my little whistling leprechaun
he slept in till 10am.  which is just crazy.
we laid around most of the day.  but by about 4 we finally got to ((play)) a little bit!  he must have been feeling atleast a little better b/c he was whistling.  it make me laugh watching his do his thing as he whistles!  who knows where he learned that but i love it!

a couple of days ago i was raving about my new find GUSSY!  
well i have more exciting news
here is a GIVEAWAY.  click HERE to go see. and sign up to win.

worked on pLum orders today and got lots of them done!
also had to make something new.  love how it turned out. bright and cheery just in time for spring!  will be posted on etsy soon!!!
more to come.  spring bracelets are being made.  i need to make a trip to fargo though b/c i am in need of new fabrics and new inspiration.  


amber b said...

ANOTHER new flower? love it love it love it!!! you are so creative!
if you are heading to fargo over the weekend Mason & I will be there visiting my sis :)

Shelley said...

He whistles!?! That's so cute!!


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