this is what life is like today.
1.  supposed to be in the 50's instead it rained and then snowed.
2.  new patio furniture.  i am so excited.  we were going to get fun stuff with cushions and a bit fancier....but decided to go with a bigger table.  sell the one we have.  neither of us are willing to move all of the cushions when rain is on the way. but we love what we found and we are excited to get it on the deck tomorrow.  lets hope for no snow tomorrow!
3.  2 hours @ menards.  got so many things we have needed for the house.  ((we are procrastinators but my parents are coming tomorrow so projects here we come))
4.  watching the SIOUX in the frozen four hockey tourney.
5.  heading out to eat tonight.  family date night.
6.  cleaned out some junk out of the garage this morning.  wow did that feel good. 
7.  piles made for the boys/girls club.
8.  made piles for recycling and already delivered and sorted!  yeah!  
9.  favorite thing of today--even though he walks like a champ now he still wants to be held!
my belly got in the way a bit of this picture.  
of course i was in the middle of taking pictures of headbands and he NEEDED to be held right then.  how can you resist?  i sure can not!!


the ritchie's said...

Yea for fun weekends at home :)
Hattie are I are home later this week for spring break...would you like to head to the park with the nice weather coming? Will call you later this week.

Emily said...

Family date night...so cute :)


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