friday night i stayed home and got some scrapbooking done--organizing and internet searching! drew went out with the guys for golf and then for some drinks!

saturday morning my parents bought us breakfast @ perkins! which if you read an earlier post.. i have been craving cinnamon french toast (and have not gone yet)!!! so of course i am stoked to go there--and of course our small town perkins does not have it!! WHAT??!?!?!? i could not beleive it! so i had french toast! i lived to tell about it! so i guess it was not so bad! but cravings are cravings.... the baby needs cinnamon french toast obviously!

then we went with them to vivist my gramma in moorhead and then we headed off to GF for the concert! we first went to our friends house out in Warren MN--they grilled us a great dinner and then we headed off to the concert!
LITTLE BIG TOWN and CARRIE were awesome!!!! i had a great time!
i sang my heart out! but as drew tells me when i ask if our little boy will be able to sing like i want too.. or will he be as bad as me!?!?!?(since i sing all the time in the car or as i scrap).... he always looks at me like i am crazy and tells me NO---he will be tone deaf for sure! i am not so sure about that...

this part made me cry... she brought up this little girl on stage to help her Sing "ALL AMERICAN GIRL"......my emotions are obvisouly on the high side... but it was so darn cute!!!
we stayed over in WArren and Sunday morning we got up and came right home! got a good nap-and when i woke---supper was ready! what a guy what a guy!!!
getting ready for my show! GOSSIP GIRL and the HILLS!!!


my sister in law added this to her blog yesterday......
cooper is doing his best impression of my smile... it sounds like my brother has been telling his kids this is how i always smile!! with my nose crinkled.


watching the newest SURVIVOR!! looks like a good one. they got all the elements of who if making this watch worthy... the old, the liars, the B*TCH, the good looking, the wierdos...everything! maybe again my family and i will have to try out for THE AMAZING RACE.... we got so close last time and i still wish we would have made that final cut! now with the cahnges in my life it will be hard..... but someday someday someday!! you never know! you still might see me on TV--and if not the amazing race.... maybe SURVIVOR!!!
Greys starts its new season tonight! so excited..... thank god for TIVO--b/c i will not have to sit for 2 whole hours... just about 1.20 with the fast forward! :)
been sitting here again searching for baby bedding! thanks for your comments and emails about where to find bedding! i appreciate it! i think i might be too picky. wish i could make it! :)
not only bedding but clothes too...... finding so many cute things!
and also drew has been vetoing my list of names forever! and last night i made him go through the top 100 names or 1000 or something and he found one! i am not going to Jinx it and say it now but it is not something i thought he would ever like! so today i am just calling him henry! and maybe tomorrow JAX! love that name.....

anywho here is my fashion preview for little baby barker!


why is it so hard for me to find boy bedding........ i am searching searching searching for crib bedding that i love and am having the worst time. I have found 2 that I like .... myabe when i see them in person I will change my mind and fall in love with them! I have in fact though found a glider and ottoman. :) Drew says the $2,500 one from pottery barn is out of the question so I searched for another one and have found some..... with a smaller price tag! Good thing I started off with wanting on with such a high price tag b/ now I look like I am budgeting so well!!!
we found out this week some of our best friends that are due the day b/f us are also having a baby BOY!! we are so happy for them and so excited to raise our little boys together! we used to live in the same town just a few miles away and now we live about 200 miles apart!! :)
I do not know if you are a Gossip Girl fan or not but I sure am!! not exactly sure why.... but it is addictive! i am hating on S a little....... kind of understand her but was no impressed Monday.
going to the CARRIE UNDERWOOD concert this weekend with the friends i mentioned earlier!! so excited.. i love her and think she is great in concert!!!
craving perkins--cinnamon french toast! when drew gets home i am going to see if i can get him to go! :) so cooking or cleaning up--i think it sounds fabulous!
Baby Boy Barker got his first package in the mail yesterday. Thanks Great aunt billie and mark for the present! love the bear! so darn cute!! :) he will love it too!!!!!!!!!
better get going.. gotta get my fun expense reports done and calls for today!!!


