a lifetime movie weekend.....

w/the gloomy weekend it is a great weekend to watch bad movies cuddled up with bailey!!
my scraproom is getting cleaner but the minute! it is so nice to walk in there and have room to get to my table.... the table is still covered with stuff but....getting better!
we have had riley since wednesday! yesterday we had a great idea of taking him to the public beach in town to run around and play but it was so windy it did not last long! our lake is starting to melt a little so we did not want him out on it much!!! i think he thinks we are pretty boring... if it was a bit nicer out we could be outside more.

on scrapjacked....

my page got on the scrapjacked page!!! it might sound wierd to some but there is nothing better than seeing what you have made as a favorite of someone else--who of course you think is wonderful!! these girls on this site seriously are amazing scrappers!!! click HERE to see the winner and our pages too!!!
speaking of scrappbooking... i am in the process of cleaning my room right now! i am on a coffee break. i am supposed to cut down on coffee but my weekends are my days where i fudge a little........
we leave for florida in 3 weeks..i am so excited!!! gotta start looking through my closet and see what i have that still fits.........i wish i meant that it might be too big this year...........but that is just a dream of mine!!!


i am getting nervous.....

it is our last night of bowling. 28 weeks went by really fast. i can not believe i am saying that b/c when i first heard 28 weeks i almost fainted thinking i would have to bowl that much!
but now i think i am starting to miss it already! there is nothign better than a weekly girls night out!! thanks girls for making this so fun!!!!! :) what else makes it even better is that we are in second or third palce right now in this second half of league... first half we got last place....so we are moving up in the world of bowling. :) so tonite it is only me meg and em so we need to bring our A games!!! wish us luck!


i love ...............

................ inspriation! and this all inspires me.


janine jack!!!!

this is my version of this great jack from janine
she is one amazing artist!! go look for yourself!
happy scrapping everyone!


33 snowmen!

easter weekend was full of excitement @ home on the farm! to sum it all up there was lots of sledding, egg dying, pirate ships, silliness, a babtism, lots of good food, lots of laughing, 33 snowmen in the yard, deer watching, kids giggling, trucks, trucks and more trucks, a snowy easter egg hunt, and of course family.
more to come later---gotta go watch the bachelor!!


this is what the easter bunny brought mn!!!

i was so excited yesterday to see some melting spots being made on the lake and now i wake up this morning to severe weather advisories and tons of snow!!! i am making my way down to my parents house today and they (as i saw on the news) have about 8 more inches atleast as of last night! yikes!
dont get me wrong i love snow and how it looks.....but this is the first day of spring!!
other randomness that i posted pictures of....
my new bedspread that i love--bad picture but i sure love it! --- found it @ ikea for cheap cheap cheap!!!
and the other is my favrotie birthday present ever!! for my birthday drew made a homemade caard--he went in my scrapbook room and made it!! i cried! my favorite part of it is that he put the word CUTE across the middle and used my first grade picture on it?!!??!....so random but so cute! i love you drew!!!!

have a happy easter everyone! :) if you are in my area enjoy this last snow!!!


a weekend full of green......

this weekend we were in good company!!! friday night we went up to GF to watch THE FIGHTING SIOUX hockey game with 2 of our best friends b & a buzick!!!! and we won 4-0.. go sioux!!!! and saturday our friends the rufers threw a st patties day birthday party! it was my birthday @ midnight and there are 2 more birthdays this month!! this month is so full of birthdays! we had a night full of what other than ROCK BAND!! we rocked it out all night--i think i fianlyl drug my husband out of their basement @ 5AM!!! he thought he should try one mroe song. then one more.... and again.
but we had a great time! thanks rufers for hosting!!! :)


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