we are back......

so glad to be home! we had a wonderful time on vacation! saw so many fun things and did a lot of realxing!! when we flew in to Miami we rented a car and drove down through the keys! so not what i thought it was going to be! stopped to take pictures, saw homestead miami speedway and to eat and finally ended up @ jackies house in bid pine key. jackie is a client of drew and a friend of ours mother! we had so much fun with jackie and her boyfriend rick! my favorite part was the KEY DEER...... who knew the keys had their own breed of deer?!?!?! they are so tiny and tame. i fed them in their backyard! :)
the enxt day we headed to key west for the day........laid on the beach, people watched, shopped, and did tons of walking! such a fun place we could have stayed there for days!
thursday we headed back toward key biscayne where we were staying @ the ritz! so for the rest of the weekend we did a lot of laying around. went on a fun dinner criuse, drew golfed, i got a pedicure and we got lots of much needed sleep!
coming home was another story---we came home to 18inches of new snow! we could not even get in our driveway when we arrived sunday @ midnight!!!! but good news it is almost gone now!! and the ice is coming off the lake!!! :) yeah!!
more pictures to come later!


we are out

we are heading to the florida keys in T minus 20.5 hours
i am so excited to lay on the beach, play in the sand, hang out with my husband, eat good, sleep in, see miami, drive through the keys, >RELAX<, boat cruising, golfing, no email, take pictures and hopefully come home to the ice off our lake!!! it is coming off right now and hopefully the lift can be in by nexy week....... and soon we will be out there and there will be no need for florida!
this sounds kind of dorky but i love getting in a rental car and being so free and be on our own time. :)
well i better get to work and get on my conference call. I NEED VACATION!

live everyday to the fullest! i think my husband and i and his family learned this weekend that you never know what life is going to bring! live each day brightly, happily and to the fullest as best you can. never take those you love for granted! my thoughts are with the whole family and nothing but love is sent there way! i love you all. please keep my husbands whole family in your prayers!


whoop whoop

it is a sunny 70 degrees (atleast it feels like it) here in detroit lakes mn!! i am loving this weather!! we have gotten alot in today already a doctors appt, ms walk, visit to my gramma, visit to our friends the pflepsens and now home napping and reading! and it is only 5pm! and tonite we are going to grill burgers and i just got a call my parents are coming to stay over! they just flew in from mexico from a vacation with my sister and her family! sounds like they had a great time and are very tired! :) cant wait to see them!
sad news is bon jovi and chris daughtry are in fargo tonite... we had tickets and for some odd reason decided to not go and sell them. i am not sure why we decided to do that?! i think that was a bad spur of the moment decision! oh well.......
a random pic of gift tags. i always love making tags....i am not sure what it is about them.. i love how small they are. i can get them done fast. people love having personalized tags --- i just love it!!!
better get downstairs to make sure the bedding is clean for my visitors!!! :)



please keep my grandmother in your prayers as she recovers from surgery! i love you gramma!


my saturday with megan consists of: coffee, modeling in the
windows, laughing, gossip,laughing, shopping, buying things
we do not need, food, drinks,more laughing, crafting and so
much fun! thanks megan for the fun day!!! love you

my new love...

my new poloroid camera! instant satisfaction!! dont i look scary excited!! yikes...
:) can not wait to use it on vacation!!!


you need to watch this....

my mother in law sent this on and i do not always open or go look at forwards...but you need to see this one
Click HERE!!!!


new shoes.....

got some fun new shoes. that is exciting but the best part is the story of how i got them.
so friday night when we were shopping i found these shoes and drew talked me out of buying them b/c i have too many and i had just ordered a couple online for summer.......so much to my dismay we left w/o buying them. so on my way home on Tuesday from SD for work i thought i should stop @ the mall and go buy those shoes b/c i deserve them. and i can. that is what i was sayin to myself. so i go in to the store talking to my girlfriend and telling her the story of how i should not be buying them but i will surprise drew with my new purchase! so then i turn around and there he is...........i nearly dropped my phone. why is he @ the malll?!?!? he is allergic to it?

me: what are you doing here?

he: no, What are you doing here?

me: um well.....

he: you ruined my surprise.

me: you ruined my surprise.

blah blah blah.....

he: well go buy them since you enjoy the transaction so much.

