so pumped!

click HERE to see who won the latest scrapjack prize..... thanks so much scrapjack ladies!! i loved all of the jacks.... it is so fun to see everyones version!
we are still on vacation.. but got on randomly today and saw that i won and it made my day!!! thanks ladies!


Got fashion mojo

loved this challenge!
fashion comes so easy to my niece jayden!!!! she loves to pick out clothes and is always looking so cute! i am so jealous of that!
my tape part of the project is off white duct tape along the bottom of the layout! :)
thanks mojo girls!!!!

random pictures of the two dogs i took care of last weekend! lilly and buddy!

this is us on our first boat ride of the year! i was bundled under a blanket... it was not the best weather.
we are off to california tomorrow night! we are excited to get there for the great weather and great people! we get to see some of drews relatives in santa barbara then off to some of our best friends in orange county..... some time alone and then to a wedding in malibu! it should be a jam packed 9 days!! but so worth the time away! :)
see you all when we get back!
happy memorial day! hope the weather is good here @ the lakes!


here is my KATE jack from scrapjacked!!! loved this jack... very my style.
and love kates work! :)


rain rain go away......come again

or not.
getting up this morning to rain....yuck!
the grass needs it and my garden probably needs it too... but i just want summer to come and stay!
the dogs went home yesterday! thye were good all weeknd.... just a lot of barkng for no reason! lilly the little one is the fastest little dog i have ever seen.... we had a good time! :)
did tons of laundry! heaps of laundry.......
drew caught tons of trout up north..... brought some home.. he is stuper stoked to eat them!
just some fun pics of my sister in law and friend jenn & i last weekend! :) love you miss jenn!

missing the beach..... and the sun and the relaxation!
and it was my grammas 81st birthday yesterday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAMMA! i love you and i hope you get better soon!


in the mood

the other night i finally sat down and did some scrapping.....which felt so good! :)

@ home this weeekend! watching our friends to dogs... one is about 13 and one is maybe 1! what a zoo it is around here! asia has been missing since the dgos got here yesterday.... i have no idea where she hides herself for days but she does a geat job of it! :) bailey would rather just follow them around and hiss! :) thank goodness it is nice out!

drew is gone fishing......he is comign home tonite and is going to be on dog duty!! :)


whoop whoop

as i would say to drew when i am excited with my hands in the air!! not sure why but he thinks it is kind of dorky..... :)
today i say it b/c i am stoked that i am on the scrapjacked page HERE!
lately i have in a bit of a funk with scrapping but today i got just a couple of my pics developed.... and am going to get some fun pages done! :)
no golf tonite b/c of the weather!
so american idol, law & order SVU and criminal minds are going to get all of my attention tonite! :) i obviosuly need a life if that is going to be my whole night! drew is gone in GF for a meeting...so i have the house to myself-----wish i was in more of a mood to get something important done. but cuddled under a blanket with the fireplace on sounds good to me!



HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to most importantly my mother and drews mother! but also all of you mothers reading this! grammas and aunts and cousins and sisters! we love you all and have a great day you deserve it!
bailey and asia did not even get me a card this year! believe it or not they did last year!!!


GOT MOJO challenge 14

earth day---that means recycle to me.. so that is exactly what i did!
i recycled tags i found when cleaning out my sock drawer. i have the worst habit of taking a tag off of my clothes and instead of walking it to the garabage i will stuff it in a dresser drawer or go through it is my closet. i litterally found hundreds of tags!

but they came in to good use.

martha JACK

another jack from scrapjacked!
i even got to use one of my fun poloroids from florida!!! :)

put it in a bottle

the 2 top pics of my j and j niece and nephew........ are just too cute... love those pics mandy hope you dont mind i jacked them to post!!!!

this is what i wish i could do with moments or days that i love!
i wish i could bottle them up and keep them forever! or have it all on video
there really is nothing better than a day where all you do is laugh!

gramma is getting better.
back in fargo but so much better
patty (my grammas sister) and my mom and dad came and stayed with us last night
they left now and went back to hospital
drew went out fishing @ 5:30 am---opener in MN today
i am comtemplating how we are going to make a entertainment center work in our living room
had a great breakfast! thansk dad!
mothers day tomorrow. happy mothers day to all of you mothers out there!
my cat hates company
dad is building me shelves for my entry way closet! i am so excited
he wants to build me like a million things... but of course i never get the plans done!
we leave for CA in less than two weeks! so excited to see the SCHAEFERS!!!!!
the dock and ist are in the water! summer is here!
now it is raining
just talked to my brother and it is snowing @ his house!! what the **** it is may 10th today the snow was supposed to be gone one month ago!!!


idol is on.. who is going home......

i am sitting here watching idol---i am so excited david cook is SAFE!! and of course now we have been waiting to see who is going home......i hate the suspense!!!
you need to check out these pictures my sister took of her kids @ the laundr0mat... and of course everything else she has on her site! she is an amazing photgrapher!! and has some amazingly cute kids too!! i sure have the cutest nieces and nephews ever!!! click HERE!

--i am back again from florida but this time with my sister!! we had such a good time--except for our long tiring trip home!!! saturday her nanny got married--so she was photgraphing! i was her helper for the day! we had a blast and the pictures turned out so awesome! we did some investigating our ocean life--we learned alot. sanibel has the most amazing beaches.... it is all shells and when the tide goes down it is just crazy beautiful! we saw dolphins---which we first thought were sharks and we about to starting yelling SHARK!!! to the people out deeper... thanks goodness we did not--b/c they were only dolphins coming to hang out! we went clamming or digging-----and learned how they dig themselves back under.... saw a star fish... and i could go on and on about ocean life!!!!
we had a great time! thanks mandy for such a fun trip!!!! i love you
some of my friends and i started golf lessons last night!! so much fun---he told us all "not to quit are day jobs" but followed that up with "not yet atleast".... well i for one can admit i am not good----i have a great bag--it is a bit old.... my grammas from way back when....so darn cute though! maybe i will even get a new bag and clubs if i get good..... but at this point i would rather have a cute purse or shoes.....


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