first if you ever get to go on the show WHO WANTS BE A MILLIONAIRE---please ask me to be your life line! i have google up and watch and i am pretty good at finding the right answer!! :) i could help you get that million! google is such an amazing thing!

last night drew and i watched TO TELL THE TRUTH--or something random like that---we were hooked.. we wasted an hour of our lives listening to the girl in the hot seat tell her family and husband she married the wrong person and that she wished she would have married him---adn the kicker was the question that she lost on was "does she think she is a good person?" she said yes.. but the lie detector said she is lying!! :) what....what .. what???!? what a show--this is what the world is coming too. people that want to go on these shows to tell the world their deep dark secrets?!!? strange is you ask me.


hello hello hello!!!

sittin in the living room (the newly rearranged room) watching it snow!! it as been snowing all day but you would not really know it--not much is staying on the ground! but it sure looks peaceful out there!

some fun pictures of our new spoiled rotten book. So EXCITED to get it out to all of our boutiques!!!


i love sundays!!!

today was a lazy day!
yesterday we went snowmobiling all day with some friends TJ and Crystal! we went 115 miles--and we had some amazing weather! i think it got up to 30!!! :) we then played catch phrase for i think hours!!! we had a blast--if you do not have it go get it you will love it!

Jill Jack!

the scrapjacked layout this time was so fun!! loved jill's layout and everyones take on it!!
thanks ladies for the inspiration!



he turns 28 today!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY baby!
today we are heading out on the snowmobiles --- it is supposed to be about 30 degrees!! HEAT WAVE!!!
gotta get going to get ready!



This is me on our tabogon that my dad made us last winter!! we ride is down our yard through the trees and on to the lake!! it is a ride--kind of scary but so fun!!
every year drew goes on a fishing trip with some friends to Brainerd--they call is UB DUB--dont ask?!?!?! anywho--they always have a great time--and need a ton of sleep when they come home! :) and they never catch many fish!!!

my iowa and california girls!

These two girls I met while in training about 16 months ago for work! We all lived in Indy for about 4 weeks and got to know eachother really! But we live in total different areas so we do not get to see eachother much! Kristin and I have gotten to see eachother a couple of times for work and we went to her wedding in Iowa and she also came down to DL for the 4th of July!! but we have not seen Erica in all of that time--but you would never know it! Getting together was like we still all lived in our little apartments in Indy! We laughed so hard, drank some great wine, gossiped and just had some fun girl time!!! I can not wait for May when drew and i go to CAlifornia for Ericas wedding!! i love you girls!!!!!!


fireworks in the winter!

after the jump and our celebration--greg, becky (my inlaws) and drew and i went and watched the fireworks!! there is nothing like standing on the lake while it snows (it was 32 degrees) and watching fireworks! drew and i had never seen fireworks in the winter!! it was beautiful!!!

we did and we won!!!!

i am so excited!!


our trohpy!! kind of nasty looking!!

when i dipped my prom queen!!!

i look so nervous!!! this is the pic that was in the fargo forum!!

my beautiful date!!!

i stil can not believe we did it!! we fell for a lack of a better word in the the freezing cold water in the middle of a cold MN winter!!!!
the polar plunge for the boys and girls club of detroit lakes mn was on saturday!!! Ron a friend of ours from here (well recenlty moved to fargo) was such a great partner!!! he dressed in a purple 90's prom dress, necklaces, bracelets, purple and whilte striped tights, a head band and a pink boa!!! now who could not love this man!??!?! he is single too!!! anywho i digress!!
we went as prom king and queen, he obviously the queen and me the king in my retro blue pants, bow tie, and suspenders with my hat!!! we did a little dance and then i dipped him --and we fell back in to the water!! the water was about 33degrees!! we even ended up winning the costume contest!! we have a trophy (traveling trophy) and $100!!! we had so much fun--he promised me he would be my plunge partner for life!!!!

here are some highlights!!


it is on like donkey kong!!!!

it is official---
t minus 3 hours i am jumping into the COLD detroit lake!!! i do not know who decided this was a good fundraiser but i am sure excited about it!!!
pictures to come!!!


i miss summer!!!


the DL boys and girls club polar plunge has been rescheduled... the forecast for tomorrow is 15 below with 50mph wind!! :) yikes stripes! anywho last night one of my girlfriends and i decided to take the challenge and do it!! the water is only about 39 degrees and who knows what the air temp will be but i am guessing not much better than 20!!! :) we are dressing up and you will see pics next weekend! :)
this soudns so dorky but true--we are headed to a bonspeil (A bonspiel is a curling tournament, traditionally held outdoors on a frozen freshwater loch. The word comes from the Scots language [1] and means league (or alliance or household) match (or game).
it is not going to be outdoors THANK GOD!! if it was i am not sure i would be going tonite!
but that is our fun for the night!! :) drew decided not to play but a bunhc of our friends are--so we are going for support. I guess the canadians that come are pretty good and entertaining to watch!!! :)



today 2.7.08

nothing to say but some fun pages to post from camp--i got done more this year in one day that i did all last year the whole weeekend!!!


this made my day--maybe week or even month!!!

check out this link!!
i won scrapajcked this month!!
this is one of my very favorite websites!
twice a month these amazing group of women--jack someones scraobook layout and then make their own version. we the blog stalkers then do our version! it is such an inspirational place to get ideas! they then pick a winner--and we get fun prizes in the mail.
i just got home from scrapbook camp and went on the site and say i won! i ran downstairs with my labtop to show drew--- he thinks i am nuts! but anywho i am so excited!!!!


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