the weekend is almost over.  and it went way way too fast!
we had such a fun weekend!  

i am such a dork...but my button machine came and i went nuts!  i just love the end result so much.  pLum has been keeping me super busy!  i have many new ideas in my head but have not found the chance to try any of them yet.
saturday we had such a fun day with aunti jj and her bf scott.  they came down for the day to hang out.  we had so much fun and boy oh boy do i wish i had the pictures to prove it.  i came home to upload them and they were all gone.  not sure what happened....  but i lost them all.  and i am so bummed.  this has now happened to me twice in the last month.  good thing i take too many pictures so missing 2 days out of his life---no one will even know!  except me.  
thanks for coming down you guys!  it was super fun!  we need to retake those pictures though!

then last night we went to a friends for dinner. thanks h's.  they cooked a wonderful mexican dinner for us all.  so fun to watch the kids play and catch up w/the girls!  thanks so much!

today was perfect.  
breakfast--the church, nap for dillon and then
we drove out on the lake to the "fish hot spot" with the fishing gear, snacks, riley dog and the sled. ((and some hope that we would catch some fish))  it was 36 degrees and nothing 
but a beautiful blue sky!
dillon loves sledding.  we went on walks in the deep snow, drew tried catching some fish.   only two perch were caught!  friday when he went out he could have doubled the limit in about 2 hours.  so he had to quit early and come home.  this time.  no such luck!
but we had a good time.  dillon loved crawling around in the snow.  his PINK boots would not stay on.  so it was a no boots day after trying and trying to keep them on.  
dillon and drew both went to bed early!  so here i am sewing headbands and blogging.
good night all.
less than two weeks until we find out if dillon will be a big brother 
to a boy or a girl!!!  so excited!


sunny day=sledding

yes yes i know he is wearing pink boots!  let me tell you it is impossible to find small boots and small boots in black or grey is for sure impossible!  and we rarely wear them since he is not walking so i bought the only ones i could find and they were pink.  they are still too big but they do the job.
papa built this sled.  it is perfect.  dillon can sit up and sit back and hold on.  it is so far to find a sled that works for his age.  
he had so much fun sledding around our yard!  even if he had to wear pink boots!  
thanks papa and nana for the great sled!  we love it!!!


we love tuesdays.. especially this one!

and to my husband!  
yesterday drew turned the big 3-0.  can not believe it.  he has been talking about his 30th for so many years.  b/c his dream was to always go to the Daytona 500 for it...well he got his wish and yesterday he did too---I COOKED SUPPER.  i am not much of anything in the kitchen.  really good @ hot dogs and mac/cheez now and cut up fruit 
but i figured he would not be too impressed with that!
and i was sleeping by 8:30.   we are party animals.  that is what you get for getting old.  right?
but he had a great birthday.  now that dillons has passed, drews is over.....time to start celebrating mine!!!  :) 

tuesdays are fun here.  we get to have dillons friend peyton over for the day.  so we get to play, fight, laugh, eat, snack, nap, steal eachothers toys, watch sesame street and climb the stairs over and over!!!   yesterday we made cupcakes for a snack.  i figured it was drews birthday we might as well celebrate!!!  they loved them.  but i have never ever in my life seen such a mess from two little ones!  should have taken some pictures @ the end.  poor peyton went home with chocolate all over and even on her socks....i even shout wiped her down after lunch!  i didnt dare change her clothes since i figured she would just get the next outfit dirty too.  dillon is always a mess but when it is not your child....i feel bad.  sorry L's.  can she come back next week!?!?!?!

drew and i are still laughing about these lines from the bachelor on monday
did she fall out of a disney movie.
she dreams in cartoons.
she ***** rainbows.
oh how i love this show.  but really starting to think that he picks no one.  maybe he and allie will get back together?!?!?!?  maybe just maybe.  i doubt it after all of the publicity she is going through.  but you could so see the connection they have when they saw eachother on the reunion.  :(

searching for a double stroller.  have a couple of months to find one but wanted to start looking.  not sure what the heck to get.  the range from 150-1000.  it is total craziness!   felt baby b move monday night.  when i was awake from 2-5am again.  this whole not sleeping thing is not working out so well for me!  

i have been working on a ton of fun orders for pLum!  
shown are:
pom pom headbands for the boutique in Texas. 
and bracelets for a wedding party!
i also broke down and ordered a button machine to make buttons for the interchangeable necklaces.  i was working with another etsy lady but it was too hard sending papers ect to her and then wanting one or two of something.  so i ordered one and hope to get it this week.  can not wait to sit down and start making fun, bright colors, unique necklace options!
have a bunch more ideas floating in this head of mine too. 
dillon is just too much fun to play with all day so i never get anything done.  
he is napping now and i am sitting here. 
plum also now has a FACEBOOK page.  check it out HERE!
better get something done.
like cleaning!!!  :)


years ago....

b/f i was ever a mom..i thought i knew everything!  boy was i wrong. but what i do know is how we parent works for us!  i have to admit i am probably not the most traditional mom...i do things differently.  no dillon does not always have socks on.  or pants for that matter.  he does not take baths every other day. (or sometimes no even every three days!)   i have not taught him to listen to no no.  i rarely have him wear shoes.  we are not always on a perfect schedule.  
(even though my schedule is what makes us work so well)  
but what i can say is that he is the happiest boy!  
he is thriving, learning, growing, laughing, moving, teaching, 
smiling and giggling everyday!  
i think one of the most important things i have learned by being a mother is that everyone does it differently!  don't let it bother you if others do not agree.  b/c if it works for you--then it works! 

