for the love of polaroid

i love polaroids
this is all i have been doing tonite is just this.... watching American Idol---how do they screen these wanna be's?!?!?! it makes good tv that is for sure!
and now watching law and order SVU---i have seen this one a couple of times but....
went to the library today and that was my highlight--the tile is done and tomorrow he is just going to clean and make sure all is done and then we wait for the carpet! YIPEE!! i am so excited to see how it all looks when it is done!


25 random facts

i have been tagged by jess on 25 random things about me.
i was tagged on facebook at one point too and did not do it so here goes!
i would like to tag anyone who reads this! let me know if you add yours to your blog! i love reading these!
  1. i was born in britton sd--random fact about this is that my mom thought she had cancer when she did not know she was pregnant! who knew it was just me! sounds like i might have been a bit of a mistake!
  2. i love freezies--but not the blue or yellow. thank goodness jayden and jake like them! come see me!
  3. i was the limbo champ of my high school at operation graduation! (now thats impressive)
  4. i think my husband can read my mind--he always knows exactly what i am about to say! and it drives me crazy!
  5. i married my college sweetheart! (its been 9 years--yikes)
  6. i love my dads egg pancakes! we had them last time he was here! maybe i will get them again when they come to see the baby!! YIPEE
  7. i lived in NY for a summer and was a nanny!
  8. i had pet cows growing up--norman, baxter, justice, clyde and stormin norman! and took them to the fair each year!
  9. i love surprises- (hint hint honey!)
  10. i could live in my sweatpants each and everyday!
  11. my husband thinks i am a gypsie!
  12. i like nascar! i know i know---but after you go to a race you would love it too! soon our sundays will once again be dedicated to it! go HARVICK!
  13. i could lay on my floatie all day long and not get bored... and maybe finish a book too!
  14. drew swears i now snore (i dont know if i believe him) i blame it on pregnancy!
  15. i once won an oreo stacking contest in a local grocery store. i won the zelda game! :)
  16. i have always wished a bit that i had really dark hair! i think it would be fun to try! :) i did once low light my hair and everyone said---change it back!
  17. when i like a shirt i buy it in all colors available! i cant help it! :)
  18. i am scared of the dark! another secret is that drew is too
  19. i love to read but mostly just in the summer. i could read smut magazines or books on my lawn chair or floatie but i have a really hard time reading in the winter! i am currently reading the baby whisperer! :)
  20. i love law and order SVU---i could watch it all day and night
  21. i have a very short memory-- which comes in handy for tv shows, movies and books--b/c i can read or watch again and again and forget how they end!
  22. my favorite colors are brown and pink
  23. i love my cats but wish they would not shed!
  24. i wish our families could all live closer! so we could do a random Wednesday night dinner!
  25. there is not place i would rather live than here on the lake!

our basement is starting to look great! the tile is going down right now!!!

i went to visit the hochgrabers new baby audrey! she is just such a peanut! so precious! and i even got to feed her!

no baby this week.....

shucks shucks shucks.... we just got home from our appt. and we are sad.......but happy that we made the right choice. i am not progressing at all--so our choice was to wait... the other one was to go in tonite and start the process...........but as we chatted about it with the doctor i could be there till wednesday and nothing happens still. and then they can send you home!?!?!? so sadly i agreed that i would rather not do that. instead i am going to sit at home doing nothing!!!
but it looks like we might have a chance to share a birthday with his cousin jake next week!!!
our basement is getting started today!! YIPEEE!! the carpet is getting ripped out right now and the the tile.........so this week the new tile will be in and next monday the new carpet will be in too! that makes me so happy!!! :) now we just need to be more careful. i spilled last week and barely cleaned it since i knew it was coming out today. well no more of that i guess! but excited to see how it all looks when it is done! so i am stuck upstairs all week--the only thing that really bumms we out is my tivo box from downstairs has all my good shows taped and it needs to be professionally wired to work up here! so i dont have all my good shows! but if that is all i can complain about--i am doing ok!
have a great week everyone!
maybe i will go get some scrapping done!


missing craft weekend!

since i am missing the fun girls weekend in brainerd---i thought i better get some pages done! just so i feel like a part of the group! :) got a couple done and i think this weekend i will get more done! finally got some of the great shots by my sister printed.... so i am excited to get some on paper! the scap room is nothing but a disaster! but it is working for now!
this morning we thought the baby was for sure on the way......i have been up since 2:30--there is nothing like 6 hours of contraction but nothing to show for it! we were both so ready to go in--drew showered and was getting the car ready..... and of course then they start being very inconsistent! how unfair is that?!??!?!?!? i really thought today would be the day! oh well.. i guess it is on the way--and he will come when he is ready!
excited to get all of the last minute things this weekend! we have a list--a think it is a bit too long but better safe than sorry........right?!??!?!



where do they find some of these girls for the BACHELOR?!?!!? i am in awe right now... here is the best line so far i think

i live my life to serve other people. i am a role model to other girls and i dont make any money doing it.. but i love it--its the most rewarding thing in the world. so having a week or ten days where to do nothing and not help anybody and not have anyone thank me, or appreciate me or praise god i am in their life ...... has been driving me crazy!
WHat?!?!?!?!?! i am not sure but thats sound crazy to me.....who says that.

i am loving that all the shows are back on--with new shows!
our friends the hochgrabers had a beautiful baby girl yesterday morning! AUDREY JEAN! she is so tiny and cute... congrats you guys! i forgot to bring my camera when we went yesterday so i will have to get some today when i go!

our annual girls scrap weekend starts today!!! i am so bummed out.... i obviously dont get to go---also drew would be going to his annual fishing trip to brainerd too. we are both kind of sad--but have lots of errands to run to get ready for baby b to make his arrival!
this is drew and some of our friends b/f they went out on a day trip last weekend! they had a great time and i think are ready to go again soon!


