my dad............

is an amazing woodworker.
these pictures below do not even start to show the amazing work he does. from sleds, tables, rocking chairs, play tables, picture frames, easels, shelves, banks, toys and amazing toy models.... he can do it all. if you ever need anything built he is your man.

this first picture is of the new play table that he is making for dillon. the drawers underneath slide out on wheels for easy access and the top is perfect for toys and tucks!!!! and the cute little cahlkboards for us to write what is in the boxes....like we will even know after a few days of having this in the play area.
the tabogan he built for us a couple of years ago. it is so beautiful and work great right down through out yard and on to the lake....that is if you do not hit a tree on the way! :)
we will be taking some pictures around xmas time to show some more of his work!!

dad you truely are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i can not get the rest of the pictures to uplaod.... more to come!


2 saltines and 7UP please....

(written a couple of days ago....could not get it to publish)
sadly that was drew and i's thanksgiving dinner..... i had 2 saltines and a bottle of 7-UP. he just 7-UP. food poisoning. so glad we did not have anyone over wednesday night. and so glad we did not give any chicken to dillon. thanksgiving is sure not the same with all of the family around, laughter, good food and of course a nap.
dillon spent the say @ gramma and grandpa's since we spent most of the day in our bed. then the couch.................... we are better now! thank goodness. after an awful 24hours....i got up @ 5am and went to fargo and got tons of shopping done!!! i do not know why i put myself through that.....but with tons done i feel good about it!

on our way to the farm. well first a stop @ too see d's cousins cooper and kobey. then on to oakes to a funeral. then off to the farm for a few days!

SO BIG is my newest and most favorite trick.

we were @ a wedding last weekend!
had a great time. i even got to dance with my little handsome man!! :)
i think the middle picture is just too funny..... and the last one the cutest picture ever!!!
went to the parade of lights last night in perham! ---it was a bit chilly--but with hot coffee good friends and a short parade it was perfect.


the new jack is up!

click HERE to see who we jacked and all of the great jacks our team did!

lots has happened around here. friday got the news we have been waiting to hear--hoping it was better news but.....my job was reallocated. which in a short story means i can take a different job/territory or be done....... lots to think about but the jobs that are available are not in this area and we are not willing to move. so @ some point i will be done---just as to when is the question. drew and i now need to decide.......lots to think about....

besides that life is good!
the weather here in MN is the best november weather i can ever remember! sunday drew did tons of work out in the yard....no more leaves in the yard or in the gutters! him on the roof is a big deal so it was pretty amazing.......he only asked me to hold the ladder once when he was getting down---
getting tons of requests for baby headbands so am starting to work on some so hopefully will have some up in my etsy shop soon!


happy veterans day

happy veterans day dad!!! a little early.
you are my hero! (and many other peoples too) and i love you!
thank you for all you have done!
we had a great weekend @ home on the farm. dillon and i left thursday night and drew and his dad came on friday morning to start their hunt!
we got to see duke and dan (the horses), dry apples, see gigi, take naps, eat good food, relax and play play play all weekend! the weather was so perfect.... wish it was not hunting season so we could have actaully gone on a walk! i guess we need to get dillon some camou for next year!
thanks for the hoops gramma--i am going to start working on my project this week sometime!
this might be my favorite picture of the weekend.
this is so dillon. he thinks papa is so funny! and is showing off how big he can make his mouth!
he loves kisses from nana
and even got to see the deer grandpa barker and daddy got! they had a great weekend hunting on my parents and are very pleased with what the ended up with!
gramma gigi and i were @ the table talking and we look over and dillon is all lean back lean back in his chair! so funny! he cracks me up!

gramma gigi, dillon and i got to have lots of quality time together! thanks for the fun weekend gramma!
dillon's top teeth are now coming in. he is still not feeling the best but it is ok---b/c he is loving the snuggle time... and so am i! :)
not much else going on around here!
great MN weather
and working on headbands! :) so many things i want to get done!
working on the guest room---need something new on the wall. and want something easy and simple. can not find the perfect fabric though. might need to go hunting this weekend! vintage. maybe????
gotta watch my tivo--gossip girl! :)


today i...........

am loving crewcuts.....
the new catalog came today and i can not wait for D to be big enough to wear this stuff... too cute! or i wish i was a 7 year old girl so i could wear the awesome girl fashions!
dillons laugh
he is cracking me up all of the time with his double over belly laugh!
the fall weather
ok maybe it is more like winter already but i love to long sleeves and jeans!!!
i am craving them constantly!
gossip girl and the HILLS
they sadly are so very entertaining to me.

dillon has croup. we were in the ER last night. and he is being treated for influenza too just in case. he has a bit of a fever and was having raspy breathing! tonite he is feeling much better but we will see how the night goes! :) i am camping out in his room with him to make sure all is well. not a big fan of the weird breathing! he is such a laid back boy that he is constantly smiling even though we know he is so not feeling.

here are some more of my recent layouts! the first one is the one that was featured on the Creating Keepsakes blog last week for the CK and me section!!!
better get to bed!!!


we are off to see the wizard.....the wonderful....

wizard of oz!!!!! dillon looked so cute as a lion! his first halloween was a success! he did have a bit of trouble crawling in the bottoms..... but he looked good! :) and i even got drew to dress up as the scarecrow and me the wicked witch.. i was going to do dorothy but decided it was too much work searching for a costume. i dont like buying costumes for drew and myself--i would rather search and put something together! thank goodness he has a sense of humor and will dress up with me!

here are a couple of my recent layouts from our girls weekend!
so much fun actually getting something done! my bags are sitting in my scrap room all packed up still.. i think it is about time i get done there and clean and unpack......or keep it packed till the next girls weekend which isnt till january..... with this extra hour today you would think i would have found some time to do it... but instead here i am!!!

all boy inspired by this. site sketch 73.
got some work to do..........
and tv to catch up on!


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