last night we went to go to the SIOUX hockey game.  drews aunt and uncle billie and mark let us sit in their seats!  thanks so much!  they were there in a suite with friends!  so we also got to go enjoy time there too!!!  thanks to you all.  dillon was super!  he did a lot of clapping, pointing and saying uuuuuhhh, and snuggling!    :)
and we even got on the BIG SCREEN!!   thanks to having a cute kid!  
dillons favorite things are now.
pushing his go cart around....he can not go around corners and turn around like a crazy man.  
he also whistles---randomly we hear him and i still can not get it on video.  he will not do it when i want.. of course!
everything is a phone.  
hope this is not a jinx but he just woke up from a 3 hour morning nap.  
schedule it will be nice to see you again!  :) 
loves cars.
loves books!  i love when they read and turn the pages!
loves music.  katy perry hot and cold is still his favorite!  

it is race day here @ the barkers!  and i have a ton of pLum to catch up on!  so we are going to hole up in the basement all day for racing, crafting and playing!
i am going to get some of my olympic fix b.f i get to work!!!  :)
have a great day everyone!


schedule....what schedule.

we are home sweet home!  
we had a great time in Daytona.  the weather was not very cooperative 
but that did not stop us from having a good time even if it was in four sweatshirts, or poncho's, 
stocking caps, blankets and gloves!!!

i only took 1359 pictures.....so here are a few to share with you all.

here is baby barker.  and dillon wanting to be held
 too.  since we got home he wants to be held all day and does not want to nap.....it is a bit of a fight.  that is ok.  i guess he missed us!
tuesday morning when i went in his room when he woke....he looked @ me and then looked around for nana and then started to cry a little.  poor guy...he is still missing nana!  thanks mom so much for taking care of him while we were gone!  we appreciate it so much!  and for shampooing the carpet!  wow what a difference!!!  :)
we find out what we are having in less than three weeks.  all looked good yesterday.  heartbeat is fast....but i am still thinking boy! but if it is a girl...tights, shoes, hats and dresses here i come!  i will go hog wild!
will catch up later.  have to go get some pLum stuff made and sent out today!
xoxoox to all.


we are famous. kinda

drew got our stuff in the mail for DAYTONA.   and as he was scanning the fan guise he came across a picture of us and our friends.  who knew?
about 3.5 years ago drew, myself, the buzicks and the tibbetts headed to kansas city for the NASCAR race!  little did we know we were going to be famous!!!    ok ok ok.....we are not famous.  but who knows how many things we have been published in.  

we are starting to get packed.  a much different packing experience when you are not pacing swimsuits and flips flops and coverups!!!  that is usually all i care about.  and now i do not even know what to pack.  the weather does not look good.  rain and 60's.  oh well a trip.  i can not wait for my 30th next year to go lay on the beach @ an all inclusive resort!!!  who is going to watch two kids next year.... better start working on the parents!  

better get going.  get ready and get packed!  
have a great week everyone!
trying to get nana to keep up the blog while i am gone!  don't count on it dad..... you better just come visit this weekend!   



i have been working so hard lately on orders for pLum.  so fun. so much work!  but i love the outcome of them all.  have a new boutique in Texas that is going to start selling pLum.  her first shipment is going out this weekend!  excited to see how it goes for her!

got some advertising on this site.  her site is amazing!  
full of goodies!
 my mom is on her way here.  snow storm on the way and we are heading out to DAYTONA to the 500 early tuesday morning. so my dad is kicking her out of the house so she does not get stranded @ home.  hope we do not bore her while she is here!!!!  i know dillon wont when we are gone!  he will keep her on her toes!  so thankful that nana will come stay and take care of our Dillon.  he will be super excited to have that much time with her!  maybe papa can come visit too for valentines!!!  xoxoxo
heading out to see the vintage snowmobile races.  i just drove in to fargo and saw hundreds of sleds on the run!  so we better get bundled up and go check them out!  too bad we sold ours earlier this year!!!  this would have been the second winter in a row i am pregnant and could not ride.  so soon maybe we can get new ones and dillon can get one too!!!
later xoxoxo


our baby is ONE!

wow how a year can fly by.
i can hardly believe that one year ago we were in the hospital staring @ our beautiful new baby! and now we are chasing him, laughing with him, dancing, snuggling, playing................
people always told me time will fly..i always thought it was something people said. but it is so TRUE! oh how i love these days but how i miss those days too!
happy birthday to you Dillon!
we love you!!!

these are from his birthday party this weekend!!!

2.2.10. dillon's first salon haircut.
he did so well. he sat up and just enjoyed the time to be pampered!
what a difference the before and after! no more hockey hair!

today we celebrated.
breakfast of champions ended with some cake!
dillon and i went to fargo.
had a birthday lunch.
home to ZORBAZ for dinner.
he even got a shout out on the sign!
curling club.
home to put ice on his first big bump
and to bed!
our baby is ONE!!!

trying to get this to publish!
will be back with more later..this is the third time i am doing this post....
and the last if it does not post.


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