this weekend we got so much done.
with the help of drews parents we got the canopy off the lift. the boat out of the water. the beach cleaned up. the babys room emptied out. the boat cleaned out. the garage cleaned. the rooms moved around. it is so nice to have the babys room now empty. this afternoon i got most of the craft stuff out and moved down to my new room and now on the floor is stuff i think i just need to throw! there is nothing better than moving rooms around and finding all of that stuff that you did not know you had that you are so excited to find or ready to throw(that you should have forever ago..but did not)!!! :) i found lots of that throw away stuff--not too much that i was excited to have! but now the fun starts--we get to start picking out the fun paint colors and getting ready to get all of that done!
bailey and asia are not sure about what is going on around here today! sure hope they are ok when this baby boy comes home.
if not anyone want 2 cats???????.... the only down fall is one is bipolar and the other add and many other things that we are not sure what to even call them. i can not even explain! but i swear when its just drew and i @ home they are so great! how can you resist these cute faces???

better get going and watch cold case and criminal minds and i get to do my back stretchs and exercises! back to PT for me! i have a good friend who is a PT and is helping me out a ton with my back problems! she is a saint.


its a...............

this was the most amazing thing i have ever seen!!!
seeing this little guy move around and kick like crazy was so amazing!!!!!
when we first saw the screen the ultrasound lady told us..."well he is breach and that is the worst position to see the sex of the baby" and of course i was frieking out a bit.... but no more than 20 seconds later he was flipped around and was kicking my bladder. which by the way was so full (if you have done this you know). i think he must have done 20 flips in the 30 minutes we were there!
we can not wait to meet you!
i have been listening to my new sara groves that my dad bought and sent to me! thanks dad you are the BEST! i love it and can not stop listening to it! the words are so true.... and i cant wait!
we feel so blessed, are to excited for words and are so in love with this little boy!!!


19 weeks and 3 days.....

we finally took some pictures.... i probably should have looked a bit better... but oh well!
58 hours. and 28 minutes until we find out what the sex of this baby is! it is so funny to see the poll we have going...... so far it is girl by far. but that boy vote keeps creeping up!!!
so EXCITED to find out!!!! this baby better cooperate @ the ultrasound!


look @ these creative and inspirational ladies!!!!

These hats are so georgeous!
go to THIS blog to check them out and get one for yourself!
this is my sisters neighbor SUSIE--so she is always getting fun new stuff for mandy to photograph.
She is so talented and crafty!
love these hats!!!
great gift ideas...or of course for yourself or kids too!!!
and of course the other person is my sister who is the photographer! go see her blog to check out her work! she has a talent that not many people have! i am so inspired by her!
can not wait for her to take our maternity and newborn pictures!

we have......

  • the saturday of labor day we headed to a friends out on turtle lake! windy windy windy but their yard made for a perfect day out in the sun! and they are due in about 3 weeks! another girl!
  • then sunday we had a end of the summer party @ our house on labor day! besides the wind we had a perfect day! we took out our boat and drews gramma and grandpas pontoon and beached up where it was calm as can be! grilled, played bean bags and then the guys stayed out late... doing who knows what???

  • we also attended "rollag" the steam threshers reunion with my parents on monday! still windy but it was a fun day!
  • mom and dad found us a great dresser for the baby---one i can paint and make so cute! so exited!

  • last weekend we stayed @ the birdwells.... mandy went with us shopping to help us decide what we really need for this baby... b/c god knows i want one of everything!
  • saw miss jayden play soccer! so cute! she just started kindergarten and seems to be loving it!


becoming a family of 3

how things can change in life...
(i felt the baby move for the first time on saturday!! i thought maybe b/f i had felt it but now that i really have felt it i know! i am so excited and the doctor said today that i will start feeling that soon almost everyday!!!)
we spent this past weekend in mnpls and i think for the first time i noticed how many things have changed in our lives...
we did a lot of shopping for strollers, car seats, clothes, maternity clothes.........i do not get it.... my husband thinks buying maternity clothes is fun (well i guess it is) but i would much rather be buying stuff @ the express or urban outfitters........... but nope.. motherhood maternity is where i spent my money!!! oh and of course aarchivers too! i had to get something--craft weekend is coming up soon!

these are my new loves..

i love love love this stroller! so easy and portable! can not wait to get it!!!
speaking of the baby (dale jf--as drew calls him or her) we find out NEXT THURSDAY!!!! i am so excited... i tried and begged a bit to find out this week but they really like to find out after 20 weeks. oh well it is coming soon! just hard to wait!


look @ this!!!

i got the privilege to be the guest jacker! CLICK HERE to see the jacks.
i was asked by VEE.... on of my very favorite scrappers!! she has the best style!
go over and check out everyones jack and dont forget to play along! thanks vee!!!
be back later


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