wants and needs......

in my world there is not much a difference b.w wants and needs.  if i want it i MUST NEED it! !??!?  right...  drew had been trying to teach me the difference for years..... 
sorry honey still do not understand.  
well the biggest need in my life right now if a vintage dress form.
i have always wanted one and the want has become a need as of late.  i have been bidding on ebay--some go for crazy amounts of money.  w.shipping it is crazy!  so i think i need to get out and do a day of vintage shopping.  there are not many locally but i am going to do my research and maybe make a day of it!  
the great thing about this is 
1. it would be great for pLum and showcasing my new necklaces
2.  if we are having a girl i have always envisioned one in her room!  i still do not think it is a girl but i still have another reason!  and we will have a girl one day!

next i have been trying to decide what to do with two child size vintage cross country skis i purchased!  i really want to update dillons room.  add shelving  ((which was supposed to be in there when he was born...oops)) and then make it more little boy.  maybe the would be cute hooks for his jackets, hats ect.....
no more infant photos on the wall.  they are heading to the nursery.  
still can not believe in a few months we will be having another baby!!!   wow.

this is another want that has 2 reasons....for two rooms.
1.  i really want these in the play room.  but fun bright, now matching colors.  maybe one b/w, pink, blue, polka dots....who knows?!?!? i just need to find them.
and 2.  if in 7 days we find out it is a girl...she needs them.

these are needed in.
dillons room
in my scrap room
i just love love love them. 

searching, scanning and reading as i watch idol. ((the girls rock this season)) 
criminal minds is recording and i can not wait to have new shows to watch.  
love the olympics and all but time for some new tv.  
drew is off @ curling.  
dillon is teething, learning to walk and being a trooper within his frustration but @ night he just wants to snuggle and not sleep.  i love to snuggle but...he lays down on me and then every five seconds he lifts his head looks @ me.  smiles @ me and then snuggles back in....and lifts his head. smiles and back down.  
so funny.  but no one will fall asleep doing that.  i miss the nights sleeping in the rocking chair.  
but we will have that time soon again!  :)

tried soldering again this week.  it is just not my forte.  but thank goodness it is my dads! (everything handy is) thanks dad for all of your help and being my business partner.  he is always so good @ helping with projects.  i get a lot of craziness with projects from him.  we are so much alike.  we both get ideas in our head and go with them....and sometimes overboard!
love you dad!  xoxoxo


JJB said...

Check out IKEA for the circle lights! I have purchased tan ones from there before and I know they come in different colors too!

BetsE said...

you definitely NEED all of those things...sorry drew!! :) i have a hard time with wants and needs as well. you have been one busy girl lately!! can't wait to find out if there will be more blue or lots and lots of pink coming your way! :)

Jo said...

Dillon: I loved the pics your Mom took of your temper tantrum! If she's going to be mean (laughing at you) you can come live with Great Grandma & Grandpa R

Emily said...

I hope its a girl! :)

mefigityfingers said...

We bought some of those balls for my sisters wedding too...we found them at a party store! So check there too!


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