch them i am not sure but heard it is entertaining so thought i better.

to any music. dillon begs for to have it on all day!
also to dillons cute voice. oh i wish i could bottle it up.
i could listen to him say "icceee" "icceee" all day long. they way his body moves when he says it is priceless! and "mo mo" (ELMO)
and of course "da da" all day long!

both kids are napping. so not a noise in the house.
dillon got up b.f 6 and wanted to go to sleep @ 8. so i thought he better or when breck gets here he would be a disaster!

i have orders to get done and here i am!
better get going.

EXCITED for fun things coming this week.
my mom, aunt, sister, and cousins and all of the kids are going to the cabin for a fun day and night @ the cabin! oh the memories we have made there!
i am heading with girlfriends to one of their cabins for the night!
looks like the weather is going to be perfect!
so excited for me and for drew to have his first day and overnight with the kids!



catching up....

catching up. it is kind of what i feel like i am always doing now. calling people back, reading emails, keeping up with my fav blogs, watching my shows, laundry---they all come in a far off second to these two little adorable munchkins.
i still feel like i have no idea what i am doing half of the time. but we are doing well. better than well most of the time. EXCEPT the terrible two's may have started. yes there were many tantrums thrown in our house today and they were not all by DILLON. we may have thrown some ourselves.
drew went golfing this morning-super windy. but they had a great time.
the kids and i went to the flea market. oh i love that place! did not find too many great finds--but we had a fun time.
Preslee is sleeping so well @ night this weekend i am not really sure what to do with myself. last night i fed her @ 9:30 and she got up @ 2:30 and then up again @ 7:00. seriously???? this can not be my child. dillon did not sleep this well for months! i am sure hope she did not just spoil me for the weekend.
she has been a pretty easy addition to our family! dillon loves her (thank goodness) and of course we do too. but boy how i did not know how different it was with number #2 than it is with the first. you just do not get the time that you once had to cuddle for hours and do nothing but tell the useless stories all day and watch bad tv together!!!

gotta go. have a date with drew and one of our fav. tv shows. and i am kinda of scared to admit it but "the kardashains" we love love love it!


life @ home

we are adjusting to life @ home.
time is a bit lacking on all ends of our life!  but everyone is happy and healthy and GETTING along and that is all that matters to me! 
sleep is something that is lacking on everyones end too. poor dillon hears pres cry in the night and gets up and sometimes can not get back to sleep!  so naps are needed around here!  for daddy too!
laundry, emails, vacuuming, cleaning and anything else that is not a NEED TO DO has not been done!
so no i am not ignoring you.  just adjusting.  i will be back to normal soon!

preslee and her new friend reagan (isnt she cute?) who was born 3 days after miss P.  they will be so fun to watch grow up together!  and it was fun to have company in the hospital!

lots to update on. lots of picture to get on my computer still.
my computer--some of the keys stopped working.  one more thing to get fixed.  along with dillons ipod.  apple has got the best of me this week! !!  

dillon has been the best big brother.  helps me gets diapers, rocks her in her swing, tried to give her a "me" (paci) even if she does not want it.  gives her many kisses and hugs too.
having lunch with the girls.  dillon is napping--and with drew working in town today he is sticking around so pres and i can go see the girls!!!  xoxoxoxo


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