EXCITING NEWS..........................

(and no there is not baby yet.....)
i am so jacked up about this!
i was asked by the lovely girls of scrapjacked to become the newest JACKER!!!! and of course i said YES YES YES!!!!!! i am so excited to do this! if you follow this blog at all you have seen all of my entries to them for the monthly jacks and now i get to be a jacker! how much cooler can this really get?!?!??!
thanks ladies so much and i hope i can live up to the name!
click HERE to see the blog posting!!!!!!!
see you all next month with the next jack!

better get jacking all you scrappers!


only missing the baby now......

baby barkers room is finished!
well close--we still need a side table for the ipod station and lamp but besides that i could not be happier with how it all turned out! my parents came on saturday---they did some skiiing while i was @ a wonderful shower thrown by some great girlfriends here in town for myself and amy who is due soon also!!! so when we all got back to our house we set up the crib and got the bumper in too!!!
can i say how beautiful it is!!??!?
my dad made the crib from scratch! isnt he talented??!?! he has made one for all of us kids! they are all so wonderful and precious! and my mom made the bumper! it turned out so perfect! it looks so perfect in the crib! i just love the animal pattern!
thanks to my mom and dad for all of their hard work on this for us!
we could not be happier and more appreciative of this gift from then. they are both so talented and creative.
baby barker will also thank you some day soon! i can not wait to get him in there!
today we had ultrasound to see baby boy and they gave us an estimate of 7lbs 5oz so far. so as of right now next tuesday might be the day and might not too (nothing official).....i can hardly believe it!?!?! we go in on monday and then the final decision will be made! we are so scared, nervous and EXCITED!
these pictures look so much better in person--but i could not help but post our sweet baby boy on here today! i am so excited to meet you little guy and see those chubby cheeks of yours!


getting ready

***the photo of us was taken by mandy birdwell photography***
the day is getting closer and closer--i think it might be all i think about and all i talk about and all i write about too...... there is not much else going on in my life right now. drew goes to work and i stay home and do who knows what all day everyday! my sister laughs b/c the other day i must have left her a voicemail and told her i was bored so i was making jello--that is all i could think of to to. and sadly one of the only things i can make! it would be a good time to learn to make something else i am guessing but i have not gotten that far yet.

we are getting another ultrasound next monday! i am so excited to see baby b. i am measuring a couple of weeks ahead of schedule so we are going to see his size and weight!! so we might be seeing a baby in jan instead of feb!!! :)

we went to the viking playoff game last weekend with the buzkicks! we had a great time even though the vikings lost! the same weekend drews family threw me a family baby shower! baby barker is so spoiled already and his closet if so full i dont know what we will do when he actaully arrives. thanks for the great shower everyone and especailly billie for hosting! i need that recipe for that drink! i loved it.
just found this picture of drew out snowvblowing during one of the last storms! you can not really see the actual amount of snow but it was to his waist in some spots! everytime i would go out the front door to take a picture my lens would fog up! we get so much snow built up in our driveway with the garage on that side! what a sport for loving to go out there to get us out of our driveway! thanks baby! i am so glad i do not have to go out there to do this!


from this to that....

i am not sure what it is about these metal gym baskets but i just love them... we have them all over our house! and now the blue ones in baby b's room look so darn cute..... great for holding little toys and other odds and ends!
***yes you are all correct... these are from the old sargent central locker rooms! my mom and dad must have gotten them @ the auction or something! all i know is i love them and they are all over my house! thanks m & d.***



i am joining my sister in doing the 365 photo a day challenge! i think this is going to be so fun---capturing real life each and every day all year long! lets see if i can keep up!
so far so good......the first were not exactly taken for this but i do have a picture from each day so far!!! i am trying to figure out how to add it to my side panel----
when i do i will add them all!
this is yesterday's and today's
growing day by day! i am so excited for baby barker to arrive--4 weeks to go!

loving baby barkers new closet---and my newly painted baskets that went from metal to blue! i love love love them!!!


the evolution of baby b's room

it alll started as my scrapstudio! that makes it sound real nice doesnt it!?!??! so i guess it really went from a really messy craft room with the ugliest blue walls ever to baby barkers room. it is not done so more pictures to come! the rocker is getting picked up this weekend and the crib wil be here soon!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks a ton to our parents for all of their work! Greg (drews dad) helped us prime after christmas and then my parents came on the 1st for a couple of days for full time work! we tectured the closet and one wall--filled holes (oops i made those) painted and got the closet ready too!!! it looks so amazing! it is so cozy and warm-i love love love it!!!!!!
thanks for all of your help! we owe you big time! i will take more pictures when i have more stuff put away--- his closet is already full!
can not wait to change his clothes aboput 10 times a day! just for fun! :)


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