( and i sure do) he knows me so well.
what are the odds that we are both there @ the same time buying the same thing! so funny... i could not stop laughing. but i got my shoes and almost got 2 pair!! :)
arent they so cute?!?!?!?! was not a fan of them when i first saw them but not i do love them. but now i just have to make sure they look cute on with some cute outifts! b/c shoes do make the outift most of the time!!!


snow snow snow.....

just a random picture of us out playing in the snow saturdy night!!!
love you baby!

Got Mojo. this is another challenge blog that i love.
this one we were to use office lingo and supplies.
for my supplies staples and i made a paper clip into my swirl
on my flower. loved this project!
thanks ladies!!!
love this picture of my parents! my sister captured it @ my house
as we were trying to get our family pic for the christmas card!
just love it!! i love you guys! :)


weekends are never long enough.

i swear that an hour only lasts about 30 minutes on the weekends. it never feels like you have a full day. friday night drew and i went to fargo to do some shopping for our upcoming trips! there is nothing like getting him shopping when he is in a good mood! but one thing i find not fair is that he bought more than me! i am not sure how that works out..... oh well i have 2 weeks to keep shopping! :) so we got some good shopping time in and then met his sister jenn and her boyfriend mike! who we love (both of them) for a drink, gossip and a lot of laughing and reminiscing of old times!! it is so fun to get together with them! so glad she found such an awesome guy! :)
saturday we got up early... we got so much done. christmas lights came down, recycling got the center, garden was raked, garage swept, both of our closets cleaned, piles made for the goodwill, we both got a catnap, ok it was about a 2 hour nap.. it was perfect! then we made the treck over to spankys with drews parents! had a great supper. drew and i had never been there-----well worth it! on the way home it turend from rain into snow and poor becky was our driver--trying to keep it on the road.... it was total craziness! that was @ about 9pm and it did not stop until sunday @ about 10pm. no one beleives me but i think we got about 2 feel of snow! :( but today it is so sunny and the snow is melting like crazy!
sunday is NASCAR day around the barker household.... so we never get much done! i can not even think of one thing we did! we did go over to ZORBAZ for the first part of the race! i got some sewing done for
Spoiled Rotten and some much needed scrapping done! :)
one more thought
"be who you are and say what you feel
because those who mind dont matter
and those who matter dont mind!"


kurtz jack!

loved this jack by laura kurtz! these ladies are such amazing scrappers!
if you have not been on srapjacked go look!!!

28 weeks came fast!

it has come to end! fun night is not exactly what they made it out to be @ the beggining......we were expecting lights down low... musis and fun!!!! we got same old bowling.. but the good news was that if you got a 8.9 or 10 you actaully got a strike..... so that made our scores rock! and we tied for fourth for the season!! yeah girls!!! only 26 weeks not till we start again!


my sister posted this on her blog and i just love these pics... thanks mandy
love these moments when j and i can just be silly and have so much fun. sometimes it takes a while to get her really laughing.......and in this moment we could not stop! :) i love you miss j

spring is on its way.......

i miss summer and being outside................

the weather is getting nicer and nicer by the day and it looks like it should be atleast 50 degrees saturday!!! i can barely wait....
i am also so excited to get back in the garden! this year besides my little garden i had to make here in my yard.... i get to also garden in a lot on the other side of the lake. some of drews relatives from california bought an extra lot and it has a big fenced in garden!! so i get to garden on half of it with their nieghbor who has been using it for years!! so i am so excited.... i sure miss my huge acre garden back on the farm. :) so if you need any veggies or fruit let me know i am willing to plant it and try to get it growing for you!!!


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