sept 30th

we are home!! yipee
we were gone for the weekend bakc @ school for HOMECOMING! GO SIOUX! josh and amy rode with us on friday afternoon and we headed to GF. We met up with Bobby and Amber the newlyweds for dinner and the boys headed to Sig Ep ritual and us girls went out!!!
we stayed @ the Buzicks in Warren that night and got up early ( just josh amy and us) and headed to GF for the parade, DG breakfast and the football game which we won!! it was a good game! we went to my girlfriend ericas for a quick shower and change for the formal!
the dinner was great! not to long after the dance started we headed home!! thank god for the nasty mcd's coffee and amy for keeping me awake as i drove!!! we made it home safe!
what else is going on in this house??!?!? not much.
we get to stay home next weekend and we are so excited. i have a baby shower and that is it!!!
today is a day for relaxing! should be cleaning but......


today September 23rd 2007

i am finally starting my blog! here i am to tell the truth about life, love, friendships and everyday life!
i am starting this blog to document our lives for the world to see!
what a party we had--there is not much i love more than dressing up in 80's garb & being with all of our closest friends! we had our 4th annual kegs and marshmallows last night! pics to come! only 467 were taken :) yikes!


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