a few pics....

me and my nephew cooper!!! isnt he the cutest?!?!?! i bribed him to hang out with me with that popsicle!! it worked!

my adorable niece kobey and her friend adrian--or and she says A-D-R-I-A-N--everytime i meet her she tells me how to spell it!

off to scrapbook camp!

so excited for 5pm to get here! the girls are coming to pick me up and we are off to brainerd-to sugar leaf retreat! this is our third year going to this camp! it is so great! big tables, massage chair, great kitchen and just so cozy!!! so exicted to go back!


cold cold cold

i was so hoping wishing and praying for a minnesota vacation day! (ie-a day where it is so cold, windy and snowing so hard we do not leave home-this only happens in the midwest)
it was -44 degrees below today with the wind chill.... now with that temp we all should stay inside--but we do not get that vacation day--- WE ARE CRAZY!!!!
well even though i know my minnesota vacation day will not come now tomorrow--i can still pray for some of that snow to come our way! i would love to lay on the couch most of the day watch lifetime movies which always end the same way (but i still love them) and i always sit in suspense!

had a great weekend @ the birdwells! got to watch this kids (got to be mimi)-work on our spoiled rotten line book-help mandy with a photo shoot-cosco shopping-passed my first song on guitar hero-beat my brother in law in wii bowling (he takes it so seriously) i love beating him! but a highlight of the trip was a having a 7 hour lunchwhich then turned into dinner too with my sister! who could of thought you can sit down for lunch and not leave until they close! there are not many people i could sit with all day (@ a bistro) and have nothing to talk about for the first 10 minutes b/c we are both so tired and hungry and then end up staying all day!! we had so much fun though! she is truly my best friend--i could not ask for a better sister and friend! love her! thanks mandy!



this was a great scrapjack Gretchen!
so much fun!
can not wait for the next one! this really gets me motivated to get some scrapping done!



i love fridays! today especially b/c i am still @ home in my pj's-- not trying to be lazy but i have a conference call and i am waiting to leave until after!! so yes i will work!

we are staying home again this weekend-then for the next months it feels like we will be constantly gone.... i have scrap camp, a weekend @ the birdwells. drew has 2 weekends of fishing one in brainerd and one in lake of the woods!! so we need to stay home and relax!

i think tonite we are going to go to JUNO-- i can not wait to see it! some of our friends said it was great-- and even sam the husbnad said it was good so i think that made drew feel better about going!
stay warm all! wind chill advisory today!! yikes i think i would rather lay by the fireplace all day!


i love this pics---they make me smile!!

jake and oliver watching the birds @ mom and dad's-- they sat there for ever!!! so cute

me and lisa @ her wedding in Sept!!! love this picture--she was a gorgeous bride!!!

some random layouts!

sitting @ home tonite with my hubby---trying to get some scrapping done....but instead of finishing a page i just look @ stuff--start a page and then start a new one.. we have camp in 3 weeks--so i gotta start getting organized....
last night my dad came to stay---he met me @ bowling. so her got to drink beer and hang out with us girls all night!! we had so much fun!!! we only one the last game--we were close on the other 2--it would have been so great to win b/c we were playing the ******'s --- they are so mean to us and well to everyone else too!! but so glad came to stay--it is always good to have him around! we got some more shelves installed in our pantry and in one closet too---now we can get organized! thanks dad!! love you!



Loved this Jack!! Jessica's work rocks!!!
all of the layouts have been so fun!


happy new year

back to work we went.....so glad the weekend is here already!!
looking forward to my next vacation already!!!
we had a great vacation..i was off for 2.5 weeks.. there is nothing better than that!
the first couple of days we were home and then (skipped a wedding the friday b/f xmas) then headed to mom and dads on the farm from sat till tuesday christmas morning!!!
there is nothing better than being home on the farm with the whole family---sleep in my own bed again..... well actaully that is not how it went this time..
the first night we were the only ones home so far so we got my room....
sunday niight we got the loft living room.... i slept on a blowup and drew on a couch and soon after i was on the other couch.. my bed deflated... then the last night we got a room again... i ave decided we need to have triplets so we then are in first with the most kids and we would get a room..... not sure if that is the way it would actaully work--the would have to get some more cribs in the baby room--i do not know if they are up for that?
then chrsitmas day we headed off to drews aunt and uncles in north fargo. we spent the day there with this whole family-- played games (no one will ever forget hummdinger now) and then we went back to his parents for the barker family christmas. so all 6 of us were together for the night.
it all went to fast. we wait and wait all year for chsritmas and then it comes and goes like nothing... i guess that is what happens every year though!
celebreated new years w/all of our friends from here in DL----a great party and a great excuse for sleeping the whole next day!
i almost forgot----i had a huge project on vacation-- i painted our basement..... the waynes (?) coating, ceilings and walls.....
what a project... it took we 3 whole days but it was so worth it-- it looks so much better!


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